Zee World Sacred Ties Full Story Summary (Season 2 date)


Zee World Sacred Ties Full Story Summary (Season 2 date)

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Purvi and Arjun Finally Get Married,

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After 20 Years

In Canada, Archana and Manav’s family has had a successful life. Sachin is married to a new character, Neena, and they have two kids, Gaurav and Pushti. Teju remained single and lives with the family. Purvi raised Pari as a single mother with the full support of Archana and the family. Sundari still works for the family and Sulochana, Savita, and Manohar are still alive. No one has contact with Soham, Arjun, or Ovi. Pari hates Arjun for abandoning her and cheating her mother.

In India, Arjun has had a lonely life. He lives in a big empty house, and his maid’s granddaughter calls him Dad but he has no real family. He has no contact with Purvi, Pari, Ovi, or Pia. Ovi also raises Pia as a single mother, but without anyone’s support. Meanwhile, Soham has become a drunkard and does not take care of his five children. His eldest daughter, Ankita, does her best to manage the family responsibilities and takes care of her teenage siblings Mansi and Prashant, and her school-age siblings Pranav and Sonali (Sonu). They are growing up in a chawl but Ankita focussed on getting a good education so she can support her family better. Her best friend Sushant is in love with her and wants to marry her, but Ankita is oblivious.

By a set of circumstances, Ankita encounters Naren Karmarkar, the son of business tycoons Rushali and Shirish Karmarkar. The Karmarkars are business partners with Arjun. Naren suffered a traumatic accident while living abroad in London, and his mental health is impaired. He sees Ankita and thinks that she is Ahana, the girl he had loved in London who is now dead. On the advice of doctors, Rushali decides to get Ankita to marry Naren and pretend to be Ahana as he thinks she is. This is supposed to help Naren regain his mental balance. Ankita reluctantly agrees to the marriage because Rushali promises to help her support her siblings. Meanwhile, when Arjun meets Ankita, he sees that she is an identical look alike to Archana (both characters portrayed by actress Ankita Lokhande). He reaches out to Purvi after 20 years to tell her that he has met her mother’s look alike.

Eventually, Purvi comes to India and reconciles with Arjun, with many complications. Arjun develops a dangerous blood clot that threatens his health and his life. He and Purvi go to Australia for treatment. The actors left the show so the characters are effectively written out.

Meanwhile, Ovi’s daughter Pia goes to Canada and starts to work as the Deshmukh’s chef so she can secretly get to know her family. Eventually, the truth comes out that she is Ovi’s daughter, and she is accepted into the family by everyone.

Archana goes to India and meets Ankita and does her kaanyadaan at her wedding to Naren. She does not get to know that Ankita is her granddaughter by Soham.

Over time, Ankita grows to love Naren. She accepts being called Ahana and does her best to take care of and rehabilitate him. They develop a close relationship and Ankita becomes pregnant. Naren is happy and excited about the baby he will have with his Ahana.

Archana and Manav move their whole family back to India. Sachin’s wife Neena strongly dislikes this and tells Sachin that she will only stay in India until his parents settle the division of their property. Meanwhile, Pia and Pari overcome their difficult pasts and become friends and accept each other as sisters. The family wants Pari to think about getting married, but she is only interested in her career. They do not know that she has suffered heartbreak and betrayal and therefore does not believe in love. Pari lived in London for a time and was in love with a man called Amaan. Suddenly he disappeared from her life, and that too after she was in an injurious car accident. She is still wrapped up in her emotions for him.

By chance, Ankita and Pari get to meet and become friendly. Due to circumstances, Pari gets engaged to Naren’s friend, Shekhar. At the wedding of Pari and Shekhar, Naren suddenly regains his memory and his mental balance: he recognizes Pari as the real Ahana. He and Pari had both given each other false names and therefore could not find each other after the car accident separated them in London. For a time Naren is in the hospital recovering from the shock, but after that he breaks up Pari and Shekhar’s engagement and convinces Pari to give him another chance. He does not accept Ankita as his wife because he was not in his senses when he married her. He does not remember that she is pregnant.

Ankita convinces everyone that she never loved Naren and only married him on a contract marriage to have enough money to support her family. She believes that Naren’s happiness lies with Pari so she keeps her pregnancy a secret. After some misunderstandings, Naren allows her to come back to work for him. Pari gets jealous and Ankita’s closeness to him but Naren insists that it’s all professional.

Ankita now lives with her sister, Mansi, who married Ankita’s friend Shashank. Mansi is pregnant also. She was raped by Naren’s evil brother Raunaq and is afraid the baby is his. A DNA test reveals that the baby is in fact Raunaq’s, but Shashank learns this before Mansi and decides that it would be wrong to tell her. He accepts the baby as his and wants to have a happy family life. Ankita accepts his reasoning when she finds out the truth of the DNA test.

Mansi and Shashank learn by accident that Ankita is pregnant. Shashank wants to respect Ankita’s decision to have her child alone and agrees that Naren should not be informed. However, Mansi thinks Ankita is making a mistake to step aside and let Pari have her place in Naren’s life. So she goes to inform Naren about Ankita’s pregnancy.

The Last Episode:

The last episode showed Ankita and Naren taking the wedding vows and superb performance by Zee TV stars, followed by Archana and Manav’s death. Archana dies after hearing about Manav’s death in an accident. The family mourns their death. Ankita and Naren live happily with their daughter. Archana and (Old Manav/ Sushant Singh Rajput) Manav’s souls meet in heaven, not to separate again as their relationship is pure and for births.