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A Love To Die For Glow Tv Full story, Casts, Plot Summary, Teasers

A Love To Die For is an Indian romantic thriller television series. It aired from 20 September 2017 to 28 June 2019 on Colors TV. Produced by Yash A Patnaik under Beyond Dreams Entertainment, it starred Arjun Bijlani, Aalisha Panwar and Nia Sharma in lead roles as Deep Raj Singh, Tara Raichand and Aarohi Kashyap alongside Shoaib Ibrahim and Sonarika Bhadoria in supporting roles as Abhimanyu Chatterjee and Netra Sharma.

Plot and Storyline

The intelligent and rich Deep Raichand meets the beautiful Aarohi Kashyap at a party and falls in love with her, although he is already married to a doppelganger of her named Tara Raichand, a serial killer. It is revealed that Deep doesn’t love Aarohi, and he and Tara only want to frame Aarohi for the murders done by Tara.

When Deep tells Aarohi that he loves her (which is actually show off), she replies that she is already in love with her boyfriend Vishal Raheja. Tara kills Vishal intentionally (so that Aarohi accept Deep’s marriage proposal), and her plan succeeds, as the shattered Aarohi marries Deep with approval from their families.



Due to Aarohi’s nature, Deep slowly begins to fall in love with her in real while she also feels the same for him. Suspecting that Deep loves Aarohi, Tara confronts him and he denies it. A jealous Tara comes face to face with Aarohi and plans to kill her. To warn Aarohi, Tara murders her elder brother Aniket Kashyap.

Deep’s family is in fact pretenders hired by him. His foster father Prithvi is his manager, his foster mother Maya is Tara’s aunt and his foster sister Sanaya is his partner-in-crime. Aarohi learns the truth when she sees Deep and Tara confessing it. Deep finds out and tortures Aarohi, framing her for an incident and jailing her.

Two years later
Aarohi is released from jail. Deep now lives in Mumbai. Aarohi disguises herself as maid Kesari to enter his house. Tara’s mother Roma reveals Deep’s full story. He is actually an orphan named Deep Raj Singh, and after Tara fell in love with him, Roma realised that only Deep can stop Tara from killing people and got the two married.

Deep gets to know that Kesari is actually Aarohi, who discovers that he loves and protects her, and that he sent her to jail because he did not want her to die. When Tara murders someone and the police still believe her to be Aarohi, Deep misleads them telling them she is Aarohi and gets her arrested to apologise to Aarohi.

When Roma begs Deep for Tara’s release, he helps her. Tara returns back in the house. She attempts to murder Aarohi after finding out what Deep did with her. Mistakenly instead of Tara, she fatally stabs and murders her own mother Roma. Deep and Aarohi decide to marry.

Three months later
Aarohi finds herself in a truck; her face has been changed. It is revealed that Deep changed her face and wanted to send her out India. Aarohi returns to Mumbai and finds Deep living with Tara in Raichand mansion. She discovers Deep was always using her and that he never really loved her. She is revealed to be pregnant with Deep’s child.

Aarohi attempts to get revenge but Deep convinces her that he loves her and that they are trying to escape from Tara and Virat (Tara’s brother). Tara plots to kill Aarohi and her unborn child, making it seem like Aarohi committed suicide. Aarohi assumes that Deep pushed her down a cliff. She loses her child and moves to a small village.

On the other hand, Deep thinks that Aarohi betrayed him and died with his child. He begins to hate her and tries to find happiness with Tara, who feels elated as she became successful in separating Deep and Aarohi. In the small village, Aarohi meets warrior Abhimanyu who teaches her how to defend herself.

Abhimanyu enters Raichand mansion as a bodyguard while attempting to expose Deep and Tara’s horrendous acts. Aarohi fails to take revenge on Deep who again convinces her that he loves her while persuading Tara he wants to get rid of Aarohi. A blackmailer named Mr. X, who tries to control the entire Raichand family, mysteriously appears.

Aarohi feels that Mr. X is Deep but cannot prove it.

A few months later after Mr. X mystery is solved, Deep is blind and works with Shera his assistant, and does big deals. When Aarohi returns, she is shocked to see Deep is blind. She tries to find out the truth and is convinced Deep is blind and innocent. Meanwhile, Deep has married a girl who works for the police department and has come to the Raichand family to arrest Deep, who is dealing in almonds and expensive jewellery as a white-collar criminal. Deep’s new wife Netra is a corrupt gold-digger. Aarohi feels Deep is innocent and tries to protect him from Netra. Aarohi works as a police agent to reveal the truth behind Deep. Tara dies and her eyes are gifted to Deep, who is no longer blind. Tara, however, has not died; she returns and kills Netra. The love triangle of Deep, Aarohi, and Tara continues.

Cast, Pictures and Real names of A Love To Die For Glow Tv.


  • Arjun Bijlani in double role as
    • Deep Raj Singh: Tara, Aarohi and Netra’s husband (2017–2019)
    • Raj Deep Singh/Mr X: Deep’s twin brother (2019)


  • Aalisha Panwar in double role as
    • Aarohi Deep Raj Singh (née Kashyap)/Kesari: Deep’s second wife (2017–2018)
    • Tara Deep Raj Singh (née Raichand): Deep’s first wife (2017–2019)


  • Nia Sharma in double role a
    • Aarohi Tara Deep Raj Singh (née Kashyap)/Manpreet Kaur: Deep’s second wife (2018–2019)
    • Anjali Sharma: Virat’s girlfriend (2018)


  • Shoaib Ibrahim as Abhimanyu Chatterjee: Aarohi Saver and Teacher, Guru Maa Son (2018–2019)


  • Sonarika Bhadoria as Netra Deep Raj Singh (née Sharma): Deep’s third wife (2019)


  • Lata Sabharwal as Vasundhara Ranjeet Pratap Singh (née Devi) : Deep and Raj’s mother (2018–2019)
  • Dushyant Wagh as Kashyap/Trivedi (2018–2019)
  • Amit Behl as Ranjeet Pratap Singh: Deep and Raj’s father (2019)
  • Fahmaan Khan as CBI Officer Randhir Khurrana (2019)
  • Prithvi Zutshi as Prithviraj Kashyap: Aniket, Aarohi and Kia’s father (2018–2019)
  • Sakshi Sharma as Kia Kashyap: Aniket and Aarohi’s sister (2019)
  • Benazir Shaikh as Tarang Sood: Randhir’s assistant (2019)
  • Sachin Chaubey as Shera (2017, 2019)
  • Ravi Gossain as Mohan Sharma: Netra’s adoptive father (2019)
  • Rajlaxmi Solanki as Swati Mohan Sharma: Netra’s adoptive mother (2019)
  • Araham Sawant as Sanju Sharma: Netra’s adoptive brother (2019)
  • Vineet Raina as Inspector Lakshya Pradhan/ACP Virat Raichand/Malik: Tara’s brother (2017–2019)
  • Mrinalini Tyagi as CBI Officer Upasana Malik (2018–2019)
  • Vishavpreet Kaur as Pallavi Chatterjee/Guru Maa: Abhimanyu’s mother (2018–2019)
  • Kishori Shahane as Sonali: Vasundhara’s sister (2018)
  • Deepali Saini as Surekha (2018)
  • Shravani Goswami as Manorama Prithviraj Kashyap: Aniket, Aarohi and Kia’s mother (2018)
  • Ananya Soni as Sudha (2018)
  • Suchita Trivedi as Sunanda Chaudhary/Roma Dilip Singh Raichand (née Chaudhary): Virat and Tara’s mother (2018)
  • Kushal Punjabi as Advocate Danny Manchanda (2018)
  • Aakanksha Awasthi as Ridhi Aniket Kashyap: Aniket’s wife (2017–2018)
  • Pratyaksh Panwar as Nikku Kashyap: Ridhi and Aniket’s son (2017–2018)
  • Abhinav Kohli as Dilip Singh Raichand: Virat and Tara’s father (2018)
  • Mihir Mishra as Prithvi Dwivedi (2017–2018)
  • Akanksha Juneja as Vedika Prithvi Dwivedi: Roma and Prithvi’s daughter (2018)
  • Neha Bam as Kalyani (2018)
  • Tuhinaa Vohra as Maya Chaudhary: Roma’s sister (2017–2018)
  • Aashish Kaul as Dr. Bhandari Raichand (2017–2018)
  • Prema Mehta as Diya (2017–2018)
  • Puneet Panjwani as Shankar (2018)
  • Vividha Kirti as Supriya: Aarohi’s friend (2017)
  • Harsh Vashisht as Aniket Kashyap: Aarohi and Kia’s brother (2017)
  • Arjun Aneja as Sushant (2017)
  • Faiza Faiz as Sanaya (2017)
  • Aashish Mehrotra as Vishal Singh: Aarohi’s ex-boyfriend (2017)
  • Shruti Yogi as Mayuri (2017)

Special appearances

  • Arshi Khan in Holi celebration (2018)
  • Ritvik Arora as Ahaan from Tu Aashiqui
  • Jannat Zubair Rahmani as Pankti from Tu Aashiqui
  • Rahil Azam as Jayant Dhanrajgir from Tu Aashiqui
  • Raqesh Vashisth as Reyansh Diwan from Tu Aashiqui
  • Vivian Dsena as Harman Singh from Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki
  • Rubina Dilaik as Soumya Singh from Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki
  • Meera Deosthale as Chakor from Udaan Sapnon Ki
  • Vijayendra Kumeria as Sooraj from Udaan Sapnon Ki
  • Shivin Narang as Jai Mittal from Internet Wala Love
  • Tunisha Sharma as Aadhya Verma from Internet Wala Love
  • Urvashi Dholakia as Mohini, Special appearance In Udaan Sapnon Ki and ishq Mein Marjawan Holi Mahasangham (2019)

A Love To Die For Glow Tv First Episode

A mod girl comes to a hotel suite. There is another girl there who is drinking and enjoying music. The other girl injects something in her and she faints. She ropes her and tapes her mouth. She takes off her coat. The other girl is tied to the wall. She opens her eyes and is scared. She says who are you? The kidnapper says pretty face but ugly gazed. She twists her finger. She says the ring you were wearing you were fooling him. You don’t deserve this. She takes off her ring. The girl says how do you know all this? The kidnapper says I know everything. THe girl says please let me go. I won’t cheat again. Please let me go. She takes out her knife. The girl says please let me go. The kidnapper puts knife on her lips and says its a crime to cheat on husband. Its a sin. For this sin you should be punished. ANd punishment is death. She stabs her neck and there is blood everywhere. The kidnapper says blood.. I hate blood. I have to take shower.

Arohi is in tower. A girl from outside says Arohi this is not Rajhistan. It is Shimla. Don’t shower here at night you will fall sick. Sh comes out and dries her hair and smiles in the mirror. Arohi comes out. Her bhabhi says why did you have to shower at night? Why did you come so late? Arohi says I came long ago you were bust in TV. her bhabi says don’t lie. She says why you think I always lie? Her bhabhi says can you make tea for your brother he has to go at 6 in the morning. Arohi says okay sure. She goes to herr room and takes phone from her son.
Arohi sits with her son Tukur. She plays game with him. He gives her his phone. Tukur says mummy makes you so much. She says don’t say that about your mom. She is very nice. This is my house too so I work here.

Scene 2
Next morning, A guy comes to a hotel room for investigation. There is police. The inspector says there is this series of murder. Everything is same. Inspector Laksh comes there. He says I will look after this case now. He comes in the hotel room. He looks at shower. He says did you check it? The killed tried to take a shower.
Inspector says killers use handcuffs. Laksh says so we shouldn’t try? He looks at the body. Laksh says this is crazy. She looks stupid. Inspector says no the shoe found is 10. So it must be a man. Laksh says but there is a lady perfume. No man uses that. She is ready, tell everyone.

Arohi opens her radio. She hears about a serial killed killing different women.
A girl is in car. She is scared that a man is following her. She says is that the same serial killer? She drives fast but has to stop her car.
There is a guy in the car. He stops his car in front of hers. The girl tries to get out of her car and run. She says please leave me. THe guy shuts her back, but there is a man inside. That man attacks this boy. He hits him. Another car comes there. The girl says who is this? Whaat was he doing in my car. The man says I saw him getting in your car. She says thanks a lot for saving my life. Are you famous tycoon Dev Raichand? can I take a selfie. He says I charge 1 crore for one selfie. My man will help you get this man arrested and go from here. He leaves.

Scene 3
Arohi comes to market to buy flowers. She gives 500. The vendor says I don’t have change. You an pay me later. Arohi gives her coat to the lady. She covers her with it. The woman says thank a lot. It must be expensive. She says it served me as much as it could have.
Arohi’s friend Nairi stops her. She says where were you last night? Your bhabhi called me. She says Bhabhi gets worried. I will call you back. She is going. She collided with her friend. A knife falls from her bag. Her friend says such big knife? why did you have it? Arohi picks her stuff. She says I bought it for kithcen.
Dev looks at her from a distance. He walks after her. He is in love with her. She walks. Dev follows her.
His man stops him. He says you asked me for hotel file? Why do you look so shocked He says I saw my future.

Ridhi screams. Her husband and Arohi say are you okay? She says the killer killed her. He says you see such stupid drama. You throttled me and scratched my face. She says I always worried about Arohi. Find a guy for her. Arohi says I dont wanna marry. Ridhi says why do you have a bf or wanna live here forever?
Dev recalls Arohi and smiles. Her man says why did you cancelled all the appointments.

Arohi comes to the same restaurant with her friend Nairi. She and her friend fight for the first bite and it falls on Dev. She says I am so sorry. dev gets lost in his dreams. he looks at her. Arohi says I am sorry I didn’t do it deliberately. I can clean it. she accidentally drop his juice too. He says double murder in one turn. Are you a serial killer? He is joking but arohi is dazed. He says I was joking. She says I am sorry. He says I punish people. Your punishment is that I will wait for riverpoint at 5. She says you want to take me on a date? He says yes tomorrow is a good date for date. She leaves.
Nairi says you reject him? He is Dev Raichand. She says I like simple people rather. I don’t like them like this.
Dev says I will marry her. Arohi says I am not interested in him at all. My life agenda is something else.

Scene 3
At night, in dark attire arohi puts ring on a knife and says another lover died.
Devi says my heart says Arohi will be loyal to me. Arohi says you never know what you get in love.

Deep says to Arohi I will drop you home. She sees Laksh coming. She sits in the car. Laksh looks for her around. Her constable says we couldn’t find the woman. Laksh says shut up.

Deep says to Arohi if you don’t mind why were you running from police? Silence will make me thing weird things. She says I don’t care. If you think i am a serial killer I won’t care. He says you can’t be that. I judge people. Tell me why were you scared? She says I lost my parents. They were killed by a rich man and police took their side. They proved us wrong and saved him. This is why I avoid police. It reminds me of my parent’s death. He says I am sorry. She says we can never be one. She says I will go from here. He says this is not safe. She says I don’t care. She leaves.

Scene 2
Laksh is looking at cctv. He sees a woman coming towards Sanjay’s house. Its Arohi. He runs towards her. Arohi sees the lock. Laksh comes there but she isn’t there.
Deep is boxing with his dead.

Laksh sees Aroshi’s coat on the old woman. He asks that old woman? She says that girl gave me. It was cold.
Arohi collides with sanjay. Her coffee falls on her. She says I am so sorry. He says its okay. she cleans them with her dupatta. He says you will be arrested for murder. I will die if you come so close. She says stay away from me you will stay alive.
Laksh says can you recognize if it was her? The woman says she has long hair and pretty face. Her daughter comes and says she has loss memory case. She doesn’t remember who gave the coat. Laksh gives them money and takes the coat from them.

Scene 2
Arohi comes home. Her bhabhi takes her from back. She says what is it. Her bhabi says wear this dress and get ready. Arohi cmes donwstairs. Bhabhi says you look so pretty.

Deep’s mom comes to Arohi’s house with proposal. Arohi is shocked to see them. She says everything is fixxed with your bhai and bhabhi. You just tell me when do you wanna get married? I know you are nervous. girls are and this is all happening in a hurry. Arohi is silent. His mom says when to fix the date? She gives them diamond set. Her bhabi says it is so pretty. Ridhi says arohi touch her feet. Arohi says to her brother I want to talk to you.
She says thiss.. He says I know but this kind of proposal won’t come in ages. I think he will keep you very happy. She says but.. He says please trust me say yes.

His mom says so is it a yes?Laksh says who could be the next target? Deepn Raichand? Deep says arohi my life depends on your yes.

Ridhi says of course its a yes. Maya says then tell me a mahorat. Ridhi says we are mod people we can marry whenever we want. Nikhil says yes. Arohi goes to her room. Ridhi says she is shy. Maya says Deep would be so happy.

Deep says to his siblings look at them. Who would say from their dress up that they are my siblings. His sister says thanks for calling us. We will now live here in your style. They both have come from abroad. Sanaya and Sushant meet everyone. Maya says change some decent clothes. Deep says what happened there? Maya smiles. She says its a yes. He smiles. Maya says congrats. He says what did Arohi say?

Arohi is walking in the markets. She recalls her family saying yes. She says this can’t happen. I can’t marry him.
Maya says to Deep don’t worry she will say yes. She will marry you. Sushant says oh this is why we are here. Sanaya says I wanted to go to. Raichange says start preparing already.
Arohi says I told him so many times. What does he think of himself. She says papa if you were bhaiya bhabhi couldn’t force me like this. I miss you mama papa. She is crying. She says you both are up there. You are seeing everything and you know why can’t I marry. I don’t know what to do. The old woman on the roads say fight. If your heart doesn’t agree say no. She says wrong relationship is suicide. Don’t do this. Don’t marry him. She says you are right.

Scene 2
Laksh comes to Deep’s house. Laksh says how are you? deep says you go every where uninvited. Laksh says you had such people in your party. Deep says I always have special people in my party. Laksh says I have court order today. I want list of guests of that party. Deep says I didn’t do anything. Laksh says no one would disturb your guests except for one.

Arohi says on call don’t worry. I will handle everything. I will go and talk to him. If he doesn’t meet or agree I will need your help. I think we both will have to do it together.
Laksh says that girl might have been going somewhere from where that old woman sits.

Deep says to Sushant why are you eating from chopsticks. They try to eat but can’t. Deep laughs. He gets a call. Its Arohi. She says what is this. Why did you send your mom. Why didn’t you ask my consent. He says I am sorry I should have come. She says come to sunset point. He says come home. SHe says I don’t want to come there. He says please I am stuck. She says okay. Arohhi comes to the house. Mayaj says welcome sweetheart. She gives her another gift. Arohi says I can’t take it. Maya says this is shagun dont’ say no. Sanaya says hi bhabhi. You are so pretty your hair are so soft. Sanaya says let me show you house. Sushant and Raichand meet her too. Arohi says I wanted to talk to Deep. They all leave.
Arohi says sit. He says what happened? Arohi says you didn’t ask me before sending proposal. He says I am sorry but you were my dream girl. She says do you love me? He says I can do anything for you? She says then cancel this wedding. He says what? Whats the problem? She says I can’t marry you I can’t tell you the reason. You will thank me one day for saving you from a wrong life partner. I can’t say no because of my brother but you can. Everyone will understand. deep says how will I answer people. Arohi says you will find another girl. Please try to understand. This love is one sided. He says I will keep you happy. she says I don’t want that. He says okay then I will say no. She says thank you so much. She hugs him. A vase falls. Arohi says sorry. He says for a moment at least you came near me. She says thank you for understanding. Please forgive me for hurting you. We can be friends tho. She shakes hands. He says friends. She says I will tell you why I said no for this proposal.

Arohi leaves. Deep says listen, may I drop you? She says not today some other day maybe. She leaves. Deep looks at her sad.
Arohi calls someone and tells him he broke up. He will tell everyone. We will do what we planned. She sits in a cafe. The waiter serves her pasta. She says someone ordered this pasta for me. I don’t know who. Is it Dev? A guy comes to her seat. She is dazed to see him. She says you.. He says I won’t stop following you like Deep. I know what you like. She says thats why I love you so much. She hugs him. Vishal hugs her back. He says you know what.. I feel like Deep would do something. She says I would kill him. Deep is looking at them. He is dazed.
Vishal and Arohi sit together. He says you care about people not me? We spent time with me and then you came here. Do you know what I felt? She says I had to come here these were my circumstances. He says I know. She says I really love you. He says Deep is really handsome. She says how do you know him?

Deep comes near a cliff. he recalls Arohi staying away from him always. He recalls her hugging Vishal.
Vishal says he is my competitor. A lot of girls like him but you don’t. She says are you cheating on me? I hate cheaters. He says I would never betray you. She says i would be dangerous as an enemy. he laughs. He says what would you do if he does something? She says I will kill him if he cheats on his promise.

Deep says you should have told me before Arohi. He comes near the edge of the cliff. Deep calls sheru and says something.

Scene 2
Arohi comes home. Ridhi says it was Maya’s call. Arohi says they cancelled the wedding? Ridhi dances.. Nikhil says what is it? Ridhi says Maya said you wont tell the date so we will. The wedding if after two days. I am so happy. Tomorrow is mehndi. They are so nice. They would spend on everything. Nikhil says we will spend of course. She is my only sister. Arohi will live near us. We can always meet her. Ridhi says go and get ready. Deep is coming to pick you. He wants to take you somewhere special. Look hot.

Arohi comes to her room angry. She says you are a cheater Deep.

Scene 3
Arohi gets ready in her dark clothes and dark makeup. She keeps her knife with her.
Sheru asks Sushant have you seen deep? He is nowhere his phone is off. Sanaya says he wanted to take Arohi shopping. Sheru says how do you like Arohi ma’am? She looks a little rude. Sushant says no she is very nice. Deep knows what he is choosing.

Laksh comes to the old woman. he says what is this flower of cost? She says I dont’ know anything. Laksh says how can you say no to a customer? ama says I told her not to marry. It will be bad for both. No one listens to me. Wedding is such a ruin. Laksh says whom is she talking about? His constable tells his Deep is marrying very soon.
Laksh says we have to stop this. Take out all the young girls from his list.

Deep is walking. Arohi is walking behind him. She calls Deep. Arohi says you told me you would handle everything. He says I didn’t have an option. I have another plan. We can still do something. Meet me at the address I sent you.

A Love To Die For Glow Tv Season 2

The story revolves around Riddhima, a physiotherapist madly in love with her fiancé Kabir Sharma, a cop who sends her as an undercover agent on a mission to catch Vansh Rai Singhania, a business tycoon running illegal businesses throughout Southeast Asia.

Riddhima enters Vansh’s cruise party as a party planner and a series of events unfolding in the cruise leads to Vansh hiring her as his sister Siya’s physiotherapist. Eventually, Vansh begins to doubt her and asks her to marry him to find out her real intention. She agrees, upon being pressed by Kabir.

On the next day of the marriage, Riddhima finds a statue of Vansh’s ex-fiancée Ragini. Believing him to be Ragini’s killer, she plans to discover truth about Ragini’s death as it could provide major evidence against Vansh.

Next, she comes across a secret room in the mansion, where Riddhima sees a painting and another statue of a woman. The woman in the painting is in fact Vansh’s biological mother, Uma Rai Singhania who left him without saying a word when he was young. Slowly, after listening to his story, Riddhima develops a soft corner for Vansh.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that Kabir had actually never loved Riddhima and was only using her for his mission and is actually Anupriya’s illegitimate son. Kabir and Anupriya want to usurp Vansh’s position and his businesses. In the mansion, Vansh begins to fall for Riddhima after she takes a bullet to save him. But, contrary to Kabir’s expectations, Riddhima also reciprocates her feelings for Vansh. With the fear of his mission’s failure, Kabir plans to remind Riddhima of her past and mission but it doesn’t affect her. A series of events reveals the truth about Anupriya’s son before marriage to the Rai Singhania’s. However, Anupriya manages to keep his real son’s identity a secret. Meanwhile, Vansh and Riddhima’s relationship deteriorates due to Vansh’s suspicions regarding Riddhima’s spying acts.

Meanwhile, Kabir asks Riddhima to find evidence about Ragini’s murder. However, Riddhima defends Vansh, saying that he cannot commit such a crime. The same day, Riddhima gets a memory card containing a video beneath Ragini’s statue. She secretly watches the video, which shows Vansh pointing a gun at Ragini but not shooting. Riddhima accidentally comes across Ragini only to find her alive and kept secretly under Vansh. Meanwhile, Riddhima breaks up with Kabir as she is in love with Vansh. Some misunderstandings make Riddhima believe that Vansh wants to harm Ragini, thus she joins Kabir to remove Ragini from the clutches of Vansh and handing her to Kabir. Losing Ragini, Vansh breakdowns and reveals to Riddhima that his mother was actually murdered and Ragini knew the killer. A flashback showing Anupriya was the killer. Some events lead Siya into knowing Riddhima’s truth and thus blackmailing her to bring Ragini back to Vansh. Siya soon learns of Anupriya’s crime but is injured and now in coma because of the same. Ragini is shot by Kabir, and Vansh is falsely framed and arrested for the murder. Kabir and Anupriya make Vansh into believing that Riddhima betrayed him and he jumps off a cliff thus dying in front of both Riddhima and Kabir.

A lookalike of Vansh, ‘Vihaan’ is shown burning Vansh’s body. Meanwhile, Kabir enters VR mansion as Anupriya’s son. Kabir reveals to Riddhima his entire plan leaving her helpless. Vihaan is a hacker and a gold-digger. He intentionally plans to meet Riddhima. Riddhima is initially surprised seeing Vihaan, but later joins hands with him to get rid of Kabir from VR mansion, in exchange for a large sum of money. But afterwards, Vihaan reveals to Riddhima that Vansh used him as a body double in dangerous situations. Later on, it is revealed that Vihaan is actually Vansh who is playing mind games with Riddhima to know the truth. Riddhima scared that Vihaan can harm her family, determines to closely follow Vihaan.

On Christmas Eve, Vansh tells the family that he has planned a big surprise for them. Meanwhile, someone puts a bomb in Riddhima’s sandal which Vansh takes out in the right time this saving her. Vansh discloses that it was Anupriya who killed his mother and asks Kabir to arrest her. While leaving the mansion Anupriya attempts to shoot Vansh but Riddhima takes the bullet once again thus saving him. Vansh confesses to Riddhima that he is not Vihaan but Vansh. She is taken to the hospital and is saved. Vansh and Riddhima return to their home. Ahana enters the mansion to bring new twists and turns in their lives. Ahana tells Riddhima that she comes to help and save her from Vansh but Riddhima doesn’t believe her and tries to throw her from VR Mansion. Kabir stops her and tells her that she is his future wife. Meanwhile, Vansh Challenges Riddhima to prove her love for him by killing Kabir. Riddhima is unable to kill Kabir and this makes Vansh more mad. They go on a vacation where Vansh leaves her and returns to the VR Mansion. At home, he holds a press conference, stating that Ahana is his wife. Riddhima returns and Siya starts calling Riddhima. Vansh, although having hatred for Riddhima, lets her stay home because he wants Siya to recover. After a series of events, Vansh realizes his love for Riddhima and her innocence and they reunite. Kabir sends a box of her childhood memories to Riddhima. Riddhima wants to find out what happened to her parents, which leaves Vansh shocked. It is later revealed that Vansh has a connection to Riddhima’s parents’ death. Vansh decides to marry Riddhima once again so Riddhima can focus on the wedding and not her parents. But during the marriage rituals, Riddhima learns about her parents’ death. Riddhima thought Vansh had killed her parents. But it is revealed that Ishaani, not Vansh, killed Riddhima’s parents. But, Vansh told everyone that at the age of 15, he accidentally killed Kabir’s father and aunt. According to Riddhima, Vansh had killed her parents and she misunderstood him and upon knowing the truth she punishes herself by walking on glass, but Vansh saves her. Later, Kabir feels jealous upon seeing Vansh and Riddhima happy together. He realizes that he has lost Riddhima forever but doesn’t accept his defeat and decides to win her back at any cost. It is later revealed that Riddhima is pregnant with Vansh’s child which he does not want.

Arohi’s friend tries to get her ready. She says please go on date. Aroshi says no.
Laksh is being asked questions from media. he says Salman is shooting nearby the media runs there.
Laksh comes to hotel. They ask employees. Laksh says none of them is the killer.
A waiter sharma tells his friend that he saw a weird girl going towards that room. His friend says please tell them. He says no I am scared of all this. I won’t go.
Laksh says there is ring mark. Someone took her ring.

Arohi says please go he is very rich. Ridhi comes and says who? Tell me please. Arohi says to Nairi I won’t go there. I have to go somewhere else. She sees tome and says its late I have to go there.
Dev comes to that date spot. A car comes with a driver to Arohi’s house. He says Dev raichand has sent this. Ridhi says that tycoon? Arohii will come for sure. She asks her to go. Arohi sits in the car.
The waiter comes to Laksh. Laksh saays what are you hiding. Why are you scared? He says nothing. Laksh says you can tell me easily. He recalls that woman. He runs from there. Police runs after him.
Sharma is running. His friend says why are you running tell them what you saw.
Arohi gets out of car and calls someone. She says I am sorry I am a bit late. Don’t worry I will handle him. She collides with waiter sharma. He is scared and runs.

Dev is waiting for arohi. Sharma comes and hides in a small shop. Arohi comes there and throttles him to faint. She ties him there. He wakes up and says please let me go. She takes out her knife and stabs him. She leaves.
It gets late at night. Arohi is walking. Devi comes there. He says walking in rain doesn’t wash sins. She says sins? He says not coming on dates is sin no? She says I know you are from a good family. I am not that girl. Its a mistake. He says i would do it anyway. She goes from there.

Laksh and his team come to the death body of Sharma.
Arohi comes home. Ridhi is super nice to her. She says how was your date?
News tells about the new murder. Aroshi turns off the TV. She says these news are so harsh.

Arohi is doing meditation in the moutains. Dev sees her. He smiles. A man comes and picks her purse. He picks her purse and runs. DEv takes the purse from him and gives him moneyl. He says you are a good man. Dev says don’t steal then.
He comes to Arohi. She says bag looks good on you. He says you won’t call me theif? She says you have everything why would you steal? He says why are you avoiding me? She says I don’t like meeting with strangers. He says you can know them soon.
I can ask you a few questions. You like parties and lights? She says wrong. He says you hate rich people? She says wrong. I have other dreams and goals. She is about to fall. dev holds her. She goes. He has her watch in his hand.

Laksh says Sharma must have told his friend.
His friend and his wife are leaving the city. Laksh and team come there and see lock on his house.
Laksh sees the whole CCTV. He sees the girl colliding with Sharma. But her face can’t be seen. He says I am sure she is the murder. She is intentionally hiding her face. Lets go to party in shimla. I am suer she will come there.

Scene 2
Nairi says to Arohi lets go to that party. Ridhi says yes you should go there.
The girls come there. Laksh comes there too looking for the girl. He says I am sure that girl would come here.
Arohi collides with Dev. He holds her. He says two meetings in one day. Our stars are colliding. A girl says to dev you hosted this party to introduce her. dev says thanks for coming. I don’t know why your friend brought you here.
Arohi looks for nairi. Dev says looking for something? he gives her watch back to her. he says one dance please? She says no.
Arohi says to Nairi how dare you bring me to his party. She sees police outside and goes back inisde. She tries to hide. She collides with Dev? He says are you okay? you look worried. Lets dance. He gives her mask and says lets dance. She takes it.

A woman says to Laksh would you dance with me? He says sure. He dances with her.
Arohi is dancing with Dev. Dev and his men are keeping an eye on everyone. Arohi is being twisted to Lakssh but she goes to Dev instead. Laksh looks for her but she has gone. She comes to a room and takes off her mask. She says is this Dev’s room?
She says everything on place? She looks at his certificates?
Laksh is looking for her. Her heels have left marks on his rug. She tries to clearn it. Someone is looking at her from window. She turns back scared. its a woman. She says you ruined this carpet. You are a thief. Dev comes there and says she is not theif. She is my guest. She is arohi. His mom says i ma sorry. You are my son’s love. She hugs him. Dev says I am sorry Arohi. His mom says when are you marrying? Arohi leaves.
His mom says are you sure she is interested? Dev says she will be.
Arohi is leaving. Laksh comes towards her. She is scared. Dev comes there. He stands in front of Arohi. Dev syas do I know you? Laksh says inspector Laksh. Dev says did I invite you? Laksh says we don’t need invitation. The killer we are looking for might be here. Dev says you can’t say that. Laksh says you never know the killer is here. Arohi has gone. Laksh says this beauty can be scary sometimes. Be careful. He leaves.



  • Helly Shah as Riddhima Raisinghania: A physiotherapist and part-time party planner; Vansh’s wife; Kabir’s former fiancée (2020–2021)
  • Rrahul Sudhir as Vansh Raisinghania: A mafia businessman, Riddhima’s husband; Ajay and Uma’s son; Ishani and Siya’s elder brother; Anupriya’s step-son; Kabir’s step-brother (2020–2021)
  • Vishal Vashishtha as Kabir Sharma: A cunning cop; Anupriya’s son; Vansh, Ishani and Siya’s step-brother; Riddhima’s former fiancé (2020–2021)


  • Zayn Ibad Khan as Angre: Ishani’s husband, Vansh’s loyal employee. (2020–2021)
  • Manasvi Vashist as Aryan Raisinghania: Rudra and Chanchal’s son; Vansh, Ishani and Siya’s cousin; Kabir’s step-cousin (2020–2021)
  • Khalida Jaan as Anupriya Raisinghania: Ajay’s second wife; Kabir’s mother; Riddhima’s mother-in-law; Vansh, Ishani and Siya’s step-mother; Daima (fake) (2020–2021)
  • Chandni Sharma as Ishani Raisinghania: Angre’s wife; Anupriya’s step-daughter; Vansh and Siya’s sister; Aryan’s cousin; Kabir’s step-sister; Sunny’s former fiancé (2020–2021)
  • Meenakshi Sethi as Indirani Raisinghania: Ajay and Rudra’s mother Vansh, Siya, Ishani and Aryan’s grandmother (2020–2021)
  • Nikita Tiwari as Siya Raisinghania: Anupriya’s step-daughter; Vansh and Ishani’s sister; Aryan’s cousin; Kabir’s step-sister (2020–2021)
  • Geetu Bawa as Chanchal Rudra Raisinghania: Rudra’s wife; Aryan’s mother (2020–2021)
  • Jay Zaveri as Rudra Raisinghania: Chandrika’s son; Ajay’s brother; Chanchal’s husband; Aryan’s father (killed by Anupriya) (2020-2021)
  • Mohit Sinha as Pingle: Kabir’s friend and an agent (2020–2021)
  • Rajat Swani as Mishra: Kabir’s assistant (2020–2021)
  • Sushmita Banik as Ragini: Vansh’s former fiancée (2020)
  • Aashcharya Vikas as Chitwan: A novelist who is Chanchal’s brother (2020–2021)
  • Muohit Joushi as Sunny: Ishani’s former fiancé (2020)
  • Sushma Murudkar as Mrs. D’Souza: VR Mansion’s housekeeper (2020)
  • Smita Sharan as Sejal: Riddhima’s childhood friend (2020–2021)
  • Mansi Srivastava as Aahana: Kabir’s fake fiancée; Vansh’s fake wife (2020–2021)

Special appearances

  • Madhurima Tuli as Neha: A secret agent and Kabir’s colleague (2020)
  • Bhavya Katri as Uma Raisinghania: Ajay’s first wife; Vansh, Ishani and Sia’s biological mother (2020)
  • Mihir Mishra as Ajay Raisinghania: Chandrika’s son, Rudra’ brother, Uma and Anupriya’s husband, Vansh, Ishani and Sia’s father (2021)
  • Jigyasa Singh as Heer Singh from Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki (2020)
  • Mahima Makwana as Rani Dave Reshammiya from Shubharambh (2020)
  • Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia as Meher Kaur Gill from Choti Sarrdaarni (2020)
  • Riya Sharma as Mayura Dubey from Pinjra Khoobsurti Ka (2020)
  • Sahil Uppal as Omkaar Shukla from Pinjra Khoobsurti Ka (2020)