25th April Thursday Update on Twist is Fate

Tanu sees Mitali and asks why did she shout like a mad? Mitali says you people can’t understand when a daughter goes far from her. She taunts both Aaliya and Tanu and tells that you both doesn’t know how it feels when her child leaves the house. She says she is feeling utmost pain and says if something wrong happens with her then I will not leave her. She says you both are also responsible for Neha’s move. Aaliya says I will not hear anything now. Mitali says you thought me foolish etc, but today a mum is standing. Tanu says enough. Mitali says your fake love can’t be big than my love for my daughter. Tanu asks her to taunt King. Mitali says I have filed complaint against him and Police got him arrested, now King have to tell his whereabouts else Tarun will come running with Neha hearing about King’s arrest.

Pragya searches for the phone. Chachi asks if she is mad to call him. She says Abhi will benefit to get music album solely. Pragya says he will not do such thing for a music album. Chachi says you might be the reason and says he is jealous seeing you with King and that’s why made King arrested. Pragya says he can’t do this. Chachi says he can do this and had told that he will not leave King. Pragya says it is not like that. Chachi says I have many reasons to accuse him, but you don’t have any reason to prove him innocent. Pragya says it is your misunderstanding. Chachi says Abhi is a devil and not a good man.

Disha thinks of hearing Mitali telling that she has filed Police complaint against King. She thinks to talk to Abhi and then thinks Purab asked her not to get involved in home affairs. She then decides to talk to Abhi and asks Servant. Abhi is playing drum in the music room and thinks of Mitali’s accusations. Pragya comes to Abhi’s house. Disha sees her. Pragya asks where is he? Disha says he is in music room and says she needs to talk to her something important. Pragya says I will talk to you later, first need to clear something from him. She goes to the music room.

She comes to him and asks why didn’t you pick the call. Abhi says may be it is in room. Pragya says it is here. Abhi says he didn’t hear. Pragya tells him about King arrest and asks who got him arrested. Abhi asks whom? He thinks Mitali telling that King must have known that Tarun’s whereabouts.. He thinks of her words. Pragya says Mr. King is innocent and he shall be out of the jail. Abhi says actually I….Pragya says it means Chachi is right, you got King arrested.

Pragya telling Abhi that King is innocent. She asks did you file the FIR? Abhi says if you think like that then…Pragya asks him to come with her and take back the complaint. Abhi recalls Mitali’s words and asks her to ask King about Tarun and then he will take back the case. Pragya says I thought you will help me. Abhi says did you know where was King when I came to your house. Pragya says I didn’t know, it is his personal life. Abhi says when you was with me, you had known everything about me. Pragya says she didn’t know and says she is sensing that he is blaming King intentionally and got him arrested being jealous. Abhi says yes, you said right that I have sent him to jail. Pragya says you are jealous and got him arrested. Pragya says I was hoping to get help

from you. Abhi says yes. Pragya says you have changed and I have changed now. I will not agree to your accusations and will fight. Abhi says Neha is important and is life of this jaan. He says King will be punished if he is guilty.
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Disha tells Aaliya and Tanu that Neha is not kidnapped and went with her wish, and second thing is that she is not a minor. Mitali says she is my daughter and I know her age. Disha says because of you, King is in jail and Abhi and Pragya are fighting. Aaliya says you want her to go and free King. She says Mitali bhabhi is in extreme pain. Disha says this will complicate the things and asks her to take back the complaint. Tanu says she will not do this. Disha says when it is proved that Neha is not minor then no case will be there. Aaliya says who will prove? You or your husband?

Abhi and Pragya argue. Pragya tells him that she will take out King from the lock up and will prove that she don’t need his help. Abhi says just like you worry for King’s image, I value my family’s respect and I can do anything for my family. Pragya says it is good that you said and tells that she will prove King innocent first and then will prove him (Abhi) wrong. She says you have to accept that King supports only truth.


Chachi cries in the police station. King asks her not to cry and asks her to support Pragya. Chachi says this is done by Abhi. King asks why? Chachi says Abhi is jealous of you and wanted to do world album solely. King says everything is sorted now. Chachi says Pragya is also involved in this and says she would have stopped your arrest. King asks from where Pragya came? He asks her not to talk like saas and tells that he trusts her fully. Chachi says you didn’t hear what I want to say. King asks her to go and help Pragya.

Purab and Disha try to talk to Pragya. Pragya tells him that Abhi said that he has filed the FIR against King. Purab tries to tell her, but she doesn’t listen and goes. Aaliya and Tanu smirk. Purab comes to Abhi and asks why did he tell that he has filed the complaint. Abhi says she thinks I am jealous and have filed the complaint. He says I told her that I will not leave King and asks her to ask about Tarun. He asks Purab to help him.

Pragya comes to King and says she knows that he is troubled here. King says he is troubled by the mosquitoes and tells that there is no fan here. Pragya promises him that she will take him out of the lock up by proving his innocence. She says you have given your name to Kiara and supported me, and promises to free him. She says you have done so much for us and now it is my turn. King holds her hand.

Pragya telling King that she won’t let him there and it is her time now to do something from him. King says if you are doing this to return the favor then you had done it already and tells that she made him responsible person and made him good singer and saved him from the stupid girls. Pragya says I will save you from all troubles. King asks her to call the lawyer. Pragya says I have to prove you right by proving others wrong. King says you can’t do this alone. Pragya says I will not be at peace till I take you out. King jokes. Pragya smiles.

Neha asks Tarun, what she shall wear? He choose her dress. Neha says it is her favorite dress. Tarun asks if she needs anything. She says she got happy seeing him fighting, and calls him hero. Tarun asks if she likes action

or romantic hero. Purab comes to Abhi and tells that he got King’s landline tapped. Abhi asks him to get all their phones tapped. Disha comes and says you are doing wrong, first you lied to Di and now you are widening the distance between you both. Abhi recalls Pragya’s words and says it is too late.

Purab takes Disha with him. He tells her that they have to bring neha back home first. Disha says why don’t he tell Pragya di that Mitali got king arrested. Purab says we shall respect his decision. He says their love will never get less and they will unite, I have a feeling that they will unite. Disha says may be it is God’s sign and says I wish even jiju gets this feeling, he is very troubled. Tarun decorates the room with candles. Neha likes it and asks if he has done this? Tarun says no, waiter. She says ok. Tarun says I have done this arrangement. Neha says I like to tease you. Tarun gets romantic. She walks away. He holds closer for a kiss. Neha says not now, after marriage. He says ok. She asks him to sleep on couch. Tarun says ok and asks when will we marry? She says when our families agree? He says goodnight.

Abhi recalls Disha’s words and then recalls Pragya’s words. He thinks King and Tarun are Pragya’s family so Mitali and Neha are my family. I will do anything to save Neha and if King has helped Tarun then he will be punished. Chachi tells Pragya that if she really wants to save king, then she has to fight with Abhi. Pragya says Chachi….Chachi says King said that he trust you so I have to support you. A call comes on landline. Abhi sees red icon on his mobile. Pragya picks the call. The manager introduces himself and tells that Tarun and Neha came to his hotel. Pragya thanks him. The manager asks for 5 lakhs rs. Pragya says I will reach there with money. She asks about the hotel name. He tells her. Pragya gets up to leave. Abhi thinks to reach there before Pragya else he wouldn’t be able to know the trust. He recalls Pragya’s words. He is leaving the house and tells Tanu to tell Mitali that he will bring neha.

Tanu says I will come with you. Abhi says no and asks her to understand if Pragya reaches before him. Pragya gets the money and tells Chachi that she is going to hotel to get Tarun back home. Chachi thinks to follow her and thinks she must be going to meet Abhi in the hotel. Tanu tells Aaliya that Abhi said that he got the info about Neha and Tarun. Aaliya says now bhabhi will be relieved. Tanu says Abhi said that he has to reach before Pragya and says he still cares for Pragya and blames Mitali for sending King to jail. Aaliya asks her to calm down and relax. Tanu says why this is happening with us and tells that she made Abhi and Pragya with much difficulty and because of Mitali, they might come together. Mitali hears her and asks what you said.

Abhi drives the car and thinks to reach before Pragya, but safety first. Pragya thinks it is good that hotel guy called me, I will reach there. She thinks if anyone else would have known then the case would be complicated. She thinks to prove King’s innocence.

Mitali says you can’t handle your own husband and blaming me. Aaliya asks her not to taunt her. Mitali says I did what I thought as right and taunts Tanu for not having husband or children. Aaliya asks her to go to room and relax. Mitali says I will not be at peace till I get my daughter. She goes. Tanu says you should have scolded her. Aaliya says she is hurt and I don’t want to upset her more. She asks Tanu to make Pragya and Abhi go far from each other.

Abhi parks his car on the way. A man asks her not to park car there, and gives him money. Abhi comes inside the hotel and asks manager about Neha and Tarun. Manager says I have called some lady and asks for money. Abhi gives 7 lakhs cheque and asks about room no. Mohan tells the number no. Pragya comes next and asks Mohan to take 2 lakh rs and take 3 lakhs cheque.