Zee World Tv: Wednesday Update on The Promise

Zee World Tv: Wednesday Update on The Promise

Oct 24 Episode

Pronita being at the edge of the cliff. Jai gets out the car and tells her to get out the way..

He starts shouting that his children scoled him.. HIM.. why should he live? they say they only have their own rights over their life.. so if i die if they myt get some sense.

Pronita then says i sent the CD.. Jai shouts who are you??! Wht rgight do you have..

Pronita in a calm way says i have a connection with Bani/… Pronita says me and Bani are not seperate, she was my best friend, she was my painting buddy. She married and then she heard about their children, how they are on the wrong path. She says i told you so you can change their ways but you are adament on killing urself.

No matter how hard things get, you are their father you have to bring them back.

Jai then says you are right! Meera is the one who is meant to die.. i will kill her. Pronita says what will you get if u kill her, you will rot in Jail, they will still be on the wrong path

Pronita says the kids are yours and Banis. they have just derailed, all you have to do is teach them the right way. He says its easier sead then done.

Jai says the children have gone to far.. Pronita says if you teach the children in their own language they will understand you. She tells him to go on the wrong path that they had then they would know what is right from wrong in that sense. If you want your children to listen to you.. u must do this..

Next scene has Pronita telling her baba that they have to do this soon, hitting the children would be useless. Baba asks how will it work.

Pronita in a determined way says JW has to do the role of a bad person stepping on the wrong path. She says Jai will do this.

Next scene has Jai walking into the room and meera asks what have you decided then?

Jai shows her the knife.. he hands the knife to Meera and says kill me! she doesnt and then he asks for forgivness, he was wrong she was right (ooo start of the plan!!) he says please forgive me, or kill me as i dont want to live with the guilt. I will love you alot, i will keep you happy. Meera is shocked. Jai says i couldnt accept the fact that Bani has gone, but i do apologise, you have opened my eyes, you love the children more then me, you let them live their life, whats wrong in that?

He admits he is old fashioned, and says i need to apologise to the kids too.

Jai escorts Meera downstairs and calls for all the kids in a happy tone. Jai then says sorry to all of them. He says Meera had opened his eyes. He lets Krishna have the job she wants. He then goes to Vicky there is a way to bet, go to the bookies, he will teach him betting.

Jai then gives Ganga a credit card.. so she can party when she wants. She is JWs daughter she will party in the BEST discos and hotels.

Jai tells them a story that there was this guy bobby and his father drinking in a pub, jai was disgusted by this sight, but now he realised how its not wrong. they are father and son, they are just ‘bonding’

Jai says whatever you do just tell me! Ganga says i know Bobby. Jai says get ready for a new Jai Walia “Get ready, im going to rock your world’ he excuses himself saying he wants to go with meera for some alone time..  (get him off those drugs! )

Jai and meera are sleeping and meera is up thinking how can jai change? there must be more to it.. then Jai’s phone rings he gets up sayin yes the plan is wrking and then leaves the room.. meera knows its a plan. Meera follows after him.

Jai is on the phone saying this is a good time to act out the plan. Meera turns the light on and Jai is startled.

Meera says i caught you red handed, did you think i wouldnt know? i knew this was a plan.. who are you talking to, and what plan is this.. answer me!

The kids come out of no where and says happy Anniversary its our Bachees anniversay. Jai lets Pronita hear the convo over the phone too. Jai says you always suspect me.

Krishna says we are goin to remarry you and Papa again to mark the 25th anniversary.

Jai apologises, meera apologies and they hug.. Jai winks at Pronita and their plan is underway.

Jai saying on their silver jubilee people do remarry, and says he wants to remarry. Jai says tonight we are marrying, the children and I have planned everything, nobody has to do a thing.

Rano says she and Raashi will go shopping, Jai says i have already done the shopping and gives things to her and gives her this beauty card so she can get ready.

The baba reads the wedding card and wonders why Jai and meera are remarrying even though Jai knows what Meera is like.

Pronita says what you think isn’t what you think. Pronita says she will get everything.. today is the last day, let meera be happy..

Aditya is all happy about everything and then three daadis come to the house. Aditya wonders why they have come early. Aditya says are you hear for the wedding? The lady tells Aditya to speak up.. they say they are hear for Billo (?) birthday.. Adi lets them thru as they are old.. the daadi goes to sit down and ends up on a servant.

Then Daadi enters and Aditya shouts ‘Maghle azam bhi agaye ‘ Aditya gets scold by daadi and says you never sad happy birthday to me.. Aditya corrects daadi and then gets slapped… he then says they are already married just remarrying

Ganga is sitting down with her friends and says lets smoke. And then tells them what happen the past few days. Ganga goes to light up and vicky says Jai has arrived. Jai walks up to Ganga and takes the cig off her.

He reminds he that she is JWs Daughter.

Jai says what id wrong with you, you’re going to have this brand?? i want you to have the most expensive brand.

Jai says don’t be shy if you want to drink and brings in a trolly of drinks! If you want anything else just let me know. and then leaves them to it. The people drink out minus Vicky who is sort of worrying.

Meera is getting pampered  and thinks Jai is doing everything for her. Jai’s Manager comes and asks for signatures as Jai has handed everything over to her. Meera signs everything saying don’t worry i will sign. Jai gets all happy.  (She looks funny with the two clips at the side)

Everything is ready and Ganga and others say we have a performance for you. and they dance to OSO Dewaangi.. (Put the volumes upppppppppp!!) when did they have time for this dance?!

*sings* OM SHANTI OMMMM!,  Aditya sings along too and the girls take the floor// the chorus is back and the guys dance, interesting choreography

At ‘All the hot girls put your hands up and say….’ Daadi and her crew come on AWW!  the daadi edits the speed of the song and Aditya changes it back to normal..

Vicky and Ganga talk and Vicky says Dada is never like this.. why the sudden change. He asks Ganga if she loves her father or mother more.. she says i love my mother – choti ma, more then her real parents. Vicky is shocked. Vicky says the other side Meera is still calling Ganga her step child.

The pandit says the time is going call the bride.. Jai holds ‘Meera’s hand and then exchange garlands.

they sit down and the pandit starts the hymns… Swaaaaaaaaaha!

Rano ties the couple and says may you be together forever. Aditya says he will give the bride away.. Kasamh se tune plays.

A car speeds into action and Jai takes the phere.. Meera gets out the car. the screen splits on Meera smiling and the pheres taking place.