31 Oct Wednesday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv

31 Oct Wednesday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv

Purab reminding Abhi that when Rocky talked bad about Pragya, then he had broken his relation with Rocky. He says when I told you that I will break up with Pragya, you tried to make her modern, hot and cool as you can’t see her cry, alone. Abhi says you are confusing me. Purab says if you really feel the same thing for Tanu. He says just because you love Pragya and not Tanu. He asks him to close his eyes and go back to the moment when he saved Pragya from death. Abhi thinks about telling Pragya that he can’t let her eyes closed and will make her dreams come true into reality. Abhi folds his hands infront of God in the inhouse temple. Purab asks him to hold on to the feelings, and says there is a difference between love and life. He says life leaves us, but love never
leave us. He asks him to aceept Pragya and beautify his life. Abhi looks on.

Pragya comes back home. Sarla asks why she is looking weak? Beeji asks her to let Pragya sit first. She says she might have slept late in night. Sarla says she is looking dull. Beeji asks her to bring juice for her. Sarla goes. Beeji asks Pragya to tell what happened in the party. Pragya says nothing, party ended and I came here. Beeji asks if they haven’t celebrated Valentine’s day. She thinks he has saved me twice on valentine’s day. Beeji asks what is your plan for Valentine day today. She says you shall not leave Abhi with Tanu, go and spend day with him. Pragya says but what about Maa. Beeji says change clothes and go. Pragya says we will have Valentine day together.

Abhi tells Purab that you told me so much, but I am confused still. He says you lied to me as you wants me to realize my feelings for her, but why did she lie to me? Purab tells that she lied as she wants to cover up her love. He says she loves you, but doesn’t want to accept like you. Abhi says if she loves me, then why she haven’t told me anything. Purab says what she would have told you when you had fixed our engagement. He asks him to clear his confusion and confess love to Pragya. He asks him to decide between real love Pragya and plastic doll Tanu….He imagines Tanu saying I love you. He says she is scary, I don’t want her. Purab says she is risky also and asks him to confess love to Pragya and get instant result.

Tanu thinks Abhi kissed Pragya, and thinks she shall land herself in trouble so that Abhi kiss her. Aaliya comes and asks her not to think and do as she says. She asks her to do something so that Abhi starts loving her and asks her to engrossed him towards her on valentine’s day. She asks her to do something extra ordinary. Tanu says she will do something so that Abhi makes her valentine for life. Abhi comes to buy gift for Pragya and buys teddy bear for her. Shop keeper asks him to take chocolates also. Abhi buys them. Shop keeper suggests him to give special gift for his love and shows magnetic ring. You says you and your special friend will wear them and will be connected. Abhi buys it too…and thanks the shop keeper with a hug. He buys flowers on the way.

Dadi and Dasi are happy and pray for Abhi and Pragya. Abhi comes to Pragya’s house and asks Beeji about her. He says he has important work with her. Beeji asks what he is hiding? Abhi says nothing. He comes to Pragya’s room and thinks to keep the gifts in different places to make the ambience romantic. Pragya comes out of washroom and sees Abhi, gets surprised. She asks him to come closer to her. Abhi thinks she has understood his feeling and smiles.

Pragya telling Abhi that she has cleaned his head. Abhi asks her to close her eyes. He thinks which flower to give her, red or pink. He thinks to propose her singing a song, and thinks he shall asks her to open her eyes, then only he will know her feelings. He bends down on his knees. Pragya opens her eyes and is surprised……She asks what is this? Abhi says flower. He says I want to tell you….Pragya falls on him. They have an eye lock….Allah Wariyan plays…….Pragya says all flowers are ruined and asks it was for whom? Abhi says for you. He takes out magical ring and says until it will be with you, it will make you feel that somewhere, someone is there who will be with you like this ring and wants to see you happy….He says I love you…Pragya slaps him. It was
Abhi’s imagination.

He thinks if Purab’s thinking is wrong, then I will get slapped by my secretary. He gets Purab’s call and asks where is he? Abhi says he wants to confirm first. Purab says I took her confirmation. Abhi says I will first confirm and then confess. Purab thinks who made him a rockstar, and thinks he can’t confess to a girl. Dadi asks Robin if he gave haldi milk to Abhi. Robin says no. Dadi worries for him and says his health might deteriorate. Dasi asks her not to worry. Abhi comes there and says happy valentine day. I thought to do something for you. Dadi gets surprised and asks if you are joking.

Abhi says I love you very much….Dadi. He says you have given me triple tadka of love and says if you could do so much for me then can’t I do this. Dadi says all days are valentine’s day. She says I pray to God that today you get your real valentine. Abhi says I am really confused and sneezes. Dadi asks him to go on with a flow. He sneezes. Dadi calls Robin and asks him to bring haldi milk. Tanu thinks to give flowers to Abhi and kiss him so that he forget kissing Pragya. Pragya comes. Tanu comes and taunts her, asking her to read the card and correct her hindi. Pragya reads the poem in which Tanu has written that there is 7 days left for their marriage, then he will become hers for 7 births. Tanu smiles and thanks Pragya, says happy valentine’s day. Pragya is sad. Abhi comes out of his room.

Tanu wishes him happy valentine’s day. Pragya thinks he is engaged with Tanu and will spend his life with her. He sneezes and the flowers from bouquet falls on Pragya. Tanu looks down at Pragya and gets angry on Abhi. Abhi says I am unwell since morning. Tanu hopes Pragya shall not see this. Abhi sneezes again and all the flowers fall on Pragya again. Abhi asks where are the flowers. He looks down at Pragya. Pragya smiles looking at him. Abhi thinks Dadi said right that we shall leave everything on our heart. My heart have chosen my real valentine whom I love……He tells Tanu that he will take something from Dadi to get rid of sneezes.

Pragya asks Tanu why she is looking sad now, and asks if Abhi found grammatical error in her card. She says one should have feelings rather than proper grammer. She says you have brought flowers for him, but it fell on me…my valentine day is celebrated and wishes her happy valentine’s day to her also. She thinks God made her day, as Sarla always tell her to leave everything on heart. Abhi comes to Dadi says God made him meet his valentine and now he wants to know about her feelings. He says it seems this air wants me to meet my valentine. Abhi kisses Dadi and thanks her. Dasi tells Dadi that Abhi haven’t told her name. Dadi says she can’t be Tanu. Dasi tells her that flowers fell on her with Abhi’s hands. Dadi is happy. Purab comes and says why do I come late always.

Abhi thinking destiny signed him that it was Pragya who is destined to be with him. Pragya knocks on the door. Abhi opens the door and sneezes. Pragya says she will bring kada to get rid of cold. Abhi thinks she loves him. Pragya brings kada and asks him to drink. Abhi refuses. Pragya blackmails him taking Dadi’s name. Abhi drinks it. Pragya asks him to show his tongue and says she will bring honey. Abhi thinks bitter kada on valentine’s day. Purab is talking to Abhi’s client. Abhi comes there and asks him to listen to him. Purab asks what? Abhi says you said that if she loves me and says when he pretended to be unwell, she made him have bitter kada. Purab says she loves you. Abhi says if love is bitter and asks him to taste kada. He says I went to know her feelings,
but it is difficult to propose her. He says I am confused and wonders who is she to me. Purab asks him not to be hyper and says bitter kada is pyaar ki chasni and says she made you drink it being worried for you. He asks if she said that she will bring honey when you have told that kada is bitter. Abhi says yes and says it is grand ma’s secrets.

Purab asks him to go and propose her. Abhi says I am not going to propose her till I confirm, else she will slap me. Tanu comes and asks who will slap you….Abhi. Abhi says exactly, we were talking. Tanu asks him to leave Purab now and give her gift on valentine’s day. Abhi says I haven’t bought any gift for anyone. Tanu asks what do you mean? Abhi says kiss kisko…Tanu asks him to take her out and buy gift to make valentine day special. She takes him forcibly. Purab thinks how to unite them.

Dadi tells Pragya that she is lucky to get a good grand son on Valentine’s day. Pragya says yes, and says flowers are good. Pragya says even I got his gift and tells about flower shower on her. Purab comes and tells Dadi and Pragya that the latter give him red signal and not green signal, and made him have bitter kada instead of chocolates. Pragya says he was having cold. Dasi says we got his bed decorated with flowers with card kept there. Purab says Abhi will think that Pragya is confessing love with him. Pragya is stunned.

Abhi comes to his room and sees his room decorated with flowers. He thinks it might be Tanu’s work and calls Robin….and cuts his 6 months salary. Robin says it is not done by Tanu. Abhi asks then whom? Robin says this is done by Pragya and shows the card. Abhi is surprised and sees the card. Robin tells that Pragya has decorated the room when he went out. Abhi is touched by her gesture and is happy. Robin thinks it is good that Purab told me what to say. Abhi gets happy and doubles Robin’s salary and promises bonus. Robin thanks him.

Pragya asks what you have written. Purab and Dasi tell that they have written what they felt right. Pragya says he will think that I am desperate. Dasi says we are making your relation. Pragya says I will remove that card before he sees it. She goes. Abhi reads the card happily. He thinks he will show her romeogiri to his fuggi. He goes to washroom. Pragya comes inside to get the card. Abhi comes back and sees Pragya hiding under bed.