Anupama Wednesday Update 6th July 2022


Anupama Wednesday Update 6th July 2022

Vanraj tells Kavya that she should have asked him once before taking a decision. He says he was angry on her, but that doesn’t mean he wants to stay with Anupama; even earlier, he used to stay with family and sleep in same room with Anupama; she used to handle him when he used to have problem with Anupama; he saw his death, so he was very afraid and in that situation any person would like to be in a comfort zone with family. He lies that Kavya was right the other day in cab, Anu is really trying to come closer to her. Anu notices them via kitchen window. Kinjal walks to her and seeing Vanraj in Kavya’s house if papa went to meet Kavya or stay with her. Anu says only he can say that. Vanraj continues that he loves his family and parents, so he tolerated Anu because of them; he knows what she is doing, but he cannot react as he cannot lose his family again; he has become a laundryman’s dog and can’t stay at either place; Bapuji scolds him there taking Anu’s side and now Kinjal also taunts her like Rakhi; he is at the verge of losing job, now Kavya also is against her; he should have died in accident instead of facing all this.

Kavya hugs him asking not to say that. He smirks. Anu and Kinjal notice that, Kinjal comments as expected. Vanraj says he wsa angry on her when she created drama at Toshu’s wedding, but he forgve her but couldn’t speak as he was helpless; like she said, there is no use of these words as life gave him one shock and Kavya gave another; he doesn’t know if he can manage himself or not, but not to worry he will bear the pain and would not come in her way; if she has moved on, he will not stop her and he now knows that her happiness is not with him, he didn’t know their love story would end this way, he is very sorry.

He walks slowly towards door thinking why she is not stopping him. He slowly gets out of house and seeing Anu in kitchen reminisces her words that their relationship has ended and she is no more his wife. Kavya stops him and says he is right, their love story cannot end this way; love story should end when love ends, they love each other so much, that is why she gets jealous seeing him with Anu and he gets jealous seeing her with Anirudh; she thinks she had to use Anirudh to make Vanraj realize his love for her and every mistake and sin is forgiven in love. She reminisces Rakhi’s advice that she should make Vanraj jealous instead to get him back and she shows how to do that. Vanraj smirks at Anu. Kavya says she needs complete freedom from Anupama’s related insecurity, he has to choose between her and Anupama, now either he would be completely hers or not; if he has to be with her, he has to end all relationships with Anupama, mentally, physically, and legally.

Toshu sees Kinjal engrasped in thoughts and asks what is she thinking. Kinjal says when he was helping mummy in kitchen, she saw papa in Kavya’s house; its so easy for a man to go to his girlfriend’s house in front of his children, wife, and parents; she feels very weird and remembers her mom’s words that extramarital affair is allowed in this house. Toshu says sometimes we don’t react the way we should Kinjal says if this should be sorted out or not. He says let us get back to studies. She says she is not in a mood to study. He says there was no need to study if she had accepted her mom’s offer. She asks what. He says he was joking. She says he wasn’t and shouldn’t joke like this again.

Baa yells at Anu that her son is out of house without phone and nobody is worried for him. Bapuji says he is not a kid and will return home. Baa says he is ill and she is worried for him. Door bell rings and Baa yells at Anu to open it as Vanraj came. Anu opens door and sees Vanraj standing. Baa asks him to come in and asks everyone to start dinner. Kavya comes from behind Vanraj. Vanraj thinks Anu was showing arrogance, but he knows how to break it. Kavya thinks she challenged Anu to snatch Vanraj from her and she did it now. Baa asks Vanraj what is maide ki katori Kavya doing here. Vanraj says he is going with Kavya forever. She asks not to take a decision in haste and to wait for sometime, she blames Kavya for hypnotizing her son and making him run behind her. Pakhi also pleads Vanraj not to go.

Vanraj says he has made his decision and now he wants to completely separate from Anu. Kavya goes to get Vanraj’s bags. Baa asks why is he doing this. He says because of Anu, she saw he tried his best to convince Anu, but she is undeterred, he apologized her but cannot fall on her feet. Kavya dances with Vanraj’s suits and throws away Anu’s sari. He thanks Anu for taking care of him and keeping him in her house. She says welcome, she knows why he is doing this and why he took this decision after their chat in temple; she would tell again that whatever he did with her should do with Kavya as Kavya doesn’t know that the man she madly loves loves only himself. Kavya brings Vanraj’s bag. Anu walks to her room thinking he took a decision and now she will also take one decision. She calls Sanjay and asks if they can meet his lawyer friend to discuss about divorce tomorrow.

Anu sits weeping in her room. Samar walks to her and asks if she is filing for a divorce. She asks if she is doing wrong. He says she is doing right as broken heart doesn’t think wrong. Kavya takes Vanraj home and hugging him says he returned to her at last. She asks him to file for his divorce soon. Vanraj says there is no problem with his divorce as Anu would easily give it, but Anirudh would create a problem and not give her divorce easily as he is unpredictable. Anirudh enters and says he is absolutely right and says this man is like a football who is kicked from both sides; when his wife didn’t accept him, he came to Kavya and when Kavya kicked him out, he went back to his wife and vice versa; he came here as his wife kicked him again; he saw Vanraj walking behind Anupama to temple and after she rejected his moves he returned back to Kavya; he is of a saying na ghar ka na ghat ka.

Kavya yells not to repeatedly mix poison in her life and should get lost. He says he is a matchbox for her and Vanraj agarbathi, she is using him to burn Vanraj; can’t she see Vanraj is using her. She shouts why is he bothered about her, if he so, why don’t he divorce her. He says if she want divorce, she has to pay him only 60 lakhs. Vanraj yells at Anirudh that he is shameless. Anirudh says when he saw Kavya is surrounded by shameless people, he came in; this house’s worth is 1 crore 20 lakhs and he needs his 50% share of 60 lakhs; they bought this house with love, but when there is no love, he needs his returns back; walks away signing paise dedo divorce lelo/give money and take divorce. Kavya shuts door. Vanraj shouts at Kavya that he knew her husband’s drama will start once he comes here, she should sort out her divorce with her husband and then speak to him.

Pakhi enters room angrily. Anu asks what happened to her and hugs her from behind. Pakhi angrily frees herself and yells that papa left home again because of her. Anu confronts her that she loves her papa doesn’t mean she will not respect her mother, she is not a small kid that her every mistake should be forgiven; she is misbehaving with her, her brothers, and her bhabhi and if she will shout at her father if she gets angry on him; if shouting is a license to vent out frustration, she should shout at them all; she should remember that she is her mother and if she misbehaves with any family member again, she will not tolerate it.

Anu walks on road reminiscing the moments she spent with Vanraj and his betrayal. Toot ke hum dono me jo bacha who kam sa plays in the background. She meets Sanjay and they both meet a lawyer to file divorce. Lawyer asks if she is sure that she wants to file for a divorce as usually people reach lawyer in anger, but back off when their anger cools off. Sanjay says they are sure. Lawyer says usually women don’t come here who. Anu says women of her age who has grown up children with one already married. He says usually women of her age don’t file divorce and if she is sure he will file divorce and take his fees as Sanjay is his friend, but it will take a lot of time and money for her. Anu says she needs divorce. Lawyer says Sanjay has briefed him about this case and if she wants to add some more allegations other than infedility, incompatibility, physical or mental torture, etc.

Anu says she wants divorce without any allegations as its not necessary to mudsling at each other to get divorce, at the most society will blame her that she needs divorce, but it doesn’t matter to her as her family knows everything and that is enough for her, she will not ruin her family’s dignity to please outsiders, she needs divorce so that they both can live peacefully. He says he will file for a mutual consent divorce and asks how much money she wants to ask. She says she doesn’t need anything. He says she may need money to run the house and for her basic needs. She says her husband always fulfilled his responsibilities of a father and son, she has her own job and doesn’t need his money. He says if someone would have been in her place, they would have beaten him and ruined his dignity and vent out their frustration for the mental torture he gave. She says she just wants to get out of this mental torture and live a peaceful life. He says okay then, he will fie a mutual consent divorce and let us see if other party will agree for it or not.

Kavya over phone tells Anirudh that she knows he doesn’t need 60 lakhs, but is just trying to trouble her. Vanraj smirks thinking Anirudh wouldn’t easily divorce her, even he doesn’t want to fall in a divorce drama and live a peaceful life. After sometime, peon hands him over a letter. Seeing a lawyer’s name on envelope, he thinks Anirudh must have sent it and angrily leaves ignoring Kavya. Kavya thinks what happened to him.

Anu returns home and grinds masalas on stone grinder. Samar asks if she is okay. She says yes. He says people won’t spare any stuff, but she is sparing her life, he is so proud of her. He messages Nandini that mummy is a bit upset now. Family is busy enjoying in living room when Vanraj enters shouting what happened. Baa asks what happened. He shouts her bahu sent a divorce notice and asks Anu what does this mean. Anu says it means she needs divorce and when a thread of relationship cannot be untangled, it is better they break it. Kinjal reminisces telling same to Anu. Anu says she cannot forget whatever happened between them.

Baa asks why can’t she forget. She says to forget, she has to forget her self-respect and her identity. Baa asks if her self-respect is bigger than her family. She says nothing is important than family, but family is built with love which their relationship lack. Vanraj says he wanted to return home and started loving her, but she denied him. She says once she denied, he returned to Kavya; his love vanished before a line on paper; he may love riding 2 boats, but she can’t; he is hurt as she is ending this relationship; in a society where a woman is even dictated what to cook, when she files for a divorce, obviously he is hurt; she will not let him stay at 2 places and is shutting one door permanently.