Zee World The Vow Season Finale Review (Season 3)


Zee World The Vow Season Finale Review (Season 3)

Zee World The Vow Season Finale Review

The Vow started as a show where the leads (Sharad and Divyanka) were 2 newcomers and many wondered about the story and it’s success. The story of an illiterate girl marrying a mentally challenged man and facing hardships because of her sister-in-law and the simplicity of the way it was shown slowly made a place in our hearts. Sagar and Vidya’s love story was so unique and their sizzling chemistry will make you fall in love with them. Sagar’s acting as a child and mad person are mind blowing and vidya’s innocence is the reason behind the success of the Show. I am madly in love with the show when it was telecasted on Zee World. But I watched only up to 150 episodes, and then I lost interest in this series. Episode 390, 389 are the most emotional episodes because, in these episodes, Vidya and Sagar are shot dead. Then after the series took a leap. The story was going very well before 290 episodes. After episode 290, the story was also good. The way Amar and Divya first met, how they take revenge from Sindoora is very well portrayed.

The series was interesting but it seems the writer is very immature, the writer doesn’t know what he is doing probably because the story is so stretched, Many times it seems like they make mistakes that cannot be comprehended by the human mind.

What doesn’t work:

1) The story is taking so many turns and how come they don’t tell the family about Sindoora. Sindoora plans everything and for viewer benefits they mention it and she says it out loud but none of the family members hear anything Sindoora is plotting but anything Vidya is planning is known to Sindoora right away.

2) Sindoora has everything her way and always win with her plans, Every time I think that Sindoora is going to get exposed, something happens to avert that. Doesn’t she have work, isn’t she about politics, yet she is ALWAYS around the see something she’s not supposed to see or hear something? It’s really far from realistic,  I think she is really the star of the show.

3) Why is it so easy to take the whole property by getting just one signature. These things do not make sense. Seems like Sindoora can do whatever she wants.

4) Uneducated vidya helping handicapped hubby go to Singapore for treatment, it does seem far-fetched.

5) The sound and Video effect waste too much time. They do lots of motion effect showing every person’s face and waste too much time which has nothing to do with the series itself. They should really review the performance of the person who does video and sound effects.

6) All of a sudden Amar’s character has changed, he is behaving nothing like Amar, he doesn’t even care about Divya’s concerns and he NEVER believes her. Is this because he is shallow and thinks the money and property  Sindoora has handed him is more important? And because of this, his character has changed?

7) This show would have ended gracefully with showing that Sagar is a smart chap who after getting all the facts right is able to collect evidence against Sindoora..which he did in a very brilliant manner…& get her behind bars.This would have made the show memorable & created a good moral that truth & right people always triumph.

The Star-Cast:

From day one, all the actors gave their best effort and Sharad, Divyanka and Kamya has poured their heart and soul into this show. The work these three have put into this show makes me appreciate actors so much more. Sharad and Divyanka, you all are my role models….and will always be. I wish you all the best of luck in life and hope to see you both if not three in a show together…SOON!!!

The Ending:

Wow! After 2 years of watching countless attacks of ending up bed sick, memory loss, in the hospital, almost dying, bitter fights, they end it with Sindoora just standing there shocked! and then PEACEFULLY taken away! AND THAT TOO chained up WITH DOLLS!At least give us the viewers the satisfaction of seeing Sindoora punished.

Last 5 minutes they show Amar and Divya getting married ONLY 5 MINUTES!

I don’t get what harm would’ve been done if they Used today’s episode to punish Sindoora and ALL of the tomorrow’s episode to show ONE LAST final love/romantic scene of Amar and Divya AND the family (of course whats left of it ) I wish, I could stop it from leaving…but Every good thing has to come to an end.what’s done is done, unfortunately, I enjoyed whatever they did show us.the ending wedding sequence was REALLY sad when they played the Dulhan title song AFTER SSOOO LONG! I enjoyed it 🙂

Sorry, I just had to let my frustration out, it’s all mixed emotions lol.

So as a way to say farewell to The show, we thought why not have everyone post their messages to share their experience with the show and how much they appreciate it.


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The Vow Season 3

by fan Fiction


Its night time and we can see the happiness on vidya’s face…she comes to their room…Sagar is sitting on the bed in deep thoughts…

They both had ……

Next day in the morning…

Vidya stands in the garden, picking flowers for the center table, while Sagar looks at her from his study’s balcony. He sees her pick the flowers and then go towards the hose to water the rest of the plants, at that moment he slips into dreamland as to what could happen between them.

He takes his finger and traces a wet drop down from the corner of her eye to the side of her bottom lip.

She blushes and pushes away his hand and turns around. He takes the hose and starts splashing her with water.

He drops the hose and walks toward her, a certain glint in his eye, and then he suddenly snaps out of his dream, only to see Vidya still watering the plants.

At that same moment when he looks down at her, she looks up at the sky and sees him staring down at her.

He quickly looks away; she smiles and slowly shuts off the water.

She looks up again, and sees him trying to concentrate on his work; she smiles and disappears inside the house again.

Sagar looks around the whole garden, his eyes searching for the one thing they can never get tired of seeing, but unfortunately not able to quench that desire. He goes back to his study and tries to focus on work again.