Anupama Monday Update 13th June 2022


Anupama Monday Update 13th June 2022

Pakhi cries and tells Anu that she needs both parents. Vanraj walks to her and she runs away. He grabs Anu and pinning him to cupboard shouts that she provoked his children and parents against him. She says children have grown up, they can differentiate between right and wrong. He shout that when it was between them, it was fine, but now she dragged whole family in between. She says he should be happy that he can stay with Kavya now. He shout that she wants him to get out of this house so that she can enjoy this house; bapuji ordered him to get out of this house, but Baa loves him and will not let him go out and will convince Bapuji; this whole family and house is his and she is nothing here;

when there is no relationship between them, then why is she staying in this house, she should get out of this house; everyone will support her until she is here, so she should pack her bags and get out; she shouldn’t think this house cannot run without her, she is just a glorified maid in this house; he will hire 2 more maids and a nurse for Bapuji, he will convince his parents soon and even Samar once she goes from here; he had an affair because she is illiterate, his parents cried because she is their bahu; Baa slapped him because she is her bahu; his children are against him because she is their mother; she is responsible for all his problem; he doesn’t care if he stays with her mother, friend or road, she just should get out. Anu says if he can become a good father and son and change himself for good, then she will go from this house.

Samar hearing their conversation calls Baa, Bapuji, and whole family. Vanraj warns Anu to tell family that she is leaving this house and nothing else. Samar informs family what Vanraj told. Anu tells Baa and Bapuji that a woman lives with her family when there is love and respect, love already vanished and if she stays her, her self-respect will vanish, Bapuji know that his daughter cannot stay without self-respect and is ready to die if there can be peace in this house; Vanraj crossed all his limits and if she stays in this house, she will fall in her house; her mother gave her good teachings and they gave her good sanskars, she doesn’t wan to insult their sanskars by staying in this house. Bapuji says bahu is lakshmi and devi of this house and Devi cannot leave temple.

Anu says she cannot stay here by losing her self-respect, she will be her children’s mother always and will fulfill her responsibilities by staying out of this house; a girl always dreams of getting into her sasural in palanquin/doli and leave it on arthi/arthi, her wish cannot be fulfilled, so she will go from here. Vanraj yells to stop her drama and get out of this house. Bapuji says she gave her verdict and can leave this house. Samar asks how can he. Bapuji stops him and says when youngster take their own decisions and don’t think of taking elder’s opinion, then elders shouldn’t speak. He asks Samar to bring property documents from Vanraj’s room. Vanraj taunts Anu that Bahu can become daughter, but cannot take son’s place. Anu apologizes Bapuji for her decision.

Kavya feels nervous thinking what must be happening in Vanraj’s house. Anirudh calls her and says he had come to pay apartment maintenance charges and saw her boyfriend Vanraj hasn’t come after Diwali. She shouts what the hell, why is he bothering her. He asks if he didn’t come after she and him were caught by family in resort. She shouts if Nandini informed him. He says his building friend told him and says Vanraj didn’t return to her and instead is trying to convince his family, he is the only son of family and will convince them somehow, but she is an outsider and he will never accept her. Kavya thinks he is right, why didn’t Vanraj return to her after sorting out issues.

Samar brings property papers. Bapuji walks to Vanraj and says he was overproud of this house, tears documents and says from today he is no more an owner of this house; he is changing his will and transferring this house in Anupama’s name; he pulls Vanraj’s name plate and gives it to him saying when he is not an owner anymore, his nameplate shouldn’t on door; since Anupama is the owner now, she will decide if he will stay in this house or not. Baa and everyone stand shocked hearing Bapuji’s decision. Vanraj asks Bapuji how can he do this to his own son; if his bahu is more important to him than his son, then he is okay with it. He walks away from there followed by whole family leaving Anu and Bapuji. Vanraj walks to his room and packs his clothes when Baa walks in and asks if he will go out of house leaving his mother and children.

Vanraj says he is leaving house as they all went against him. Baa says men always walk out of house whether they are husband or son, but woman stands at door waiting for them. Vanraj hugs her and says Anupama broke their house. Anu on the other side says she doesn’t want house to shatter; she knows Bapuji cannot live without Vanraj and send him out of house. Bapuji says Vanraj did a mistake, so he will go out of this house. Baa asks Vanraj where did she fall short in upbringing him. He asks where did he fall short in following his duty as a son; she got him married to Anupama who is unfit for him on Daadi’s order, when she didn’t accept Anupama since 25 years and always insults her, then how can he tolerate Anupama.

Vanraj continues brainwashing Baa saying he tried to manage his relationship with Anupama for 17 years by heart and was following his wedding till now; she and Bapuji understand each other well, but he and Anupama don’t and he was feeling suffocated in this relationship. He says whatever he did was wrong and his loneliness made him do that and the reason behind is Anupama. On the other side, Anu tells Bapuji that he did wrong with her, but followed all other relationships faithfully, so he shouldn’t punish him for betraying only 1 relationship; her happiness is with whole family; he supported his bahu while nobody in the world does, she is thankful to him and Baa for that, he should think of family also. Vanraj continues that Anuama didn’t try to upgrade herself and match his level was just busy taking care of family and his parents, wasn’t there any duty towards him, he also followed his duties faithfully, he did a mistake that he found his happiness in Kavya and shared the pain he got from Anupama with Kavya, so he is not ashamed of his extramarital affair. Bapuji asks Anu to get him a cup of tea. Vanraj says he made a mistake, but didn’t Anupama make a mistake.

Baa says whatever he says, they cann’t deny the truth that Anuapma sacrificed her 25 years for this family; she works hard since 25 years, she can swing on swinger happily because of Anupama, he could progress in work because of Anupama’s support; he cannot justify his extramarital relationship for that; his age is of sharing his children’s wedding cards and not his personal cards; he should accept his mistake and mend his ways; he cannot separate from family for an outsider. Kavya panics remembering Anirudh’s words and thinks she cannot stay without Vanraj. Baa continues that he and Anupama are parents of 3 children and its their duty to take care of children together. He asks what after children settle down, will his children and sister give him same respect they used to before, Anupama ruined everything. Baa asks why is he blaming Anupama repeatedly. He says she is a woman and her tears are noticed by everyone, but not a man’s ordeal.

Anupama cries in kitchen thinking why is this happening, what did Baa Bapuji and her children do to anyone, she should be punished and not her family. She serves him tea and asks to drink carefully as its hot. Bapuji says when heart is burning, he doesn’t care about hot tea. Vanraj continues that this injustice is continuing since generations and always woman is sympathized and this is not right. Baa asks not to give her lecture like bahu; he goes out, meets clients, and spends time outside, but Bahu didn’t get out of house since 25 years; he could use his freedom because of Anupama; if he had felt good if Anu had gone out like him, Baa would have cooked in kitchen and Anu would have gone partying like Rakhi and become heroine like her friend;

Anu always kept her family in front of her wishes; they didn’t let Anu study further, else when Anu can become teacher after just studying a bit, can teach dance, and learn car driving in 1 day, she can even surpass Kavya and become more successful than Kavya; they were the hindrance; she just wants him to accept his mistake and break all his relationship with Kavya, he should kick her off work and get him out of his life. She keeps his hand on her head and asks him to promise tht he will break all his ties with Kavya. Kavya calls him just then. Baa notices that and asks will he obey his mother or not.

Ann returns to kitchen crying. Baa walks in and apologizing her requests if she can forgive Vanraj for his sins, she cannot see her house shatter, Anu can hold the family together if she wants, she spoke to Vanraj and he is ready to leave Kavya. She reminisces Vanraj asking if he will get the respect like before, will Anupama agree. Baa asks what if she agrees. Vanraj says she should convince Anu and he is sure she will not. Baa continues that Vanraj will not break his mother’s promise and will mend his ways, only Anu can hold the family together, what will she do when she will be alone after children settle down. Anu reminisces Vanraj’s betrayal and says she can sacrifice for her, but cannot forgive Vanraj. Baa asks her to try at least for her remaining life.

Anu reminisces Vanraj romancing Kavya on her own bed and says its a question of just a second and not whole life, she cannot forgive a man who betrayed his wife on their bed, she cannot forget that moment, so she cannot forgive him. Vanraj walks with his bag and says he told Baa that Anu will not agree as she is the owner of this house. Baa follows Vanraj and requests him not to go. Vanraj says everyone are disappointed in this house and don’t want to see his face, so he is leaving this house to stay with Kavya and after legal formalities he will marry Kavya. Anu stops him and asks if he is talking about divorce. He says yes. She reminisces his betrayal again and, apologizing Baa and Bapuji for revealing what is in her heart, asks Vanraj to send divorce papers and she will sign them; says relationship is on paper for him, but for her its in heart and when she already divorced him by heart, signing on papers doesn’t matter.