Zee World: Thursday Update on The Promise

Zee World: Thursday Update on The Promise

July 12 Episode

Tarun asks Bani to come to the office immediately, so Bani tells Jai that she’d join him later. When Rano refuses to go for the party, Rashi convinces her to. Tarun phones Bani, and hears Tarun’s voice in the background. Meanwhile, Bani and Tarun realise that a family member must have poisoned Sahil. Jai is embarrassed by his aunt and uncle who make a fool of themselves at the party. Jigyasa informs Jai that Tarun is in love with a married woman but is marrying Laxmi. Jai sees Tarun and Jai enter the party together. He asks Tarun how he met Bani. Jigyasa is pleased to see Jai get suspicious.

Pushkar keeps thinking about Pia’s confession of her love to Jai. He tells Preeti that he is not the father of Pia’s baby. Preeti holds Pushkar’s hand and promises to help him. Pia sees this. Jai and Bani wonder what’s wrong with their relationship. Someone tries to fire at Jai in the party but he is unhurt. Jigyasa taunts Rashi of being a maid to Varun. Bani asks Jai to hire security for him but he refuses. Bani gets upset.

Tarun scolds Laxmi for coming to his cabin and working on his computer. He pacifies her later. Before leaving for London, Rashi informs Rano about Ranvir’s likes and dislikes. Ranvir tells Nachiket that he’ll never be able to bid Rashi goodbye. Jai wants to buy a buy a particular book on pregnancy but doesn’t get it, so he buys another book for Bani. Tarun gifts Bani the same book which Jai wanted. An emotional farewell lunch party is arranged for Rashi. Under the pretext of getting flowers for Rashi, Tarun asks the chemist to identify the lady who used Rashi’s prescription to buy the poison. He points towards Laxmi. Tarun and Bani ask Laxmi about the prescription but she replies that she merely gave it to the chemist as she cannot read English.