Brave And Beautiful Starlife: Full story,Plot summary,Casts, teasers

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Brave And Beautiful Starlife: Full story,Plot summary,Casts, teasers

Here is another thrilling series coming your way this August on the 18th, on Starlife. “Brave and Beautiful Starlife” replaces Kulfi the Singing Star 2020.

Full Story on Brave And Beautiful Starlife:

Brave and Beautiful outlines the lovely bond shared between a sister-in-law and daughter-in-law. Shraddha (the nanad) finds a friend in Kritika (her bhabhi). Kritika is a loving person, a dutiful bahu and very good at relieving tense moments with her humour. Kritika plays a significant role in the life of Shraddha and shows her how to live with her head held high in difficult circumstances.

Shraddha, the only daughter of Delhi-based Colonel Zorwar Shergil, marries her boyfriend Bobby against her family’s wishes and starts living withhim in Mumbai They have a son named Dhruv and Shraddha keeps in touch with her brother Anand’s wife Kritika “Kittu”.

Brave And Beautiful Cast Starlife

Brave And Beautiful Cast Starlife

Some time later, suspecting Shraddha of being in trouble, Kittu convinces Anand to pay her a surprise visit in Mumbai where Anand discovers that Bobby has left Shraddha and Dhruv to fend for themselves and Shraddha is struggling to make ends meet. He brings her back home with him. After several hurdles, Shraddha procures a divorce from Bobby with help from Anand’s lawyer friend Jas and Kittu’s brother Kunal. Kunal and Shraddha fall in love but his mother Kamini tries to keep them apart not wanting a divorced single mother for a daughter-in-law. Wanting to do everything she can for her nanad’s happiness, Kittu helps Kunal and Shraddha elope but their families arrive in the nick of time. Zorawar forces Shraddha to choose between him and Kunal and she leaves a heartbroken Kunal for her family.

This worsens the relationship between Kittu and Anand who blames Kittu for the situation. Kittu decides to move to her parents’ home till she wins back Anand’s respect and trust. Feeling sorry for Kittu, Kunal and Shraddha team up to patch things for her with Anand and tell Anand that Kittu is pregnant. Anand starts taking care of Kittu and brings her home. After some confusion, Anand realises Kittu is not pregnant and accuses her of not deserving his trust, unaware that she had no role in the plan. By the time Jas explains the situation to him, Kittu has gone missing. He finds her about to commit suicide and apologises. They reconcile and reunite.

Meanwhile, Zorawar softens his stand and Kunal and Shraddha are finally married much to Kamini’s disappointment. After several hurdles, she finally accepts Shraddha. The show ends on a happy note as Kittu announces her pregnancy.

Brave And Beautiful Reviews

The story grows on you and the characters seem all real. For a change we are out of the mother in law kitchen politics and face to face with real life situations which are challenging for someone like Shraddha (Kanchi Kaul) who is dragging on with her life. Trying to meet ends as a single mother to an adorable kid Dhruv after her husband has left her to fend for herself, Shraddha cuts a sorry figure.

Coming from the well-off Shergill family which comprises of her father, Zorawar Shergill (Kanwaljit Singh) who is a retired Army Colonel, mother (Supriya Pilgaonkar), three brothers and two sisters in law, Shraddha at the end of the week’s five episodes is seen to be going back to her mother. Going by the looks of the story so far, all in her family are eager to welcome her back home not as a guest but as a member of the Shergill pariwaar yet again.

The main person who welcomes her nanad with open arms is Kritika aka Kittu (Esha Kansara) who is the wife of Shraddha’s elder brother Anand (Vipul Gupta). The only troublemaker here might be in the form of Shraddha’s mother (Shweta Gautam) who comes across as a nuisance trying to meddle in the married life of her daughter and Shraddha’s younger bhabhi Jaya (Priyanka Singh) who acts a bit kiddish!

The serial touches an emotional chord with the story, scenes and dialogues. The background music too matches the mood. A special mention to the sets which are apt for the show. While the Colonel’s bungalow in Delhi is spacious and looks grand as it should be, Shraddha’s one bedroom flat in Mumbai overlooks the railway tracks and neighbouring buildings.

The scenes which tugged at our hearts in the first week were those when we see Shraddha’s phone getting destroyed even as she tries calling her father to wish him on his birthday, the scene when Shraddha finally manages to call her father and with a tearful voice sings the Happy birthday song for all to hear, scenes between Shraddha and her son when she is trying to explain things to him, the scene where the landlord comes to take rent and then furiously throws all of Shraddha’s furniture out, the scene where Shraddha’s brother finds out the truth and when Shraddha’s father is remembering old memories of holding Shraddha as a toddler lest she fall and hurt herself and the scene where Kittu reveals to her in-laws that Shraddha has been through hell for the last one year and that Anand is getting her back home!

 Talking about the actors, veteran actor Kanwaljit Singh fits the role of the patriarch – tough on the exterior, yet soft at heart. Acting seems to be a cakewalk for him. Same goes for Supriya Pilgaonkar who has to restrain herself as she plays the anxious Colonel’s understanding wife.

Kanchi Kaul and Vipul Gupta, two talented actors who were off the Television radar for quite some time now are back for good. Vipul as the elder brother was good in emotional scenes too. However, the show belongs to the two leading ladies – Kanchi and Esha Kansara. Together, they definitely are sure to steal the show.

Kanchi who has to show off her emotional side once too often looks perfect for the part of the dejected wife waiting for her husband to come back, a strong support as a mother to her young kid, a daughter who at the same time is hiding her sad life from her parents and is yet putting up a brave face to tough situations around

Esha Kansara as the bubbly young bahu of the Shergill family somewhat reminds one of the earlier actresses Anita Hassanandani in looks. Her performance is par excellence whether it is in a cheerful mood managing the house and everyone in it or as the tearful bhabhi who wants to set everything right for her nanad.

Kudos to team DJ’s Creative unit; director – Siddharth Sengupta and producers – Desteya and Tony Singh to come up with a concept and story which has everyone eagerly waiting to see what happens next..

Brief Information and Details on Brave and Beautiful StarLife.

  • Genre: Family Drama
  • First Episode:18th August 2020
  • Total number of episodes: 225
  • Total numbers of the season: One
  •  Channel: StarLife Africa
  • Network: Star Plus Tv
  • Original name: Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi… Meri Bhabhi
  • Tele Country: Indian
  • Last Episode: Nil

Cast/Real Names on Brave And Beautiful Starlife:

  • Esha Kansara as Kritika “Kittu”
    Kritika Kittu Real Name Esha Kansara Cast on Brave And Beautiful Starlife

    Esha Kansara as Kritika “Kittu

  • Kanchi Kaul as Shraddha
    Shraddha Real name Kanchi Kaul Cast on Brave And Beautiful Starlife

    Kanchi Kaul as Shraddha


  • Ravish desai as Kunal Shrivastav
    Kunal Real name Ravish desai Cast on Brave And Beautiful Starlife

    Ravish desai as Kunal Shrivastav


  • Vipul Gupta as Angan Zoravar Shergil, Shraddha’s brother
    Angan Zoravar Shergil Real name Vipul Gupta Actor Cast on Brave And Beautiful Starlife

    Vipul Gupta as Angan Zoravar Shergil


  • Kanwaljit Singh as Colonel Zorawar Shergill, Shraddha and Anand’s father
  • Supriya Pilganokar as Amrit Zorawar Shergill, Shraddha and Anand’s mother
  • Abhishek Bajaj as Ishaan Zorawar Shergill, Shraddha’s brother
  • Karaan Singh as Ashish Zorawar Shergill, Shraddha’s brother
  • Priyanka Singh as Jaya Ashish Shergill, Ashish’s wife
  • Madhura Naik as Jaspreet/Jas, Anand’s lawyer and friend
  • Rohit Sagar as Purushottam Shrivastav, Kriitka and Kunal’s father
  • Shweta Gautam as Kamini Shrivastav, Kritika and Kunal’s mother