Anupama Tuesday Update 21st June 2022


Anupama Tuesday Update 21st June 2022

Baa continues insulting Kinjal. Anu signals Baa to please calm down. Baa asks her not to signal her and says she let Kinjal inside home for Anu’s happiness on Pakhi’s birthday, they gave her love, Kinjal lured Toshu and married him without their permission, her mother instead of slapping her brought police to our house. Kinjal asks if she will insult her repeatedly for her mom’s mistake; marriage was her and Toshu’s mutual decision, then how is it only her mistake. Baa yells she its not even 24 hours since she came entered home and is arguing with her. Bapuji interferes, but Baa warns him not to interfere between women, she is speaking to her bahu. Kinjal asks why is she scolding mummy. Baa says its her right as a saas/MIL and as a grand MIL she will scold even Kinjal. Anu requests to scold her and spare Kinjal as its her first day in the house. Baa yells that MIL and DIL duo are planning against her. Kinjal asks her not to stretch the issue.

Baa says its her mother Rakhi’s nature, not her. Kinjal warns her not to drag her mother between. Baa shouts why shouldn’t she as Rakhi is reason behind all the problems. She warns Anu to make her bahu understand that she is senior here and can scold both her DIL and grand DIL. Kinjal walks away crying and saying she didn’t do anything, even then Baa scolded her. Anu asks Bapuji what should she do when she cannot explain her MIL and her DIL is not that mature to understand. Baa says when its difficult to explain anyone, she should explain herself; he knows its difficult to be a DIL and MIL at once, but she has to somehow. Anu says she will.

Kinjal cries in her room while Toshu tries to console her. Anu walks in and says her new DIL was scolded for the first time, she also felt bad when Baa scolded her first and she didn’t have anyone to console her then, Baa is not bad by heart, new relationships prick and so new clothes, soon she will get habituated to it, later she will realize the beauty of relationship. She asks her to cheer up and apologize Baa and let her and Bapuji handle Baa then, but before that she has to apologize her mother Rakhi for hurting her feelings. Toshu says Rakhi will… Anu says a mother should never be hurt and asks Kinjal to get ready soon, if her mother sees her crying face, she will comment on her, mimics Rakhi. Kinjal smiles.

Vanraj feels headache in office. Kavya walks in and shouts why didn’t he pick her call since last night. He asks not to shout as he is having headache. She asks if he spent night at Anu’s place as she sees her clothes changed. He gives her hotel and clothes’ bills and says he had gone home in the morning for Toshu as he eloped with Kinjal and married her, Rakhi Dave brought police home and created a lot of drama, now she will not keep quiet. Kavya asks him to calm down as he is already having headache. Vanraj says this headache will not go away easily as Rakhi will try her to make their life a hell, he told his family to send Kinjal back, but Anu wants to become mother India and Toshu is chanting Kinju baby, Rakhi will either break their marriage or take Kinjal away under their nose, Toshu will go behind her and become ghar jamai, then Anu will realize what he meant.

Anu takes Kinjal to Rakhi’s house. Kinjal says let us go home as she is very afraid. Anu asks not to worry, old relationships will not end with new relationships, its her parents’ house and they can’t be angry on her for long, Rakhi is a mother and will calm down soon, she is with her anyways. At home, Baa yells that Anu is trying to put her hand in snake burrow, Rakhi came here and insulted them, but Anu went to rub her nose there. Bapuji says bahu knows if one doesn’t bend, relationship will end; Dave family is their relatives and Toshu’s in-laws, its important to clear the differences. Baa asks what is the need for that, there would be only arguments. Bapuji says when she became MIL, she did what she felt right and now let bahu do what she feels right. Baa says there is a difference between right and thinking it as right. Mamaji asks her not to worry, he will explain them. Baa hopes bahu doesn’t get into trouble. Mamaji asks not to worry, he will speak to neighbor dog Tommy’s owner. Baa says they are talking about Kinjal’s parents. Mamaji says sorry. Baa says she knows there would be problem for sure.

Anu nervously tries to ring bell, but Kinjal stops her and pleads to take h er from there. Rakhi opens door and angrily looks at them. Pramod tells Rakhi that daughter came home after marriage for the first time with samdhan ji, let us greet them in. Rakhi shouts no. On the other side, Kavya informs Vanraj that Anirudh is staying in Rakhi’s business head’s flat. Vanraj says business head is not a friend but a CCTV/spy, why did she send Anirudh there. Kavya says she didn’t have any other option to send Anirudh out of her flat, she has decided to return Anirudh’s money which he invested in flat as that is the only way to get rid off him until divorce; she wants to peacefully live with Vanraj even its a rented house. He says let us handle Anirudh first. He gets Baa’s call. Kavya asks him to visit his home first and then come to her later. Vanraj meets Baa who informs that Anu with Kinjal went to meet Rakhi. He says issue will exaggerate instead and Rakhi will create a bigger drama now.

Rakhi tells Kinjal cannot enter in until she performs her aarti and tells Anu that she didn’t want Kinjal to be Shah family’s bahu and tried her best to stop them, but since fate is written and cannot be changed, so its better she change h herself. Kinjal gets happy hearing that. Anu says she told there is love hidden even in parent’s love. Rakhi smilingly performs Kinjal’s aarti and hugs her. Kinjal thanks her, Rakhi cries and apologizes for not understanding that Kinjal’s happiness is with Paritosh, she should have handled issue calmly instead of creating a drama as she won’t get anything with drama. She then apologizes Anu. Anu hugs her and says let us forget what happened, thanks her for forgiving Toshu and Kinjal. Kinjal happily hugs Pramod. Rakhi’s facial expressions changes.

Pramod greets Anu and Kinjal inside home. Rakhi orders maids to serve snacks and make sure to serve tea as Mrs. Shah doesn’t like coffee. She calls Anu as samdhanji and asks if they can perform Toshu and Kinjal’s wedding again via proper rituals as she had great dreams about Kinjal’s wedding. Pramod agrees. Rakhi asks Kinjal to pack some clothes as she will send her remaining clothes after wedding. She hopes Baa doesn’t create any problem and requests Anu to convince her family for re-wedding. Anu agrees. Kinjal thanks Rakhi and Pramod and says mummy will set things right, clicks selfies and sends it to Toshu, and then goes to pack her clothes. Toshu shows pics to family and dances saying mummy sets things right. Vanraj and Baa stand fuming while youngsters and Bapuji celebrate. Rakhi apologizes Anu and apologizes for whatever she did. Pramod goes to get gifts and sweets for Kinjal. Anu thanks Rakhi for forgetting her hatred and accepting relationship. Rakhi angrily pushes her down and shouts she doesn’t forget her hatred or Anu’s worth, which is in her feet. She splashes her tears on Anu and asks how is her acting, even Anu got fooled like Pramod and Kinjal, she is too good. Anu stands shocked seeing Rakhi’s chameleon behavior.

Kinjal in her room video calls Toshu and says she is so happy that mummy accepted their relationship. Toshu says parents forgive children soon. Samar tells Nandini at least someone’s love story has a feeling of happy ending. Nandini says yes. Samar congratulates Toshu and Kinjal and asks Kinjal to not pack her all clothes, else it will take 4 days to finish. Vanraj thinks how did Anu do this. Anu asks Rakhi what is she telling. Rakhi asks if she cannot understand simple Hindi, her drama in front of Kinjal was all fake, she had to do this drama to regain her trust, thanks to Anu that becuase of her Kinjal trusted her again; she learnt fooling someone with buttery talks from Anu; now she will brainwash Kinjal in such a way that she will hate not only Shah family but also Toshu. She hugs her seeing Kinjal coming and says just like iron cuts iron, diamond cuts diamond, poison cuts poison, her fake motherhood will cut Anu’s true motherhood.

Anu hugs her back and says her wish cannot be fulfilled as one loses if he/she fights with family and love, Rakhi will lose for sure; she herself will fall in family love; a mother loves children a lot, when she will see Kinjal happy, she herself will tell that Kinjal wouldn’t have gotten a better husband than Toshu and in-laws like Shah family; she wants to defeat her, but she will win her instead. Rakhi says we will see. Anu says this will happen for sure. Kinjal walks to Rakhi and says packing is done, she is going to miss her. Pramod returns and says driver will drop them home. Anu says they will manage. Rakhi says Kinjal’s belongings are there, and Pramod says how can he send samdhian in cab and goes to inform driver. Rakhi warns Anu that Kinjal is going from here happily, but soon she will return crying. Anu says she thinks Kinjal won’t be happy there, but she will give Kinjal so much love that Rakhi herself will accept defeat; Rakhi will get tired trying to break relationships and she not get tired reuniting them. She leaves greeting Jai Sri Krishna.

In car, Kinjal thanks Anu for bringing her to her mother’s house, her mother is angry but loves her a lot and hence wants to perform her and Toshu’s wedding again, Anu shouldn’t bother about expenses as her mother will take care of expenses. Anu nods okay and pampering her reminisces Rakhi’s bitter words. They both reach home. Everyone get happy seeing them except Baa and Vanraj. Toshu happily greets them in and hugs Anu. Samar jokes Toshu can hug him if he is shying to hug Kinjal in front of everyone. Toshu shies. Kinjal touches Vanraj’s feet and takes his blessings. He gives her shagun. Kinjal thanks Anu and says she is the best MIL and because of her, her mother forgave her. Mamaji jokes. Anu silently walks away nervously. Samar and Vanraj notice that. Vanraj walks behind her and asks what is she hiding, they both know that Rakhi will not forgie Toshu and Kinjal so easily, he spent 25 years with her and can sense what is in her mind seeing her face, what did Rakhi say.

Anus says people speak a lot in anger which they really don’t mean. He asks if Rakhi shouted again today. She says Rakhi is worried about her daughter. He says Rakhi can live without food and water, but cannot without creating a drama and insulting others. She says its not in their control what others think and do, they should be knowing what they can do. He yells to keep her knowledge to herself. She asks to keep his anger to himself, Rakhi will realize over time that Kinjal’s happiness is with Toshu. He says her overconfidence will drown everyone, she thinks she is a mother and cannot lose. She says she can lose, but cannot accept defeat, she will try until she succeeds as mother can tolerate anything but not courage. He says Kinjal told they talked about re-marriage at Rakhi’s house. She says they did, but she told she cannot take decision alone. He says good she did right at least once, now she shouldn’t say she will arrange marriage as Rakhi will not agree for a 100 rs dakshina/charity wedding in temple; smirks.

Baa tells family that hot chilli Rakhi is linked to them forever, when Rakhi comes this time she will vent out her anger on Rakhi. Vanraj asks her to call Rakhi home as he will take all the decisions from hereon as one who earns money and spends wisely will take care of wedding. He thinks seeing Anu’s face, it looks like Rakhi hasn’t changed. In the evening, Anu prepares dinner in kitchen when Samar tries to cheer her up with flash lights. She asks him to stop. He says her eyes are saying she is hiding something, if Rakhi told anything. She asks if he will inform anyone. He says kitchen talks will be in kitchen. Anu says Rakhi is still not happy. Samar asks if Rakhi is not happy seeing her daughter happy, if Kinjal is her real daughter or adopted, why she wants to ruin her own daughter’s happiness; if Anu informed about this to Kinjal. Anu says no as a girl cannot tolerate her in-laws/sasural speaking against her maika. Samar what if Rakhi tries to take Kinjal away from sasural. Anu says she is there to handle. He syas she is a rockstar.