12th March Tuesday Update on Twist Of Fate

Abhi is behind Pragya. They sense each other presence. Tere hum hai jiye plays….They couldn’t see each other though. Kiara comes and asks what is she searching at the airport. She asks her to tie her shoe lace. Pragya looks on.

Abhi telling his friend that she came. He then says nothing. His friend asks him to get Dadi’s baggage. Pragya calls King. Kiara says she wants to have icecream. Pragya says she will bring and asks her to sit there. Disha comes to Purab’s room and takes his laptop. She says one act play, and says if I am Menka then you have be Vishwamitra. Purab says I don’t need to be Vishwamitra and says I can see and feel you. Purab gets romantic. Disha says she made cake as Sunny insister. Purab teases her and asks her to do something to attract him. Disha says I am going and says we will talk later. Purab says ok, and says I will taste this cake from your hand. Disha is about to make him have cake, when Aaliya comes there and asks what you are doing here, and asks him to come with her

to Abhi’s room. Purab asks her to go. Aaliya still waits for him. Purab says I will be back and goes to Abhi’s room.
Abhi tells Sunil that Dadi must have gone to lost and found counter. Pragya and Abhi cross each other. Song plays….raat ho ya din….Pragya and Abhi turn towards each other, but just then decoration trolley is taken away from there. They miss seeing each other. Someone returns pragya’s phone. Pragya senses she went near from him. Kiara’s balloons flies away. It comes near Abhi. Abhi tries to move it, but one of it get bursted and others fly off. Kiara calls him fundus and asks why did you burst my balloons. She asks Security to arrest him. Security guard says she don’t know you and take selfie with him.

Kiara says how corrupt. Abhi says he is not police officer and says you shall know Police officer’s uniform. She says she knows Scotland police, says she is british, but her heart is Indian. Abhi says I didn’t do it and says it was not my fault and acts like Govinda. She asks him not to style like him. Abhi says sweety… balloon hugged me and burst. Kiara says I will not let him go and asks him to get her balloons. Abhi says you are showing me attitude. Kiara says it is in my blood and says her dad is stubborn and she is more stubborn than her dad. She calls him dad. Abhi gets emotional. Kiara says I called you dad to make you understand and says you might have daughter of my age. Abhi says you are emotionally blackmailing me. He says I am the best. Kiara says my dad is the best of best. Abhi says wrong. He says east and west, and India is the best. Kiara says even you have attitude. Abhi says bye bye angry bird.

Kiara comes to him and says lovely, I challenged someone and asks him to return her balloons. Abhi says I will not return if you show attitude. Kiara says if I cry and say then how it will be. Lady comes there and asks why is she crying. Kiara says Papa is not buying balloons for me. Abhi is surprised. Lady asks him to have shame. Kiara says some shame is reflecting on his face. She says I will cry more. Abhi agrees. She holds his hand. Abhi feels current and recalls his conversation with Pragya. She tells her choice that she loves rock music and loves coffee. Pragya comes back to her seat and calls her.

Abhi says flight is landed and asks shop keeper to give her balloons. Shop keeper says I will give you all. Abhi asks her to take all. She says she plays fair, as you have burst two, I will take two only. Abhi asks about the price. Shop keeper says it is free, your daughter knows about it. Abhi thinks don’t know what her mum had it. Kiara asks what did you say? Pragya searches for Kiara. Abhi says I didn’t burst your balloons intentionally. Kiara says little things happen in big cities. She asks what is he hiding behind his smile, and asks him to slap himself twice infront of mirror and asks why he is getting angry. Abhi says cheeks will get hot and says I want to meet your mum.

Kiara telling Abhi that nobody can win from him in talks. Abhi says ok, shall I go now. Kiara asks him to sit down. Abhi asks what is down? Kiara says floor and not sky. She asks him to sit. Abhi says I am seated. She says I play this game with my mum and says he will be punished for bursting her balloons. Abhi asks what is the punishment? Kiara asks him to kiss her 3 times. Abhi kisses on her forehead and cheeks. He asks shall I go and pick my Dadi now.

Kiara says it is my turn now and says she will give him chance. She kisses on his forehead. Abhi feels love for her. abhi mujhme kahin…. jeelun zara song plays….he gets sad. Kiara goes. Abhi thinks of pragya. She goes to the help centre and makes an announcement for Kiara.

Abhi and King hear her voice. Abhi understands she is Pragya and recalls Kiara’s resemblance with him. Kiara goes to Pragya. Abhi says Pragya and runs to go there, but a man stops him for colliding with him. Abhi apologizes to him with folded hands repeatedly. Pragya asks her not to go anywhere and gets emotional hugging her.
Abhi enquires about Kiara with the help centre. He says she is there. Abhi looks at her, but he don’t see Pragya, but some other lady who compliments kiara. Abhi thinks Pragya is not there, and thinks he has moved on in life. Pragya prays for his happiness. Kiara sees King and runs to him. King asks where did you go? Pragya says she just listens to you. King says you took my life out with your announcement. Pragya says she was scared. Kiara says no arguments. King asks if she saw Mumbai guy and asks her to relax. Someone brings their stuff. King says one bag is missing. He asks Pragya to go out and sit in car, and says I will come. Kiara says he will take 30 mins to take selfies. Kiara tells Pragya that Mr. blaster got this balloons for her, and says she played punishment game with him, took his 3 kisses and gave 1. Pragya says you can’t kiss anyone like that. Kiara says Daada does. Pragya says he is unique. Kiara says I haven’t kissed him anybody but dad. Pragya says dad? Kiara says he might be someone’s dad. Pragya says you can’t kiss anyone else dad. She asks her to come.

Pragya makes Kiara sit in car and goes to call King. Kiara sees balloons flying out and runs to get it. Police asks driver to take car from there. Abhi parks his car there. Kiara comes back and sits in Abhi’s car. She thinks he is a driver and says if I had known that you are here, then I would have introduce you to my mum. Abhi calls him kishmish. He asks what you are doing here? She says it is my dad’s car. Abhi says it is mine. He gets Pragya’s number from her and calls her.

Pragya says there is no signal. Kiara takes call and says driver is trying to become rockstar. Pragya says you sat in wrong car and says I will come here, and asks her not to trouble him. Abhi explains her meaning of trouble. Kiara’s hair pin falls down. She gets down from his car and asks him to tie her tony. He asks her to ask her Dad. She says my dad is you and says only you and Mamma can touch my hairs. Abhi makes her pony. Kiara checks her pony and says I am your daughter. Abhi is surprised and moved.

Kiara telling Abhi that she is his daughter. She says my mum will not make such a bad pony even when sleeping. Abhi says you shall thank me for making such a good pony. Kiara says it is ok ok. Abhi asks her to stop behaving like a princess. Kiara says I am a princess. He gets Dasi’s call and she tells him that Suwarni Dadi missed the flight and she will come by tomorrow morning flight. Kiara asks him not to miss her and says she is tired of hiccups as many people miss her. She calls him driver. Driver comes and says you don’t look like driver. Abhi says I am not a driver and says she called me by many names. He says never. Kiara says you also called me by many names, first princess and then moody. She says I am more cute than you, as my papa needed a daughter. Abhi recalls

telling Pragya that he needs daughter like her. She asks him to come closer and kisses on his cheeks, says although my mum asked me not to kiss anyone, but then also..She says you are my photo copy. Abhi gets emotional and kisses on her forehead.
Driver takes Kiara to Pragya. Abhi gets Purab’s call. Kiara tells Pragya that Mr. Blaster was lovely. Abhi drives the car and looks at Kiara while leaving. King, Pragya and Kiara come to the hotel. Pragya says we will stay here till Dada searches house for us. Kiara says I love India. They check in the room.

Kiara asks where is his luggage? King says in my room. Kiara asks why they stay in different rooms when they are family. Kiara goes to check her bathroom. Room service guy asks for selfie. Kiara comes and asks for selfie. Pragya takes their selfie with the room service guy. Kiara asks Pragya where is cookie? Pragya says rockie is here. Kiara says that driver must have stolen my cookie, he wouldn’t have seen such a doll before and calls him thief.