Imlie Wednesday Update 15th March 2023

Imlie tries to wake up injured and unconscious Aryan. Arpita cries and says nothing should happen to Aryan. Imlie scolds her to stop talking negatively and pumps Aryan’s chest. Aryan opens his eyes calling her. Ambulance reaches, and they rush Aryan to the hospital. Doctor takes him to ICU and treats him while Imlie watches from a glass window. Sundar asks her to be courageous. Imlie thinks how can he be courageous when a man who encourages her is fighting for his life. Arpita feels dizzy. Sundar holds her and calls nurse. Narmada with Aparna and Pankaj reaches the hospital and questions doctor about her children. Doctor says Arpita is fine, but Aryan’s condition is critical due to internal injuries. Narmada breaks down hearing that. Aparna consoles her.

Aryan dreams of mourning Arvind’s death and determines to take revenge from Aditya who is the reason for Arvind’s death. He further sees Imlie and says nobody can come here. She says she already came in. He asks what is she doing here. She says she came to inform him 3 words, 1st he is not alone, 2nd she will save him from himself, and 3rd hold her hand and walk with her to know the 3rd word. Just then Aryan drags Imlie away while he pleads to stop. Aryan’s condition deteriorated. Imlie runs to him and comforts him. She says doctors told that if he cannot breathe on his own, he may not survive, but they don’t know that he takes others’ breath out. She requests him to open his eyes once and says she trusts him. She continues pouring her heart out and breaks down. His condition deteriorates again, and she panics and runs to call doctor.

Aditya remembers learning that Arvind is Aryan’s BIL and walks to Aryan’s cabin to search for some clue and finds a file with his cross marked pic and Arvind’s accident details. Editor notices Aryan’s cabin door on and thinks who is inside. Aditya hides and once he leaves this Aryan is following his enmity since 4 years and was using Imlie against him, he will not let Imlie do the mistake of considering his biggest enemy as her friend and trust him. Back at hospital, Arpita blames herself for Aryan’s condition. Narmada consoles her. Imlie rushes to doctor and informs him about Aryan’s condition. Doctor try to revive Aryan with defibrillator shocks. Imlie shatters seeing that and walks away.

Imlie shatters seeing Aryan’s condition and leaves hospital crying. Aditya walks in and asks Sundar about Imlie. Sundar says she was here just now and must have gone out worried for Aryan. Imlie reaches temple and prays Devimaa. She hears devotees discussing if one sits inside a fire circle and prays, their wish will be fulfilled for sure, but its very risky. She draws a fire circle around her. Devotees warn her not to do that or else she may hurt herself. She says she is not bothered about herself and will for the personal because of whom she is alive, etc. Doctors give electric defibrillator shocks to Aryan to revive him. Imlie does tandav nritya/dance. Aryan’s condition stabilizes.

Adity throws water on fire and walks to Imlie. Imlie tongue lashes him for spoiling her prayers for Aryan. Aditya says he will not let her pray for Aryan as and says he doesn’t deserve her prayers and is a dual faced opportunistic man. Imlie warns him to stop as she will not hear against her and Aryan’s friendship, Aryan is the one who supported her during her tough times like a true friend. Aditya says Aryan is not her friend and betrayed her like Malini betrayed him. He shows her Aryan’s file and describes how Arayn’s BIL Arvind become a victim of public rage and was burnt alive; he had gone to cover the story and tried to save Aryan but failed; Aryan considers him responsible for Arvind’s death and is taking revenge from him; just like Malini misused his trust and betrayed him, even Aryan is misusing Imlie to take revenge from him; he apologizes her for getting busy in his own mess that he couldn’t concentrate on her.

Imlie says if he is apologizing her, then 100 apologizes aren’t enough for what he did and 100 thanks are not enough for what Aryan did for her. She reminds Aryan risking his life repeatedly to save her life and boasting her morales always selflessly, etc. Aditya (trying hard to show some expressions on his face) says its Aryan’s conspiracy to trap her. Narmada calls her and informs that Aryan is awake now. Imlie returns Aditya’s file. Aditya says its his punishment that she is not trusting him as he didn’t trust her. She says she will trust only Aditya from hereon and walks away. Imlie returns to Aryan’s room and notices Aryan hugging and consoles Arpita and Narmada. Aryan notices Imlie and asks how is work going. Narmada asks how can he think of work in this condition and says he should thank Imlie for praying god and saving his life.

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