Zee World:Krishi Full Story Cast Summary Zee Tv Movies


Zee World:Krishi Full Story Cast Summary Zee Tv Movies

Zee World: Krishi Full Story Cast Summary Zee Tv Movies.

Krishi on ZEE TV movies starting from 20 December 2017. scheduled to air every Monday to Friday.  will replace the Get Me Married.


Krishi is a story of  a young lady who makes a check in her life and moves toward becoming somebody to figure in the general public just through sheer diligent work and commitment towards studies.

A heart wrenching, motivational tale about a Simple dedicated young lady Krishna who has a little dream, to support her family, to wind up noticeably as a B.D.O (Bloc Development Officer) to fulfill her father’s dream!

Will she be able to fulfill her dream for her father and become the “B.D.O”?

Krishi love story is nothing like other soaps offer their love story is a great journey of learning how to deal with obstacles and how to with stand challenges thrown at them.

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Brief Information and Details on Krishi on Zee Tv Movies:

  • First Episode: 20 Dec 2017
  • Total number of episodes: 268
  • Total numbers of season:  1
  • Zee Channel: Zee World Africa
  • Original name:Afsar Bitiya
  • Tele Country: Indian

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