25th May on Twist Of Fate Saturday Update

Abhi thinks it is difficult to confess feelings and says he will sing, but he forgot the lines. He says I will give the tune, and you shall give the words. Pragya says no and asks him to speak the heart out. Abhi says I feel proud to be with you, I didn’t know about love and marriage before, kumkum and mangalsutra and thought the marriage is a trap. He says you gave me so much love that my breath and life is related to you. He promises not to take her for granted and asks her to love him always. Pragya gets happy and promises to love him always. Fb ends, Pragya and Abhi think of the past. Abhi thinks she is infront of me, but not with me. He thinks if he comes to know that she isn’t married to King then he will remember the day for two reasons.

King calling Pragya and telling that someone from the Indian Embassy came here and asking to show their passports. Pragya says who does this in India. King says I also told about this, and says someone might have sent them as I am a celebrity. Abhi is waiting to know Pragya’s truth and speaks to Purab. He tells him that he recalled the day when he proposed Pragya.

Disha asks when? Abhi says if they do their work nicely then he will propose her again infront of them. Pragya tells King about her passport. Abhi sees Pragya talking on phone. Mainu jogi hona plays….Abhi says your handkerchief. Pragya says it is old trick to flirt. She says I can see your face and tell that you are making stories. He calls her double battery. Pragya says she is not double battery.

Chachi brings water and snacks. Purab’s beard gets removed a bit. Disha signs him and coughs aloud. Chachi hits on her back. Disha runs. King asks Chachi to go to room. Disha and Purab see Pragya’s passport and asks King to show the marriage certificate. King tells her that they are not married and Pragya is just his Manager. He tells that some years back, Pragya needed his surname due to some reasons which he can’t tell. Purab and Disha get happy, tells that his papers are all clear.

Kiara scolds Sunny for forgetting the lines and tells that she accepted his proposal before he proposed her. Abhi asks them to say the truth always. Pragya asks Kiara to come. Disha and Purab come to car. Purab thanks Disha as it is because of her, King told the truth. Abhi hears them and tells that his Pragya is his wife and he will bring her back. Disha asks him not to argue with her or confront on her doings. Abhi says no, no and tells that he will not fight. He says he will go to Pragya. Allah Wariyan plays….Abhi tells Sunny that he is very very happy. Sunny asks him to thank God. Abhi asks him to come with him. They come to school temple area. Abhi folds his hand and thinks he believes him even though he doesn’t believe on him. Pragya comes and says she is happy to see that he is believing on God. Abhi says I can’t pray like you. but want to do it like you. He tells that this has happened because of you. Kiara says you want to do aarti and says she will bring flowers from outside the school. Sunny shouts and asks her not to go out. Abhi and Pragya get shocked.