Zee World Young dreams Season 2 Coming back date Zee Tv


Zee World Young dreams Season 2 Coming back date Zee Tv

Zee World Young dreams Season 2 Coming backdate

The story so Far on Young dreams Zee Tv

The story of young dreams revolves around Gunjan who lives in Mumbai along with her mother, Sneha. Sneha’s husband, Aakash resides in Australia as he had set up his business in the country.

Gunjan and Sneha share a friendly relationship. Having been brought up in warm and friendly atmosphere, Gunjan is a fun-loving person and lives her life to the fullest.

Gunjan and her friends go for a long drive. Gunjan’s friends get surprised on learning that Gunjan had joined a dance class to learn Kathak.

Sneha who suffers from cancer is concerned about Gunjan and has not informed her about her ailment. Sneha has video recorded every moment that she had spent with Gunjan. Sneha video records a message for Gunjan wherein she expresses her concern for her. She decides to gift the video recordings to Gunjan.

While hanging out with friends, Gunjan recollects that it was Sneha’s birthday the following day. Gunjan plans to gift flowers to Sneha. She accelerates her car and immediately reaches the place from where she usually purchases flowers for Sneha.

Gunga gets upset when she fails to find the vendor at the stall. She however, gets happy when she notices the vendor standing at the bus stop. Before Gunjan can approach him, the vendor leaves in a bus.

Gunjan drives her car at full speed and overtakes the bus. She stops the bus and purchases all the garlands from the vendor.

Gunjan plans to host a surprise party for Sneha and returns home along with her friends. Gunjan gets surprised when she finds that the house was already decorated. Gunjan gets upset on learning that Sneha had already made preparations for her ow birthday party. Sneha, however, cheers up Gunjan. Sneha gets surprised when Gunjan gifts her flower garlands.

After the party, Sneha gifts the video recording to Gunjan but asks her to open the gift on her birthday.

Sneha usually puts her bindi tilted. When Gunjan notices Sneha’s bindi, she quickly adjusts it. Sneha recollects the moments how her elder sister, Shail, would comment on the way she used to put her bindi.

Shail lives along with Dayal, her husband, sons, daughters and daughters-in-laws in Banaras. Shail prays for Sneha at Ganga Ghat.

Early in the morning, Shail decides to call up Sneha to wish her but changes her mind as she believes that Sneha must have not woken up.

On the other hand, Sneha wakes up early morning and gets surprised when Gunjan offers her a cup of bed tea. Sneha enquires with Gunjan whether Shail had called up. She feels upset on learning that Shail had not called up yet.

Gunjan tries to pacify Sneha and states that she should not be concerned about Shail as she does not deserve her concern. Gunjan also asks Sneha not to wait for Shail’s call. A sad Sneha tells Gunjan that Aakash too had not yet wished her.

Brought up in a traditional way, Shail’s youngest daughter,  Rachna is very shy and conservative girl. She fears that Dayal would get her married if she failed in the examination. Rachna is also excited about her school farewell party.

Shail wishes to meet Sneha and so she comes to Mumbai. Sneha gets surprised when she sees Shail. She expresses desire to talk to Shail something important. Shail’s gets shocked on learning that Sneha was suffering from cancer.

Sneha requests Shail to take Gunjan along with her to Banaras after her death. She also requests Shail to take care of Gunjan. Sneha gets upset when she realizes that she was imagining her conversation with her sister.


Shail learns that her sister-in-law Seema was suffering from headache and gets concerned. Shail also asks Seema to take rest. Meanwhile Shail’s younger sister-in-law, Sangeeta arrives. The trio gets scared and stops their conversation when Dayal arrives.

Rachna and her cousin brother Dhollu return home from Ganga Ghat. Rachna who is scared of dogs fears that a dog named Damodar may follow her and Dhollu. Dhollu tries to pacify Rachna.

On her way home, Rachna meets her friend Chaya. Chaya shows Rachna a film magazine and discusses about various outfits and hairstyles donned by the celebrities. Chaya tells Rachna that she should get dress up like a celebrity for their farewell party.

Meanwhile, Chaya’s father arrives. She fears that her father may get angry, if he sees the magazine with her. Chaya therefore requests Rachna to take the magazine home. Rachna fears that her father too may get angry at her, if he sees the magazine and so refuses to keep it with her. Chaya forcefully hands over the magazine to Rachna and leaves. Rachna is left tensed.

Shail gets worried as Rachna and Dhollu have not returned home. Rachna She fears that Rachna may not be allowed to appear for her HSC exam if she reaches the examination centre late. She shares her fears with Sangeeta and Seema.

Meanwhile, Dhollu and Rachna arrive. A concerned Shail questions Rachna where had she been. Dhollu informs Shail that Rachna got scared of Damodar and so they got late.

While entering into her room, the magazine falls down from Rachna’s hand. At that time Dayal arrives and sees the magazine. A furious Dayal rages at Rachna and questions her about the magazine. Before Rachna could plead innocence, Dayal warns her that she should not buy any such magazines in future.

Later, Sneha calls up Shail and requests her to visit her soon. Shail is left wondering and enquires with Sneha why she wanted to meet her. Sneha does not reveal about her illness. She is confident that Shail would visit her. Sneha therefore asks her maid to clean the guest’s room.

Gunjan gets puzzled on learning that Sneha has asked their maid to clean the guest room for Shail even before Shail confirmed about her visit. She believes that Shail would not visit Sneha.

Shail believes that there was some reason why Sneha had asked her to come to Mumbai. She asks permission from Dayal as she wanted to visit Sneha. Shail assures to return home in two days. Dayal does not allow Shail but she is determined to visit Sneha.

After Dayal leaves, Sangeeta and Seema enquire with Shail about her decision to visit Sneha. Shail informs them that Sneha wants to meet her urgently. She also shares her fear with the duo. Dayal overhears their conversation. Shail asserts that she would go to Mumbai only if Dayal allowed her.

Aakash calls up Sneha and wishes her on her birthday. He enquires with Sneha whether she informed Gunjan that she was suffering from cancer. Sneha states that she does not want Gunjan to get depressed and so she had not informed her daughter about her illness.

Gunjan’s dance teacher praises her dancing skills. Gunjan wanted to give a tribute to Sneha by performing Kathak for her. She requests the teacher not to inform Sneha about it. Meanwhile, Sneha arrives at Gunjan’s dance class and overhears their conversation. Gunjan plans to invite Sneha for a first live performance.

Shail gets surprised when Dayal issues flight tickets for her. He wanted Shail to go to Mumbai and meet Sneha. Dayal is left wondering as he does not know why Shail wanted to visit Sneha urgently.

Before leaving for the airport, Shail hands over the house keys to Seema and asks her to take the responsibility of the family until she returns home.

Gunjan challenges Sneha that Shail would never visit her. At that very moment, Shail arrives in the bunglow. Both Gunjan and Sneha are left surprised to see Shail.

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