Imlie Thursday Update 16th March 2023


Imlie Thursday Update 16th March 2023

Aryan questions Imlie about her work. Narmada asks how can he think of work in this condition and says he is saved with Imlie’s prayers, so he should thank Imlie. Aryan says if patients get well with pooja, she should ask doctors to sing bhajan. Narmada asks him not to say that and tells Imlie that the is not like the one he portrays himself, he likes her concern and friendship. She and Arpita walk away leaving him and Imlie alone.

Imlie remembers Aditya’s words that Aryan is misusing her for his benefit. Aryan asks why is she silent when continuously blabbers all the time. Imlie sits next to him and says she also realized that she can’t joke when tensed and thanks him for getting well. He asks her to get his laptop as he needs work. She pulls his cheeks and says he is so sneezy and is trying hard to hide his emotions. He says he is a businessman and only 3 things are important in his life, first his dear ones, second his work, and third he will tell later.

Imlie says she wants to ask something an dremembers Aditya’s words again and thinks should she question Aryan and end their friendship, she cannot insult Aryan and knows their friend. He asks what she wants to ask. She asks if he needs water. Nurse walks in to check and seeing an anklet no floor tries to give it to Imlie. Aryan says its his and hides it, remembering its Imlie’s. She leaves saying she cannot understand today’s fashion. Imlie asks to show what he wears. He nervously asks her to go and get water and keeps anklet in his wallet.

Narmada drops Arpita towards her room. Arpita says she is fine and asks her to finish discharge formalities. Narmada walks towards reception. Arpita stumbles. Sundar holds her and asks if she is fine, she should go to her room and rest. Arpita says she is fine and slipped. He asks her to take care of herself. Once she leaves, Rupali taunts him that he looks at Arpita excitedly like children look at TV. He feels shy.

Imlie bumps with Aditya. Aditya asks if she questions Aryan. She says no. He holds her hand. She warns him not to touch her and says she trusts Aryan and knows he will never misuse her or has feelings of revenge against anyone. Aditya holds her hand again forcefully. Aryan gets ready and walks out of his hospital room and is shocked to see Aditya forcefully holding Imlie’s hand. He slaps and punches Aditya and confronts that he is trying to snatch his family from him, earlier he killed Arvind and now tried to snatch his sister with his wrong reporting. Imlie shatters hearing that and thinks Aditya was right. Arpita and Narmada stop Aryan and take him from there. Pankaj and Aparna join Aditya and asks him what really happened. Aditya sits silently. Aparna asks Imlie to take care of Aditya till she brings a doctor. Aditya asks Imlie if she is fine. She says yes and asks why didn’t he defend himself. Aditya says when he couldn’t protect her trust, how could he defend himself. He provokes her again that Aryan is misusing her to take revenge from him.

Rupali asks Sundar if he is not bothered by Arpita’s past. He says Arpita has suffered a lot in life, he just wants her to be happy, but he cannot keep her happy with his meager salary. Rupali hopes Arpita realizes his love for her. At office, inspector questions weather forecast employees who gave a wrong report. They lie its their senior Aditya. Inspector heads towards Aditya’s house. Arpita and Narmada asks Aryan why did he physically harrassed Aditya. He says today is really bad for him and walks away. Arpita tells Narmada they call force him until he himself reveals it.

Imlie returns home remembering Aditya provoking her that Aryan is misusing her to take revenge from him. Aryan stops her. She says she tired and wants to sleep. Aryan says whatever happened today was rational and asks did he ever stop her from speaking nonstop. She says no. He asks then what is stopping her to question him. She asks if he really want to take revenge from Aditya and consider Aditya responsible for his BIL’s death, does he consider revenge from Aditya as his life’s goal. Aryan says it is his life’s motto, Aditya is responsible for his jiju’s death and nobody can stop him from taking revenge from Aditya. Imlie shocked says he cannot hide such a big secret from her, why didn’t he discuss it with her. He says he doesn’t know. She says he discusses so much with her, but not this. He says he doesn’t know. She asks if he thought its not necessary and used her as a sacrificing pawn.

He says finally she asked a question she wanted to ask. She says he favored her to take revenge from Aditya and misused her. He says finally she thinks he misused her. She says she is forced to think that he needed her just to take revenge from Aditya. He says he said what he had to. She says if he says he was lying and doesn’t want to take any revenge from Aditya, she will stop thinking wrong. He stands silently. She says they are not friends anymore and she will leave his house. She walks away while he stands silently. Arpita confronts Aryan if he really is taking revenge from Aditya. Aryan asks her not take that man’s name in front of him. Arpita says Arvind’s death was an accident and it was their bad fate. He says it was Aditya’s bad thinking and he will punish Aditya for sure. She says he cannot use Imlie for his revenge. He says he twice told Imlie that he will never use her for his revenge, but she is not ready to hear that. She says everything will be alright. He says it will be after punishing Aditya.

Aditya looking at Imlie’s photo thinks if Aryan tries to misuse Imlie, he will show Aryan that he is with Imlie and she is not alone. Imlie packs her clothes feeling disheartened and breaks down. Aye Ajnabhi Tu Bhi Kahin Awaz De Kahin Se.. song plays in the background. Aryan looks at her standing outside room. Imlie looks at Seeta Maiya’s idol and says when she was small, even Seeta maiya was small and she could carry her everywhere, but she is also grown up and hence she cannot take her along. She walks towards idol and slips. Aryan holds her and stops her from falling. Their eyes lock. She stands up and taking god’s blessings walks towards door with her bag and feeling her dupatta pulled shouts at Aryan to leave her. She turns and finds her dupatta stuck in a cupboard and says she thought he was holding it. She further says she is leaving him and his house.

He says its her life and her decisions, she can go whatever she wants to in the morning and its her boss’ order. She says he is not her boss outside office. He asks where will she go at this time. She says she will go to Seeta Maiya. Arpita tries to stop her, but Imlie gets adamant. Arpita requests Aryan to stop her, but Aryan stands silently. Imlie asks Arpita to touch Narmada’s feet from her side and walks out of Aryan’s house while he looks at her silently feeling disheartened.