Zee World Love happens Full Story Summary on Zee Tv


Zee World Love happens Full Story Summary on Zee Tv

Zee World Love happens Full Story Summary on Zee Tv

Love happens new series coming this month october, will  Air on Zee World soon replacing The Vow on Gotv and Dstv  Monday to Friday.


The Love happens (Jabb Love Hua) is a love story of beautiful Aanya (Priya Badlani) and a handsome Raghu (Sudeep Sahir). Actually,  Aanya is a rich girl who takes a birth in a rich family amid so much luxuries and all. Now the Aanya is an 18-year-old cute, daring and outspoken girl who tells everything clearly to all people. Don’t know how it happened, she was leaving comfort unwanted and her wish comes true. Finally, Aanya loses it all, bringing her face to face with a new world difficulties. This may lead her to meet Raghu a village boy who is in line to be the next village head.The villagers witnesses a funny and eventful war between these two as the idealism and behavior of modern-city society clashes with traditions and values.

Brief Information and Details on Love happens Zee World show

  • Genre : Drama
  • First Episode: 30th October, 2017
  • Total number of episodes: 256
  • Total numbers of season: One
  • Network Channel: Zee Tv
  • Original name: Jabb love hua
  • Country: Indian drama serial

Love happens Star-Cast, Real name

  • Raghu Real name Sudeep Sahir
  • Aanya Shroff Real name Priya Badlani
  • Arjun Real name Manish Raisinghan
  •  Geetanjali Devi (GD) Shroff Real name Suhasini Mulay
  •  Sumitra Devi Real name Pratima Kazmi
  • Jaanki Devi Real name Rameshwari
  • Bali Shukla Real name Abir Goswami

Love happens Character/Cast pictures on Zeee World.


Raghu actor Love-happen

Sudeep Sahir Role Raghu:

He play Raghu who is a sweet, simple, straightforward and hardworking villager in LOve happens. He loves his village immensely and is a complete contrast to Anya played by Priya Badlani. How they fall in love eventually despite their differences is what the story is all about.



Priya Badlani Role Aanya

Priya plays Aanya is Mumbai-based and shares a love-hate relationship with Raghu (Sudeep Sahir), the hero of the village.



Abir Goswami Role Bali Shukla:

He played the rustic Bali Shukla who is also an honest police-inspector.



Manish Raisinghan Role Arjun:

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Story Review:

There is a boundary to men’s passions when they act from feelings, but none when they are under the influence of imagination.

Principles, beliefs everything goes sideline when you fall in love. It becomes more problematic when it’s based on some imagination. Your attitude seems to be dull and your thinking becomes infertile. The fight between your heart and mind puts you in a tiny corner of your dreams. Suddenly your life changes and you find yourself in a situation where your priority becomes centralized. I don’t mean to say that this ailment has only nuisance but yeah it definitely has only twinge if you don’t have right partner. It’s normal human tendency to have soft corner for few people in our life but this soft corner pains a lot when we see people exploiting our feelings for their own benefit.

Those who don’t believe in love make great love stories. Villagers are generally very emotional but they don’t believe in the institution of love. May be because, they have a fear from this unbearable pain. But apart from all these statistics if anybody falls in love he goes till extreme and proves to be a real Romeo. When you become emotional you tend to forget all practical aspects of your life. You start taking all your decisions directly from you heart, which leads you to act as a fool. It doesn’t mean that you are really stupid and not practical; it’s just a phase which doesn’t allow you to think practically.

When I saw Raghu, the main character of this serial weeping then I decided to write this review. He is the lead actor and the most brainy and intelligent boy of his village. He falls in love with a city girl who has come to his village. It’s just one sided love but it’s true, sacrificial and unconditional. It’s not based on any promises and it’s not like typical boy friend – girlfriend relationship. It has love, care, sacrifice, innocence and sweetness. He doesn’t know whether the girl loves him or not but he knows one thing that he can do anything for her. He feels bad when he sees her sad and he feels happy when he sees her smiling. This is the beauty of his love, which is unnoticed by the girl.

A city girl without any intention makes a village boy fall in love with her. Her behavior is normal and as usual but for that village boy it’s not normal. Her each action takes him more close to her. She is unaware of his feelings but his feeling keeps on rising. He becomes more emotional and his love becomes deeper with time. He becomes devoted and committed for his love without even knowing the consent of that girl.

Love has different shades and definitions but it becomes unforgettable and treasured when it’s true and innocent. Different people define love in their own language. Some finds the 1 year conditional relationship also as love; some define love as nothing but just another form of lust. Some people even say that if you love somebody it simply means that you want to sleep with that person. Several people and several opinions but the universal truth remains the same. If you can feel the soreness of your partner and still try to console her, if you weep behind and try to make her smile when she is around then you are in love. When her smile can make you laugh and her tears can make you disheartening then you are in love.

This is a very sweet series where the story revolves around a village boy and a city girl. Previously boy used to hate that “City labor” for her unusual behavior but slowly he started loving her. Both become very good friends but the difference in both culture are still there.

Thanks for reading this review… hope you will give a look to this series… your comments are most welcome…

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