Anupama Saturday Update 25th June 2022


Anupama Saturday Update 25th June 2022

Anupama is busy sewing Toshu’s wedding pagdi when Vanraj calls her. She pricks needle into her finger hearing him. He asks if she is fine. She asks if he needs something, then seeing him looking at Toshu’s childhood album shows it to him. He reminisces all the events and says kids grow up so soon. They emotionally relive old memories. He says he couldn’t spend time with children due to his work and even now, but she always spent time with them and he is calm that she is even now with them. She says she is just children’s mother and he shouldn’t expect more from him. He says his expectation was Kavya and he got it, his present and future is Kavya. She asks then what is he doing here, he should go and sleep. He walks away angrily.

Samar drops Nandini till door and wishes her good night. She gets tensed seeing 2 men passing by. Samar walks along to drop her till home. Mana ke hum yaar plays in the background. He imagines their romantic moments with the song. She feels cold, and he offers his jacket to her. She shakes him and asks what is he looking at. He says dream with open eyes. She asks whose? He without replying opens her house gate, and she walks in. She looks at him going.

Next morning, decoration for wedding starts. Anupama’s mother walks in and Bapuji welcomes her. Samar touches her feet and asks where is Bhavesh mamu. Nani says he has gone for some training for 2 days and asks about Baa. Bapuji calls Baa as Reena Roy. Baa walks in wearing neck band due to neck sprain. Mamaji jokes that she is looking Nirupa Roy now. Baa says she sprained her neck during dance yesterday. Dolly asks if she danced with her neck. Bapuji jokes who asked her to become Helen. They all joke, and Baa asks Dolly to remove neck band. Anu walks in and hugs Naani. Vanraj walks down next. Nani reminisces his betrayal and stands silently. He blabbers humiliated without tocuhing her feet. Nani says its okay as there is no relationship left now. Baa informs Anu and Vanraj to perform pooja and says for children’s sake, parents have to do this. They both perform pooja and pray for today’s function without any problem. Rakhi walks in just then and wishes everyone good morning.

Baa taunts to bring her black goggles and taunts Rakhi that she would have worn full sleeves blouse at least for her daughter’s wedding and why did she come alone without her husband even today. Rakhi says he has gone for some important work. Baa asks if she made any mistake again and walks away leaving Rakhi fuming. Anu congratulates Rakhi for daughter’s wedding. Anu says its her destoryal today and reminds her yesterday’s challenge that she will destroy Anu completely and this is the beginning. Anu thinks don’t know what Rakhi thinks and walks away to bring Kinjal. Vanraj goes to bring Toshu. Baa taunts Rakhi and asks if she is wearing fake jewelry. Rakhi yells why would she wear fake jewelry on her daughter’s wedding. Mamaji jokes.

Vanraj walks with Anu towards Toshu and Kinjal’s room and asks her to inform him if there is any work. She says she will. He says arrangement at home is going well. Kavya video calls him. Anu walks away seeing that. Vanraj picks call. Kavya says he is looking handsome. He says thanks and asks if she didn’t go to office yet. She says she will. He says its not easy to handle Vishal Sharma. She says she will handle and asks arrangements are going well, if he is feeling backache due to sleeping on couch. He says he slept on bed. She asks if Anu asked money. He says no. She asks if he is hiding it from her. She requests if she can attend wedding. He says he already told her no and disconnects call saying she called him to set his mood off. Kavya thinks she is alone here.

Samar announces Toshu and Kinjal/groom and bride’s entry. Everyone clap for them. They walk in seriously with Anu and Vanraj. Kinjal asks Rakhi about Pramod. Rakhi says he had important meeting with international investors. She says its okay as Baa and Bapuji will perform her kanyadan. Bapuji says she is right, leaving Rakhi jealous. Panditji asks bride and groom to exchange garlands. They both angrily looking at each other try to exchange garlands when Anu stops them and let us stop it as there is no use of wedding.

Anu tells Toshu and Kinjal that there is no use of marriage as they both don’t seem happy. She signals Baa and Bapuji. Baa asks what happened. Anu says usual husband and wife fight. Samar says he didn’t know that bhai and bhabhi fought. Bapuji says wedding pics won’t come good with swollen faces. Baa asks nagin/Rakhi to take back her daughter as she doesn’t need this kind of bahu. Vanraj, Dolly, and Devika also support them sensing Anu’s gesture. Anu says already they already married and these rituals just don’t mean if they don’t reconcile and apologize each other. Toshu and Kinjal say they don’t need to cancel wedding and apologize each other. Vanraj also says sorry to Anu. Anu says there would be fights between husband and wife, but they should patch up and move on. Bapuji asks everyone to look aside. Baa asks nagin/Rakhi to don’t stare, but look aside. Rakhi obeys with frowning face. Toshu and Kinjal apologize each other saying they shouldn’t have fought and hug each other. Anu coughs and everyone taunt. Toshu and Kinjal smile. Rakhi thinks so what if fighting stop, still there is a lot to watch. Kinjal and Toshu exchange garlands. Rakhi thinks people burn crackers in marriage, but she will blast a bomb in this marriage. Kavya nervously sips water in her house.

Panditji asks groom’s parents to come and sit with groom and bride. Anu reminisces telling Vanraj that she is with children and not him. She and Vanraj sit down and perform ritual. Shehnayi…song.. plays in the background. Rakhi gets a call and says okay. Panditji asks bride’s mother to perform gathbandhan. Rakhi ties gathbandhan losely and stands aside smirking. Anu senses that and signals Kinjal. Kinjal tightens gathandhan. Rakhi thinks they are flying high, but soon there will be fire which will be stronger than havan kund fire. Pandit asks groom’s paernts to hold a betel leaf in their hand. They both do hesitantly. Panditji prays for new bride and groom’s prosper life. Anu looks at Vanraj. Panditji asks bride and groom to submit flowers in havan and asks groom’s parents to support their hands. Anu and Vanraj do same. Kavya enters and supports Vanraj’s hand.

Everyone are shocked to see her while Rakhi smirks and reminisces meeting Kavya and telling she is coming from Toshu and Kinjal’s sangeet ceremony and Kavya was not present for this function. She says she knows Vanraj hates her, but when he is going away from even Kavya, what is the point. She shows Anu and Vanraj’s intimate pic and says Vanraj doesn’t want to take Kavya home for function purposefully, and if he wanted, he would have convinced family easily. Kavya shouts that Vanraj didn’t take her because of Rakhi. Rakhi provokes her that Vanraj doesn’t want to accept their illicit relationship, so he didn’t take her while Anirudh loves her and hence doesn’t want to leave her. Kavya shouts in frustration. Rakhi says her relationship is illicit, but she didn’t do any sin and it shouldn’t be hidden, etc. Out of flashback, Vanraj drags Kavya out of mantap adn asks why did she come here. She says its her boyfriend’s son’s marriage.

Anu says this is her son’s marriage and Kavya was invited last time for engagement, but this time why did she come uninvited. Kavya says she came on her friend Rakhi’s invitation, reminiscing Rakhi inviting her, and says she cannot deny a friend’s invitation. Kinjal asks Rakhi why did she call Kavya. Rakhi says Kavya is her business head’s friend’s wife as she has not divorced Anirudh yet, so invitation is obvious. Anu tells Vanraj that Kavya ruined their wedding and she tolerated it, but she will not tolerate Kavya ruining her children’s wedding; though anyone would have invited Kavya, she is Vanraj’s guest and he should tell her to go from here. Devika confronts Rakhi that she didn’t do right and she will return her drama with interest. Rakhi says we will see it, let us see this drama for the time being. Anu tells Vanraj that they are not husband and wife but parents in this wedding and why should they let a grahan/eclipse ruin their children’s wedding. Kavya shouts Anu is a grahan on Vanraj and her relationship and when he is staying with her, Anu cannot tolerate it.

Devika addressing her as home breaker warns her to stop her drama and get out. Anu tells Devika that she doesn’t need anyone’s help in her fight. Kavya says she already lost her fight and Vanraj, that is why she wants him back. Anu says she doesn’t mean that. Kavya yells that she speaks something, shows something, and does something. Anu says everyone are not like Kavya to do that. Vanraj asks Kavya to not create a scene in his son’s wedding. Kavya shouts if he had to go back to them, why did he come to her. Vanraj shouts enough. Kavya shouts he will not let her ruin his son’s wedding. Kavya shouts he speaks Anu’s language when he enters this house. Anu pleads Kavya not to ruin her son’s wedding. Bapuji says bahu is right and asks Vanraj to stop this drama. Baa says he is a father and should end this drama. Kinjal asks Rakhi to end this drama as she started it. Rakhi says she just gave one extra wedding card, why should she bother if Kinjal’s sasur’s girlfriend comes and creates drama