Age is Just a Number Friday Update 6 November 2020


Age is Just a Number Friday Update 6 November 2020

Age is Just a Number Friday Update 6 November 2020: Rekha wish to speak to Sahil in loneliness. Vaidika goes to help Mina. Geet and Deepak go to select clothes for Deepak. Rekha asks Sahil why he brought her here. Sahil asks if Shashi would make Rekha leave home if someone wish so. Vaidika is his wife, and she insisted on him to come here for Geet today.

In the room, Rekha informs someone that she sent Shashi away from home. That Vaidika is home. Vaidika comes to the room with tea for Rekha. Rekha asks if none taught her manners to knock the door of others. Vaidika says mother’s doors aren’t knocked. She tells Rekha that it was Sahil’s wish to be a part of his sister’s wedding. She brought him here. She requests Rekha to cheer up as her son is close to her now, she looks beautiful while smiling. Rekha curtly thinks Sahil will be happy when Vaidika leaves his life.

Vaidika was getting ready in the room with a burnt hand. Sahil comes to the room, then offers to help Vaidika out of concern. The guests were welcomed by Mina and Sahil. Rahul’s Maasi (aunt) complains for not receiving well. She boastfully says Rahul can’t marry without her consent. Geet comes to meet the guests. Vaidika greets everyone as well. Maasi signals Rekha, then inquires about Vaidika. Rekha says Vaidika is their daughter in law. Maasi had an objection that Sahil is so young and Vaidika looks so old.

Rekha says Vaidika is a divorcee after seven years of wedding. Maasi creates an issue of the matter, and wasn’t ready to marry Rahul in the family. They don’t abide by any societal values at all. Maasi accuses Vaidika’s character and questions what if Vaidika had an affair with Sahil while she was married to her ex-husband. Sahil shouts at Maasi to stop it now. Who is she to comment over his personal life? She came for Geet and Rahul, and focus on their relation. Vaidika tries to stop Sahil. Sahil says he wouldn’t marry Geet into any family whose thinking is downward. He speaks to Rahul that Rahul came out to be a coward, how he can hold Geet’s hand. He asks the guests to leave. Rekha was relieved. Mina cries that everything was destroyed, who would marry Geet now. She asks why Vaidika married Sahil. Vaidika was determined to get the proposal for Geet. In the room, Sahil walked across the room angrily. Vaidika comes to him and convince him that it was Rahul’s Maasi who said everything. Sahil is always her side, even when his family says a lot to her. Likewise Rahul wasn’t of any false views. He must think about Geet as well, she loves Rahul and nothing is valuable in this world than love. Sahil asks how she is always positive about others. Vaidika smiles and says there is someone special, who inspires her daily. Sahil was at once offensive and says no one can be special in her life than him. Vaidika says it’s Sahil. She says since he entered her life, he teaches her love each day.

Vaidika and Sahil come to meet Rahul’s family. Vaidika speaks to them that they rejected Geet’s proposal only because she is a divorcee. But what is Geet’s mistake in all this, and what about Rahul’s love. Rahul’s father was convinced and determined to stand by his son’s love.

Avantika comes to meet Tanuj and complains he did nothing and Vaidika and Sahil have entered the Kashab family. Tanuj says he has got something extremely important and will definitely break everything in Kashab family.

At Kashab’s house, Sahil was busy in wedding arrangements. Mina and Deepak thank Sahil. In the room, Geet thanks Vaidika for all her efforts. Vaidika assures she will always stay her side.  Rekha comes downstairs. Mina brings her to help her with the arrangements. Geet also hugs Rekha. Vaidika brings tea for everyone. Rekha was annoyed, and leaves. Mina assures Vaidika that soon she will be fine. Sahil was lost in deep thought of dancing with Vaidika.

 Deepak taps his shoulder and asks what it is about. Sahil makes up it’s a pout, and tries to take a selfie.

Tanuj comes to Kashab house and drags Vaidika aside. Vaidika tries to resist. Tanuj shows Vaidika a video. Vaidika was taken aback. Tanuj says not the wedding photos of Geet and Rahul, but this bedroom video may go viral instead. He warns if Vaidika doesn’t return to him, he will do this. Vaidika was left shocked. She hears Geet speaking to Rahul on phone that she can’t show his love bite. Vaidika slaps Geet and questions how physical she has been with Rahul. Geet tells Vaidika it was yesterday night after Sangeet, but what the matter is; they will soon be married and there is nothing wrong in it. Vaidika was tensed about how to save her sister in law’s respect. She calls Tanuj and confirms she will come. Sahil hears this and asks where she is going, Vaidika lies she needs to go shopping. Sahil says she won’t go anywhere today, he can’t manage everything all alone. Sahil was called inside. Vaidika was confused what she must do.
At night, the engagement preparations were final at Kashab’s house. Vaidika had reached a hotel to meet Tanuj Malhotra. She gets a call from Sahil. She thinks she can’t attend the call and will have to do this for Geet. The receptionist comments that Vaidika seems to be married, still gives her the keys of the room. Vaidika thinks I am sorry Sahil, I have to do this to protect Geet.

Sahil comes to Geet’s room and asks about Vaidika. Geet was about to tell Sahil, but Mina comes to take her downstairs. Sahil was tensed and wish she is fine.

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