Anupama Wednesday Update 25 October 2023


Anupama Wednesday Update 25 October 2023

Leela criticizes Anupama for not involving herself in Samar and Dimpy’s wedding arrangements and says Vanraj doesn’t want to support, then only she is left to take care of all the arrangements. Samar asks her not to worry as they will manage. Leela asks who will perform Dimple’s kanyadaan. Dimple says she already told that Anuj will perform her kanyadaan. Leela says will will Anupama sit with Anuj for Kanyadaan or with Vanraj for other rituals. Hasmukh says there won’t be any such issue, parents will perform rituals where parents should and Anuj will perform ritual where he should; even Vanraj is married and will perform rituals where he should, similarly Anupama will and knows her duties. Anupama says people will find a chance to criticize them, let us face criticism even in this marriage. Samar says there is solution for each problem, they will have court marriage instead to avoid expenses and people’s criticism. Leela says young kids don’t understand marriage happens with rituals and not on papers, a bride looks good with traditional sari and red decoration. Hasmukh says she is right that a tradition should be followed as there is a reason behind it. He describes how modern marriages are ignoring traditions. Leela asks if the last marriage in this house will happen according to her wish or not as Vanraj’s marriage happened with Her MIL’s wish and rest of marriages according to their wishes, she wants at least this marriage to happen according to her wish and traditions. Hasmukh backs her and says they will calculate expenses. Dimple returns home.

Anupama while cleaning utensils with Kanta shows her excitement to meet Anuj. Vegetables vendor’s daughter Bhairavi walks in. Anupama asks why didn’t she attend dance class since a few days. Kanta asks where is her papa. Bhairavi starts crying and says her baba is critically ill. Anupama comforts her. Adhik stops Barkha from having antianxiety pills. Barkha says she couldn’t stop Anuj and Anupama from returning home, now they have to behave like servants in front of Anuj and Anupama. Ankush says she is acting as if everything belongs to her, it was Anuj and Anupama from the beginning, she lectures on feminism and needs her husband’s to lead a lavish life on someone else’s expenses, she may want to own Tajmahal after working there for a few days. Barkha then provokes Adhik against Pakhi that she is bothered about her mother and parental house and not about them; Adhik is a king now and would be a slave again once Anuj returns and he will have to slave around at office and then at home. Ankush asks what kind of a sister she is who is trying to destroy her own brother’s house. Barkha continues to brainwash him. Adhik walks away. Ankush asks where did he go. Barkha says Pakhi has gone to Shah house directly. Ankush warns her not to spoil children’s lives for her benefit. Barkha says she will do anything possible to stop Anupama returning to this house. Vanraj and Leela angrily look at Pakhi. Leela asks if she his happy after reuniting 2 broken hearts in Mumbai. Pakhi says they haven’t reuited yet. Vanraj shouts why don’t she save her own marriage first and asks did she seek Adhik’s permission before leaving for Mumbai. Adhik enters shouting no. Pakhi says Adhik is her husband and not her boss to seek his permission. Adhik shouts she didn’t even bother to inform him. Kinjal and Kavya says Pakhi went to Mumbai for a good cause. Adhik says she would have informed him and go. Pakhi asks if his sister would have let her go then. Vanraj asks what did she gain by going there. Pakhi says she gained peace of mind and lost her guilty, they are responsible for the distance between Anuj and Anupama and she did her part to reunite them, in fact they all should do that. She tongue lashes Vanraj for trying to separate Anuj and Anupama and marry Anupama again in lieu of his forceful friendship; he and Leela are still planning to bring Anupama back to Shah house for their slavery. Leela denies her allegation. Pakhi asks them to take an oath then. They both stand still. Pakhi says its good that they didn’t take an oath or else they would have stopped so low. She further warns that once Anuj and Anupama return home and reunite, she will kick Barkha out of Kapadia house.
Adhik shouts enough of her nonsense, he is here to talk to her and drags her. Pakhi warns him to leave her hand. Adhik says he is not manhandling her. Vanraj and Samar warn him to behave. Adhik continues his rude behavior. Pakhi says stop it, she thought they all would be happy to reunite Anuj and Anupama, but they all don’t want that. She leaves from there. Adhik follows her. Leela says Pakhi is ruining her marriage trying to reunite Anuj and Anupama. Vanraj blames Anuj for the problems in their lives and shouts if Pakhi married life is affected, he will not spare Anuj. Anuj happily packs his bags to return home. Maaya sadly looks at him. Anuj says Neeraj and Devika tried to explained him so much, but he didn’t listen to them and now after Pakhi’s confrontation, he realized howmuch he loves Anupama and wants to return to her. He says he and Anupama can visit Little Anu any time and continues to express his love for Anupama. He then notices Maaya teary eyed and recalls Pakhi confronting Maaya. He says he knows Maaya helped her a lot and handled him when he was in a dilapidated state and let him meet Little Anu, he is grateful to her and will help her whenever he needs him. Maaya requests him not to leave her as she loves him immensely, though she knows howmuch he and Anupama love each other. She says she controlled herself when she saw his and Anupama’s love and returned to Mumbai, but when he came to her, she is unable to control her feelings. Anuj asks her to stop it as she knows he came here for his daughter and is staying at Dheeraj’s house as he knows her intention, he can never love her and is returning to his wife; he loves only 2 girls, his wife and daughter, and doesn’t have any place for a 3rd person in life; he can never think of anyone else than Anu as he loves only her.