27th Wednesday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv

Pragya says how can floor break with cash. Man tells that it is gold and tells they are keeping gold in their bank from other banks. Pragya says ok.

The Episode starts with old lady in the bank seeing Pragya’s help when the cashier refused to give her money. Pragya talks to him. He tells that the sign is not matched. Pragya asks lady to make a new cheque, but again same problem. Pragya seeks Mona’s help and asks Cashier to give her money. Old lady gets the money and thanks Pragya. Abhi looks at her. Kuch toh hai song plays….Purab and Disha are romancing in room. Aaliya comes there and asks Purab to come with her to check mails. Disha asks her to knock to room before entering and tells that it is their room. Old lady asks Pragya to call her Dadi and hugs her. Pragya gets emotional. Lady asks if she had a fight with her husband. Pragya says yes. Lady asks her husband’s name. Pragya says Abhi/Abhishek then says her husband is a rapper and his name is king singh. Abhi hears and gets sad. Pragya hopes to tell Abhi what he means to her.

Aaliya asks purab to send mail to investors. He sends them mail. Disha understands that Aaliya wants to keep Purab away from her. She asks purab if he wants anything and tells Aaliya that she is here only. Some robbers come to the bank. Aaliya comes to Disha and asks if she felt bad that she took Purab with him. Disha says Purab is responsible and that’s why he went with you to do the work. Aaliya says you are good in kitchen and not to argue. Disha asks her not to eye other’s husband and search lifepartner for herself. Aaliya says she will not leave her choice, but will not become behenji like her. She says I don’t feel for Purab anymore. She asks her not to comment about her personal life else you will be left with nothing.

Abhi comes to Pragya and gives her form. He asks did you fight with your joker husband. Pragya says no. Abhi says I heard. Old lady says you are still fighting and thinks them as husband and wife. Pragya says we are not husband and wife. Old lady says whenever I had a fight with my husband, I used to say like this and asks Pragya to look at him and think that there is nothing between them but love. Abhi calls her Maam and says there is nothing between us. Old lady asks him to call her Dadi. Abhi says I understood Maa’m. Pragya says it is good that you understood. Abhi says I want to talk to you and asks her to talk to him without taunts and arguments. Old lady asks them to go home and argue, and says she can feel their love seeing them fighting. Abhi says we were in love, but not now. Old lady says it can stop for sometime, but then it will shower hard. She asks him to take care of his pari. Robbers get inside the bank and go past them.

Disha shows right on Purab and make Aaliya jealous. She asks him to finish work and have food. Aaliya asks Purab to send mail and call Hemant. Purab says I don’t have the number. Aaliya says she will bring the number. Disha says she will be back. Old lady asks them to promise that they will not fight, take their phone and keep on table.

The old lady blessing Abhi and Pragya. She asks them not to fight. They recall Dadi blessing them. Old lady gives their phone to Mona. Mona thinks there is something between them. Disha confronts Aaliya for her feelings for Purab and asks her not to take any step towards him. She says she has to face her and says if she can give her life for him then she can take someone’s life also. She asks her to knock on their room door next time. Pragya goes to the record room of the bank. Abhi follows her and says if someone goes far from you, it doesn’t mean that he don’t love you. He says he has love for her always. He says he did a mistake and it happened. He says I came to make you stop crying and started crying. He says I know that you also loves Dadi a lot and must be crying.

Pragya comes infront of him. He asks why there is so much sorrow in your eyes. Robber talks to the Manager and says they are waiting for their partners. Manager asks him to go and sit outside.
Robbers tell him that this cabin is reserved for them and says we need you just as our partners come. Pragya says whenever we meet, past gets infront of us. Abhi says you want to say that I didn’t care for you and hurt you and you got happiness with King which I never gave you. He holds her hand. Pragya asks him to leave her hand. He goes. She cries and thinks I thought he loves me, but he was talking about Dadi and will anger for me. Old lady sees bank staff member locked in robbers’ car and tries to open the car, but the robber come and shows her gun. Old lady gets scared.

Abhi apologizes to Pragya for hurting her. They hear a couple arguing and find them in their situation. Pragya looks teary eyes. Kiara thinks King is having much fever and she can’t leave him. She tells Chachi. Chachi says she will call Pragya. Manager asks Robbers to take the cash in the bank and leave him. He says keys are there and is about to ring the alarm, when the woman robber catches him. She says they are ready to rob the bank.The robbers who are outside come inside the bank with the old lady. They ask Manager to call everyone to the centre area of the bank. Manager calls everyone to hall.

 Pragya is about to go, but Abhi pulls her and she falls on him. Robber hears the sound as they fall down. Abhi tells Pragya that there is something wrong happening in the bank and he saw someone holding a gun in his hand.

Abhi telling Pragya about the robbers attack in the bank. Pragya and Abhi have a romantic eye lock. Allah wariyan plays….Robber tells that the info is leaked from someone’s mobile. Woman robber asks Manager to give his phone. Male robber asks Mona to tell if there is any famous customer here. Mona says Abhishek Prem Mehra. Robber asks her to go. Other robber slits her throat. They threaten to kill everyone, if they insist to go out. Everyone is scared. Abhi says I have to do something. Other Robber tells that there is someone here on upstairs. Boss sends the robber and asks him to bring the persons downstairs. Doctor checks King and asks him to have best rest. Kiara asks him about the precautions. Doctor says she is sweet. King says yes. He asks Kiara if he shall rest. She

says yes and hugs him. King asks her to go and rest. Kiara says she called mum, but she is not picking the call. Robber comes in the room and takes another couple from the room. Abhi and Pragya are hiding there. Abhi tries to go, but she stops him. Robber Ronnie tries to kill the man, but his wife pleads infront of him not to kill him. Boss stops him.READ NEXT/THUR 27TH MAR ON TWIST OF FATE