Age Is Just a Number Update Thursday 28 May 2020


Age Is Just a Number Update Thursday 28 May 2020

First Update on Age Is Just a Number Update Thursday 28 May 2020.

Full Story on Age  is just a Number

It was morning. A lady wakes up at the ring of alarm, collects the newspaper and posts from the gate and comes to the kitchen to boil the milk. She then prays in front of the Tulsi plant.
On the other side, a young man drives with music on. He stops by a stall.
The lady heard radio news in the kitchen that a 23 years old man married a lady 8 years older than himself. The guy also heard the same news and discuss with the stall man that an older woman would be sensible to marry. He calls the DJ, the lady hears that a person can fell in love with anyone of any age. The DJ says such proposals won’t work in their society. The guy insists he is society. There has to be some craziness in love. The lady speaks to herself that this generation only needs craze, they are the least responsible
The guy greets a friend. He says he couldn’t get the certificate, and now its lawyer friend’s job to get the certificate else no entry at home.
It was a huge mansion. A lady held a stick in hand, instructing the decorations. She makes a servant hang an empty frame on the wall. This would be Sahil’s degree frame so that the whole Kanpur witness Sahil got a huge degree. Bari Amma asks about Sahil’s mother. Sahil’s mother and his elder sister Gauri come there. Bari Amma asks about Gauri’s husband; he won’t be invited specially. Her husband calls Bari Amma he won’t need an invitation. He was counting his steps backward. Gauri tells her mother some Pandit told him to do so. Later, Sahil’s mother comes to ask Bari Amma about cooking as she brought Sahil up since childhood. Bari Amma says they will now teach him to stand on his own feet now.

On the other hand, the lady told her daughter Aarya she can’t chose a saree color while fulfilling her responsibilities. Aarya puts her to statue while getting her ready. The lady says she can’t go for interview with so much preparations. Aarya says everyone must know Aarya Mathur’s mother is coming from Indra Nagar for the interview. An elder lady comes out of washroom complaining and calls Vaidika.

Vaidika pours her food. Maa complains she only came to live with Vaidika when her husband left, else she was enjoying at her son’s house. Aarya comes to taunt Nani to return to her sons, Vaidika scolds Aarya not to tease her and makes up her mother. She now leaves for school and has an interview after that. Aarya was hopeful of a raise in her pocket money after she gets this job. Vaidika comes across an irritating man on the way. As she takes a tonga, her friend Maya notices she was upset. She now suggest Vaidika to get married again and was sure she will soon realize love they day love struck at her house’s window.

Sahil returns home. His mother was emotional to see him and notices he was weak. Sahir hugs her tightly, then stands up to greet Bari Amma. Bari Amma blesses him. Sahil says degrees don’t matter but Bari Amma says he has done designing, and will double their business here. Sahil greets Gauri and Deepak and complements their blue dressings. Bari Amma says Deepak thinks blue will get them a son. Deepak takes the attention to Sahil’s degree which was hung in a frame. Sahil thinks he got the fake degree only because family matters the most for him, he couldn’t tell anyone that he failed. Sahil goes towards his room when a post was brought to Bari Amma.

They family reads the letter that Sahil failed the degree because of low attendance. Sahil snatches the letter. Bari Amma complains. Sahil speaks to her that he didn’t want to do jewelry business and sit on the shop. Bari Amma asks if he would be so irresponsible. This happened earlier in the house as well. Her husband left all the burden over her and left. Sahil promises to do something in life, he is only indecisive right now. Bari Amma was hurt that Sahil lied; today he must fulfil her wish else their relation would be ended forever. She tears the degree from the frame. Sahil’s mother cries badly. Bari Amma says either she will return to Delhi and earn the real degree, or do what she asks him to. Sahil was ready to do what Bari Amma says. Gauri brings him a file. Bari Amma says he will meet this girl today and they will marry him. Sahil fell on the couch helpless.
In the cafeteria, Sahil eyes Vaidika and wonders if Bari Amma selected this lady? Vaidika wonders if he would take the interview. Both greet each other with a hand shake. Vaidika thanks him for taking his time… Sahil says he doesn’t like reading someone’s bio data and meeting her. Her bio data shows her false age, or she looks older. Vaidika asks if age matters? Sahil says only girls have a problem, they pass the age of bearing children. Vaidika says she has a daughter fifteen years old. Sahil who was now eating ketchup says it seems this would work for sure. He proposes Vaidika. Vaidika stands up furiously.

Vaidika was worried about replying Sunil.
At home, Sunil was waiting for Vaidika. He argues with Nani that Vaidika only pays 10 thousand for this house whose rent worth is 25 thousand. Nani argues that Vaidika’s husband Anurag had half of share in the house. Sunil says they can sale the house. Nani asks where would they go and live. Sunil replies that they are not concerned by this. Aarya comes to argue Sunil this time. Vaidika arrives and scolds Aarya.
Sahil comes home and tells Bari Amma that he went to meet the girl but it came out to someone else, and she rejected him as well. Bari Amma reminds him of another option of the punishment. Sahil thinks he must return to Delhi when his friend Nidhi comes to meet him. While they chit-chat Bari Amma decides what she has to do.

gives Vaidika an ultimatum of fifteen days to make the payment. He wasn’t ready to give Vaidika and Aarya’s share in their family property, but demanded his share from the house. As he leaves, Vaidika scolds Aarya for misbehaving with her and announces she will now resolve the matter by herself.
Vaidika sat in the room with her savings. She thinks something must be arranged. She can’t leave her mother and daughter homeless.
Sahil and Nidhi sat together. Sahil was lost in thoughts of Vaidika and says she appears to be pretty. Bari Amma comes to his mother and discuss about fixing Sahil and Nidhi’s marriage. The elders were happy.
Nani brings a pouch filled with her jewelry. She suggests Vaidika to mortgage them and throw the money over Sunil’s face. Vaidika was relieved.
Bari Amma demands a gift from Sahil for his birthday. She takes a promise that he should agree to marry the girl of her choice. Sahil says she must also promise that he will only marry when he would wish to. Bari Amma says Sahil will go to shop from tomorrow. Deepak wasn’t happy to hear this, as he won’t be able to rule the shop when the real owner is there. Gauri comes to him but he scolds him.

The next morning, Sahil was sitting in the shop getting bored. He wish for a miracle when Vaidika enters the shop. She was about to leave when Deepak insists on her to come inside. Deepak sends Sahil to attend another client. Vaidika shows him the pouch and says he wants to mortgage the jewelry, it is her mother’s. She will get them released soon. Deepak says once mortgaged, the jewelry often doesn’t come back and takes it down to work station. Sahil gets a chance and comes to sit with Vaidika asking for any help. Deepak comes upstairs and says the jewelry is all fake. He places the pouch on a table and says this jewelry isn’t worth more than 2 to 3 thousand. He calls the security for misguiding them. Vaidika was shocked to hear this by herself.

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