Zee World Tv Series this June-July 2018

Zee World Tv Series this June-July 2018

Iron Lady Zee World This July

The story revolves around Indira who struggles to earn bread for her family. Her family members are not so supportive. She is shown to have lost her smile struggling for her family. She is stubborn and is not affected by any comments. She is forced to become a perfectionist and disciplined due to the challenges she has to face daily. Then enters Rishi in the serial as the main lead. He is completely different than Indira who is supposed to be the Iron Lady. He is light hearted and jovial who comes in as fresh air in Indira’s family. He enters in the show as Indira’s tenant. He tries to change Indira and help her to lead a happy life like others. Many twists and turns made the serial even more interesting. At a point Indira and Rishi get married after a great struggle.

Don’t miss the season premiering of IronLady starting on the 6th of July ( Replacing My Lost Home)

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Begusarai Zee World This July

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My Golden Home Zee World This July

Don’t miss My Golden Home starting on the 13th of July (Replacing Fire And Ice)

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