Age is Just a Number Thursday Update 25 June 2020


Age is Just a Number Thursday Update 25 June 2020

25 June 2020 Thursday Update on Age is Just a Number Update: Sahil insists on Vaidika to say a yes. Vaidika finally says a yes, but its only because of his well-being and not with happiness. His way isn’t the right one. Sahil says everyone is fair in love and war, and wife must abide by his husband. Vaidika helps her inside.

Age is Just a Number Wednesday Update 24 June 2020

Nidhi heard this from upstairs and calls Bari Amma about Vaidika’s agreement to take part in dance competition. Bari Amma was furious over Nidhi for not being able to control Sahil. Nidhi changes her tone to weeping, and asks what she must do. Bari Amma asks if this is love of a husband that she always calls her. Nidhi asks if she would continue her lecture or tell her what to do. Bari Amma questions her way of speaking. Nidhi apologizes, as she hates Sahil and Vaidika being together. She tells her about an idea. Nidhi agrees. Bari

Amma tells her to now pray Sahil gets rid of that adult woman. Vaidika brings medicine for Sahil. Sahil says he is sure she loves her husband, she was concerned when he stood outside. She goes to get food for him. Sahil tries to come to her, but Sahil angrily tells him to stay sitting there.
Devika was waiting for Varun. When Varun comes in, Devika asks if he didn’t meet is rock star friend Sahil Agarwal. Varun brings a fat guy with him and says this is Sahil Agarwal. He boasts about winning a competition with Sahil in his college time. Devika takes a seat and tells him to dance on the same song again. She laughs loud, as the fake Sahil didn’t know any single step of dancing.

At the venue, the receptionist ask Sahil and Vaidika to present their marriage certificate. The receptionist was dubious and says their competition is a family affair. Sahil was irked as a friend of his is taking part with his friend. Vaidika tries to calm him down, calling it destiny. Sahil argues he has written and this fate and destiny himself and is standing with her today. He grabs the collar of a receptionist understanding Bari Amma had bribed them. Vaidika takes Sahil away.

The fake Sahil danced closely with Devika. Varun grabs his collar and takes him aside, warning him not to misbehave with Devika. Devika felt uncomfortable, but the man insists this has to be done in dance. He pushes him away. Devika questions Varun why he did this? Varun says he can’t bear anyone misbehaves with her. Devika minds she is going to marry his brother. Varun says he must have done this to any girl. Devika says he lied to her about Sahil, she was hurt. Varun was worried how she would react if this is her reaction over a petty lie.

The receptionist calls Bari Amma and assures that her son won’t be able to participate in the competition this time. Bari Amma appreciates Nidhi for informing her in time about Sahil’s intentions, she can never let Sahil present that lady as his wife.

Later, Devika was waiting for Varun. A rolled paper was thrown at her with a sorry. Varun speaks to her from behind the door and asks her to apologize, they need to practice dance. Devika says she realizes how important is for him to win the competition and agrees to teach him. They dance together. While he stood intimate to her, Devika forbids him forget their relation with each other. Varun insists on himself to focus.

In the corridor, Vaidika calms Sahil down. His friend is participating in the competition, he might win the money. Sahil tells Vaidika he wanted the whole Kanpur to recognize his relation with her, he can fight the whole society to get recognition to his relation. They walk on to find Varun and Devika argue together. Sahil wonders how they will win this way. Varun tells Devika he is sure this will bring Sahil and Vaidika together, he comes out to tell Sahil it’s difficult for them to win together. Sahil says there are many difficult things in life, one doesn’t have to simply accept the defeat easily. Vaidika says Devika is a good dance, while Sahil seconds Varun’s skills. Vaidika insists what’s important is the coordination between the two. She offers to teach Devika separately, then help them practice together. Varun was ready to learn the expression from Sahil. Varun says there is something special between Sahil and Vaidika, the ability to understand each other without speech can make him and Devika win. Sahil says it’s alright if he can’t participate because of his family, only Varun and Devika should now win. They place hands over hands with each other.

Vaidika corrects Varun and Devika in their expressions of dancing. Sahil only stares towards Vaidika all along. Sahil whispers at Varun to look into her eyes, hold her by wrist and drag her closer. Vaidika claps as the performance gets progressively better. Sahil daydreams of Vaidika dancing for him while he watched her intently.

Varun gets hurt in the eye by a swing of Devika’s arm. Sahil begins to clap. Varun questions him about it, then realizes Sahil was day dreaming and lost in Vaidika. Vaidika leaves the practice hall feeling awkward. Sahil follows her outside and asks why she came out. Vaidika asks what was he thinking about? He says about her. He says he has been cooked by her lectures, but he can sense there is God’s will somewhere. They are a part of this competition and needs to make Varun and Devika win. He pins her to the wall and asks her to let him be close to her, fill her hairline with sindoor and tie mangal sooter in her neck and nothing will be impossible then. A lady from organizers comes to Vaidika saying she is a good dancer but won’t take part in the competition. She requests a help from Vaidika. One of the celebrity guest was to be there for their inauguration, now Vaidika is also a celebrity because of a radio show. She says they are even paying for the solo dance, and will pay her for the Solo Dance as well. Sahil accepts her offer, and introduces himself as her husband. Vaidika was annoyed at Sahil. Sahil says there is performance and a solo performance. Vaidika was worried how she will do the Solo performance, and even has to teach them both.

Agarwal family reach the venue of competition. Sahil tells them he has invited a celebrity. Prachi was excited to know the name. Sahil says it’s Mrs. Vaidika Sahil Agarwal, his real wife. Sahil tells them to get seated in the VIP section for the celebrity performance. Bari Amma was determined to ruin all his plans soon. Deepak tells Bari Amma he got his name in sponsor’s category, they will have to dance now and asks for her blessings. Bari Amma leaves without paying heed to him. Deepak drags Gauri into the hall forcefully.
Bari Amma was introduced in the competition as the guest and chief sponsor. A celebrity performance was announced from Vaidika Mathur. Sahil stood backdoor smiling as Vaidika gave her solo performance.
As the competition begins, first was Deepak and Gauri’s

performance. Agarwal family laugh at their comedy filled performance. Devika watches the performance of second couple, then brings Varun to see it too. She comes to Vaidika worried that it’s not easy to win as it’s a tough competition. Sahil says the most important thing for a couple to win is the chemistry. Sahil takes Varun aside and says wars are won by determination, and they have to win for his and Varun’s love. Varun takes Devika for a last rehearsal. Vaidika tries Aarya’s number as they go inside. Bari Amma comes to Vaidika and says it seems she got rid of the fears she held from her. Vaidika says she only respects her, why be afraid of her? Bari Amma says she tells Sahil to respect elders as well, not to fall in love with them. Bari Amma calls Vaidika shameless, she gave her space in the mandap to Nidhi but always wander around Sahil herself. She has no worth more than a mere dancer who found a chance to dance in the competition anyway. She would destroy her and throw her out of Sahil’s life. Vaidika leaves with an important task to perform. Bari Amma says she also has an important task to throw her out of Sahil’s life.
It was Devika and Varun’s turn now. Sahil and Vaidika stood fingers’ crossed. Everyone enjoy their performance. Sahil only stared at Vaidika all along the performance as well. Shruti and Puneet shared eye locks. Vaidika was happy to see their performance going smooth.
Bari Amma was called on stage for announcement of results. Sahil stood fingers crossed and says she must not pour her anger over Devika and Varun. Bari Amma announces Devika and Varun as the winning couple. They were cheerful as the couple receives the gift trophy and prize money. Varun gives his victory speech and takes Bari Amma’s permission to bring Sahil and Vaidika on stage, as the credits to his victory goes to them. Varun announces they are the best couple of Kanpur, it’s because of their efforts that he and Devika won the trophy. Devika brings the trophy to Sahil and Vaidika as they truly deserve the prize. Sahil takes the mic, he asks what does best couple mean? Those whose likes and dislikes are alike; share the same status, mentality, or educational institutes? Or those who love each other and accept the good and bad in each other, stay with one another in every difficult situation and hold their trusts unquestionably over each other; they are not affected by age in any way. He says love is a simple thing, we complicate it; its requires a connection at heart. Best couples are formed when the chords of heart connect, regardless of gap in ages. The audience claps for Sahil and Vaidika’s couple. Agarwal family was furious except Deepak. Deepak thinks this will bring the biggest of twists in the story, he is sure Bari Amma won’t sit silent anymore.
Back stage, Bari Amma tells Agarwal family she needs to take a strict action to teach Sahil a lesson. Puneet offers to get Vaidika killed, but Bari Amma says Sahil would go crazy if Vaidika even gets a scratch. She sends the family home, promising to share the details later.
Inside, Sahil tells Varun and Devika it was a great favor from them as they helped him announce his relation to the world. Devika and Varun request Vaidika to give Sahil a chance and marry him, he loves her dearly. The couples take leave from each other. Sahil asks Vaidika if she is happy, but she leaves silently.

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