Age is Just a Number Friday Update 25 September 2020


Age is Just a Number Friday Update 25 September 2020

Age is Just a Number Friday Update 25 September 2020: Pankti panics after Tej Pratab’s call and says she must go back her mother is in danger. Vaidika asks them to listen to her plan.
In his villa, Tej Pratab had tied Pankti’s mother with a pillar. He warns that if Pankti doesn’t return today, she will be molested by five men here.

He then asks for some celebrations, a goon calls a folk singer’s gang from Rajasthan. It was Vaidika as the singing lead, Sahil as the drummer and Pankti in veil to dance. Tears fell off Vaidika’s eyes as she sings, ‘Menu ishq da lagya roag’.
Vaidika distributes sweets amongst the attendees. Everyone including Tej Pratab goes unconscious. Sahil carefully observes Tej Pratab. They untie the ropes of Pankti’s mother and turn to leave. Tej Pratab stood outside the main door clapping with his goons. Tej Pratab comes to Vaidika and says he had already known there was something wrong when she presented the laddu. He was about to harass his wife again when Vaidika slaps on his face. Tej Pratab stops his goons from moving ahead. Vaidika says they stand with his wife here, she need to call the media once and the reporters and journalists will be here. Sahil removes the fake moustache and stands with Vaidika. Vaidika says men must pray women, they love their sons and praise their husbands. They warn that from today, Pankti and his wife will remain under Vaidika and Sahil’s surveillance; he must well be aware that a defamed politician never gets enough votes. As they turn to leave, Vaidika was about to slip. Sahil asks Vaidika to be careful with her child as well.

 Pankti tells her mother that Vaidika is pregnant, still she came to help them. After they have left, Tej Pratab tells his goons that they got their weakness now. Sahil will bring Pankti and his mother, else Vaidika won’t be able to give birth to her child.
Aarya and Guddu return from grocery. Aarya was excited about the festival. The doorbell rings. Aarya says she ordered food from restaurant, can he pay the bills. Guddu had no money in his wallet. Aarya comes with the money. Guddu explains that his salary didn’t yet come into his account. Aarya replies that it’s alright, they can share the bills just as they will share the chores. Guddu thinks silently that Aarya believes him a lot, what if she leaves him when she knows about his truth.
Vaidika and Sahil come home with Pankti and her mother. Bari Amma, Nani and Prachi strictly prohibits them from entering the house. Vaidika convince Bari Amma that they needed help and she deemed it right to bring them here and help them. Bari Amma thinks Tej Pratab had turned her life to help, this woman had to suffer this all. Pankti requests Bari Amma to let them stay here, she promises to never be a burden over them. She also assures Vaidika to never hurt her sentiments. Sahil announces Makar Sanktrati celebrations tomorrow and takes Pankti’s mother into the room. She bless Sahil and requests him to think about her question. Pankti and Vaidika come to the room. Pankti inquires what reply she wants from him. Sahil says its their personal matter. He asks Vaidika and Pankti why they hugged each other last night. Vaidika had brought dinner for them. Pankti says Sahil won’t stay silent until he knows the reason, she must tell him now.

Vaidika tries to stop Pankti from telling him the truth but Sahil insists. Pankti says she wanted to know from Vaidika how she is bearing Sahil for so long. Vaidika says Sahil is extremely good at heart, as soon as you know his pure heart then it’s really easy to bear him as well. Sahil mischievously punches Pankti and both leave the room playfully.
Mandagini brings a maid for work. Manjulika hires her. Vaidika runs downstairs trying to stop Ved. Sahil comes with kites for Ved, but takes his promise not to run fast as he is unwell. The maid asks Mandagini about the child, Mandagini says he suffers from cancer. The maid goes to the kitchen and calls Tej Pratab giving him information about Ved. Tej Pratab enjoys the news and thinks he will make Vaidika and her children suffer; then Sahil will have to let go of his daughter and wife. He instructs the maid what she must do.
The maid spots Ved playing in the hall with his kites. She deliberately spills water in the hall. Ved slips over the wet floor, his head bleeds badly. Everyone gather around in a state of panic. Bari Amma dials the doctor, Vaidika brings water. Sahil carries Ved to hospital. The maid dials a call.
In the hospital, Vaidika was shocked to hear the doctors were on a strike. They request to save Ved at this time. The doctor was stubborn and leaves in apology. Vaidika was tensed about how to get Ved treated. She cries demanding Sahil to save their Ved. Sahil assures Vaidika that they can save Ved. They turn to leave and hear two doctors discuss that MLA Tej Pratab is behind this strike of doctors.

Tej Pratab’s car was stopped as Vaidika stood in front of his car. He comes down his car. Vaidika curses Tej Pratab that one day he will also suffer; a number of people suffer because of this strike. Tej Pratab challenges that Vaidika will bring Pankti and his wife into his feet; only then this game will end. Vaidika counters that she will get her son treated, and he will have to pay for his sins.
At Agarwal house, the family pushed Pankti’s mother out of the house as she has no place here. She was about to fell down when Sahil takes her into his arms. Vaidika comes inside with Ved who was happy and awake. Vaidika hugs Pankti’s crying mother. Bari Amma says she is well aware that Tej Pratab must have been responsible for that strike; she warned them not to bring his filth. Pankti was apologetic and deems it right to return to their house. Vaidika wasn’t ready to let them bend in front of Tej Pratab. Sahil says they went to Lucknow to get Ved treated and discuss about a plan against Tej Pratab. Bari Amma was worried that her children are countering a man whose devil has no limits.
Later, Pankti comes to Vaidika’s room and wished to speak to her. She says she feels really close to Vaidika and wish to do something for her. Vaidika was upset that may be their love story was for very little time, now they are meant to live as friends. Pankti says she has come to believe in love because of Vaidika’s love story; she wants to bring her love back into her life. Pankti says he doesn’t want Sahil to recall his old memories and strenuously stress his mind; she wants them to make new memories.
Pankti says six years ago Sahil fall in love with her, she is sure once against he will start loving her. She wants to play a part in their new love story. Vaidika cries but agrees.
There, Aarya was excited that Ved is now fine, and promises to be back soon for Makar sankranti. She decides to call Guddu. There, Guddu’s employer was happy to hire him as taxi driver. Aarya decides to go and look for Guddu ahead till the road side. Guddu was thankful to his employer, he explains that he had no choice. His company gave him a notice of expulsion from job because of company’s financial losses. He doesn’t want his girlfriend to leave him. Aarya walked towards him.]

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