Age is Just a Number Tuesday Update 16 June 2020


Age is Just a Number Tuesday Update 16 June 2020

Zee World Age is Just a Number  Update 16 June 2020: Vaidika comes to the tap to wash her face, Sahil turns the tap for her. In the room, Vaidika makes arrangements for packing. Sahil stops her and says he is aware she can’t do any such thing, and his Bari Amma is behind all this.

Age is Just a Number Monday Update 15 June 2020

He didn’t come to present any clarifications from her side, he is with her and will fight with her until she is proven innocent. He says Vaidika is silent in spite of all the injustice. Vaidika insists that she doesn’t want to fight, she has to protect the life of her daughter and the grace of an innocent. Everyone questions which innocent? Vaidika says she can’t take the name, else her life would be ruined. Sahil questions about her life and respect? Vaidika says it’s her mistake, this city can only give her pain and disrespect. She wants to go to a city where no one recognizes her. Sahil questions who is the girl she is protecting, why can’t she tell him about her. Vaidika thinks about Shruti. Sahil says Vaidika must at least think about her family. Sahil wasn’t ready to let Vaidika leave, and he knows how to stop her. Maya thinks Vaidika is afraid of society and doesn’t confess her love for Sahil.

Sahil comes into the house drunk and calls Bari Amma outside. He shouts for a celebration in the house, she has won finally. Bari Amma says everyone has gone to Mata Rani’s temple as Vaidika is leaving the city. Sahil says he couldn’t think Bari Amma would fell to such a grade. He feels ashamed of himself being called as his son. Bari Amma shouts at him to remember whose roof he is under. Sahil says she and her son in law planned a fake case against an innocent lady. If this is her way of love, she should begin to hate him. She is wrong to think his feelings for Vaidika will change. He clarifies to Bari Amma that he can’t let Vaidika leave Kanpur; he doesn’t care about any court order.

Bari Amma goes upstairs.
The next morning, Vaidika had completed the packing. Sunil’s wife comes there. Nani taunts that they must be happy as they will get this house. Vaidika hands her the keys. Sunil’s wife assures they know her well in all these years, everything will be fine. Vaidika asks her to take care of this house, she holds a lot of memories in here. She then walks towards the temple, lights a candle there and prays.
Anjana tries to stop Sahil but he was furious at her for taking Bari Amma’s side. He wasn’t even ready to stand in the house, he suffocates in this filthy air. He tell her that he is going to help Vaidika, he won’t return until all blames are removed from her head. Anjana stops her. Sahil says mothers know everything, but Anjana could sadly not understand his feelings for Vaidika. Vaidika is a part of his life, and he will always support her. They are all wrong this time, but Vaidika is right.
Outside, Deepak tells Sahil that it’s very late. He won’t go against court’s order. Sahil says he doesn’t understand anything. Deepak calls Karan to tell them about one idea. Sahil was angry at Karan. Deepak reminds Sahil that it’s the opportunity which is important. Karan is the one who prepared a case in favor of Vaidika. He was only afraid of Bari Amma, but now realizes his mistake. Only two hours are left. Karan promises to help as much as possible. If the manager of the hotel opens his mouth they can get a solid proof. They leave together.

Bari Amma scolds Anjana for not being able to stop Sahil. Puneet comes in and presents a solution to her problem. He has filled in police’s hands, they will take Vaidika out of the city soon. His driver will make sure they have left the city.

Bari Amma was determined that Sahil has to lose this time. Outside, Deepak thinks he will use his tricks against Bari Amma.
Sahil calls Vaidika but the phone wasn’t answered. Vaidika comes out with the gold idol Sahil gifted her. He was worried and thinks he can’t let her go anywhere.

Nani finds the driver speaking to Panday ji. She shouts at everyone to leave and calls Vaidika outside. Maya stops them but Nani says there is nothing in this city. Vaidika walks out shattered. Maya requests Vaidika to stay, they can arrange for something otherwise. Vaidika says its court’s order; and she doesn’t want to live here anymore. Aarya locks the door. Vaidika reads the name plate outside their house, recalling her memories in the house.
Sahil questions the manager of hotel why he named the room after fake person. The manager shows them the online booking. They spot a girl in the footage and thinks this girl can be a good witness for them. In the next footage, Sahil watches Puneet. The manager says this is Puneet Tiwari, a regular client who was there with his girlfriend here.

Puneet comes to Shruti who was upset with him and tells him to leave. He convinces Shruti to make her up but Anjana comes there. Shruti tells Anjana she was asking Puneet why he never bring Prachi along. Anjana also tells Puneet to convey her greetings to Prachi. Shruti leaves. Puneet wonders why Vaidika didn’t disclose his affair in front of anyone.
The judge watches the news about Vaidika’s banishment. He thinks at least Vaidika held as much shame as to leave the city in time. Sahil drags the witness to judge’s room and says he blamed Vaidika Mathur for girl’s trafficking pointlessly. The man accepts for doing it all only for the sake of money. Karan hands him the confession letter. The judge wonders why someone would want to trap a school teacher. Sahil says it’s because of his love with Vaidika. The judge asks if he is aware who did this. Karan places a hand over his shoulder before he can speak. Sahil asks the judge if it’s a sin to love someone who is older than him. The judge replies as no. Sahil requests him to withdraw his case before Vaidika leaves the city. The judge takes his announcement back.

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