Zara’s Nikah Wednesday Update 9 September 2020


Zara’s Nikah Wednesday Update 9 September 2020

Kabir says to Zeenat that your passport expired so you cant go. Zeenat says there is no way? Zara says dont worry, Kabir is going there. Zeenat says I cant meet Ruksaar? Kabir says dont worry, I will bring Ruksaar at any cost.

Zara and Kabir are in car, Kabir says I am sorry, everything happened so fast that I have to go there for Ruksaar. Zara holds his hand and says I know Ruksaar tried to poison our lives but I have forgiven her way back and I want you to forgive her too and I know you will never take side of bad, if she really needs help then go and save her. Kabir is surprised by her genuine words.

Kabir stops car at airport. Zara gets down from car and asks Kabir to take off his jacket, she makes him take it off, he says people are looking. she takes his jacket and says our wedding rituals might have stopped in middle but we will complete them when you comeback with Ruksaar but if I mistakenly remember you then this jacket will make me feel you near me, she hugs his jacket and sighs. Zara gives him another jacket, he smiles. Kabir kisses her cheek, she smiles. Kabir says maybe you are the best wife of world.. no best wife in universe. Zara says you are best husband of world too. They share an eyelock. She makes him wear another jacket. Zeenat’s car arrives at airport. Zara says bhabhi? Zeenat comes to them and says to Kabir that you know our father died before Ruksaar was born and when my mother gave birth to Ruksaar, she said to me that I am guardian and mother of Ruksaar so please even if anyone says anything, remember she is very important to me, if anything happens to her then my life will be destroyed.

Kabir says I will put my life in saving her. Zeenat says I know but you are a human and humans tend to flow with emotions, I know what Ruksaar did with you was wrong, she is my sister so forgive her and please dont have any grudge against her. Kabir says you might feel it weird but sometime back.. Zara stops him. Kabir says we dont have any grudge against Ruksaar. Zeenat asks Kabir to put hand on Quran and promise it. Zara says its not needed. Kabir says I have already promised. Zeenat says please I just have a small fear, just promise that if any relation or any problem come inbetween saving Ruksaar then you will not stop and bring her back to me. Kabir says you know its not right to swear on Quran, she begs him. Kabir puts hand on Quran and promises that he will not let anything come inbetween saving Ruksaar and he will not think about anything else. Zara is tensed. Zeenat is elated and says bring my sister soon. He nods. Zeenat eyes Zara and leaves from there. Zara smiles at Kabir and cups his face, he kisses her hand, she blushes. Kabir says take care, I will take care of myself. Zara says I know you will never go wrong and save Ruksaar then we will fulfill our life dreams together. Kabir says hopefully, tu thori dair or ther ja. Zara hugs him and says bye. He says bye and starts leaving with his luggage. Zara sadly smiles.
Kabir sits in airport and looks at Zara’s picture on phone.

Scene 2
Kabir arrives at Dubai. He goes to Dubai police station and goes to inspector. He says I want to meet a prisoner, I am Indian. Inspector is Indian too. Kabir says I want to meet Ruksaar, he tells her passport number. Inspector asks if he has court permission? Kabir says I have to go to court? Inspector says go to police station where complaint was filed, they will help you, Kabir asks which police station? inspector tells him, Kabir leaves.

Kabir is going to other police station. He says to inspector that Ruksaar’s sister gave me chance to come here for Ruksaar, inspector reads Zeenat’s letter that she couldnt come to Dubai so Kabir will handle her case. Inspector says give this affidavit in sharia court, its not attested from Delhi council so get that first. Kabir says councils are closed on weekends so please help me. Inspector says its Ruksaar’s bad luck, you cant meet her without papers. A man looks at Kabir. Kabir says to inspector that its about a life, please dont stop it because of papers, inspector says you can leave. Kabir thanks and leaves from there. Man (spy) goes behind him.

Kabir is walking on road and man(spy) follows him and calls someone.

Ayesha have arranged prayers for Ruksaar’s safety. All guests come there to pray. Zara says we have to be careful that no bead on which prayers will be recited goes missing. Kabir calls Zara, she asks he is fine? Kabir says ask Zeenat which company was Hamdan working in? Zara goes to call Zeenat. Zeenat takes call and asks if met Ruksaar? is she fine? Kabir says I couldnt meet her, Hamdan was working in which company? Zeenat tries to remember and says it was ‘Global Engineering corporation’, Kabir thanks and ends call. Zeenat says he didnt say anything else, Zara says lets pray for Ruksaar.

Kabir comes to Hamdan’s company, he goes to manager. Manager says I was gone to Pakistan to my home, when I cameback 10 days back and got to know about Hamdan’s death. Kabir says you didnt have duty to tell us? Manager says Hamdan left our company 3 months back, he wanted to open his own company. The spy who was following Kabir is there too. Kabir says to man that you dont know anything about Ruksaar when her husband Hamdan used to work here? Man says Hamdan used to say that he got a bad wife and see fate that she killed him. Kabir leaves and thinks that God help me please.

All are praying for Ruksaar on peas. Aman takes some peas and eats it. Zeenat stops and shouts why did you eat peas? you ate them without permission, Zara asks her to calm down. Zeenat says I am so worried for Ruksaar and he is doing all this, he has become useless, I wont spare you, she is about to slap him but Zara stops her and says its okay, we will pray again. She says to Amaan that just pray for Kabir to bring Ruksaar back safely. Amaan prays that my uncle Kabir is a superman, God make him save my aunt Ruksaar, Zara smiles and thanks him. Zara video calls Kabir. She asks how is he? Kabir says now I have seen you so I will be fine, I see you everywhere. Zara says I am missing you but very little, she hugs his jacket.. suddenly call drops. Kabir tries to catch network. Zara says he will call again, she hugs his jacket and lies down. A spy with his man is keeping an eye on Kabir. They hide and point gun at Kabir. Kabir hears some noise and looks at some men about to attack him, he grabs them and fights them, men try to throw him from balcony.
Zara is sleeping but suddenly wakes up from her nightmare, she screams Kabir! she calls him but he doesnt pick up. She runs to Ayesha and says something bad is happening with Kabir, I saw a dream, she cries. All are trying to call Kabir.

Kabir beats spy and try to save himself.
Zara prays for Kabir and prays God please save Kabir’s life.
In dubai, Kabir beats spies, they throw him away and runs from there. Kabir is hurt and tries to run behind them but they are gone. Kabir looks at his injured hands.

All are worried in house, Ayesha sees Kabir calling. He video calls them and says I am fine, all are elated to see him. Zara hugs Ayesha. Shahbaz is elated too.

Kabir says to hotel manager that two people attacked me in your hotel and you want me drop this matter? I will go to police and then see what happens with this hotel. Manager says our owner Sheikh Saleh is very powerful, I understand you were attacked but if you want then our Sheikh can help you with something. Kabir says I want to meet a prisoner so ask your Sheikh to help me, I just want to meet her for 5 minutes. Manager calls Sheikh, Kabir talks to Sheikh and requests for him to arrange meeting with Ruksaar, he says I am telling you she is innocent.

Kabir has permission to meet Ruksaar. He is taken to jail and looks around for Ruksaar. Ruksaar comes on otherside of wire door. She looks at Kabir and is elated. Kabir thanks God to see her and greets her. Ruksaar cries and greets him back. She says you are here, even if I die even then I will be fine. Kabir says just answer me. Ruksaar says I am sure you will take me from here. Kabir says I very less time, just tell me that you didnt kill Hamdan, I have to know that before starting process of saving you, just tell me. Ruksaar cries and says yes I killed Hamdan. Kabir is stunned and gets angry, he asks why? Ruksaar says if I didnt kill him then he would kill me, Kabir says how would you know? Ruksaar says his partner Farhan told me. Kabir says I met him, Farhan told me he used to work in that company. Ruksaar says they are partners, he is lying, they opened their company together. Kabir thinks why would Farhan lie? Kabir says tell me everything, how it all started, why didnt you tell us? He sees that Ruksaar is being taken away. Kabir is angry and leaves from there. Zara is on call with Kabir and says what? Ruksaar accepted it? all paths are closed. Kabir says there is a way, Farhan was Hamdan’s partner in global engineering company, when I met him, he lied that Hamdan was just a worker there and he didnt know much about him, I dont know what to do. He asks Zara to find an innocent poor man and help him, his prayers might make me find a way to save Ruksaar. Zara says yes.

Kabir meets Farhan, Farhan says what rubbish? Hamdan was not my partner. Kabir says I met Ruksaar. Farhan says what did she say? Kabir says she told me everything, I saw that love and crime can never be hidden. He drinks water and says you sent spies to attack me right? I am here standing alone without fear but I feel like you are scared, what happened? Farhan gets tensed. Kabir asks whats the matter? Farhan glares at him and says yes I got that attack done on you, you are just a guest here, you are challenging Farhan? I know everything about you, you have 48 hours to save Ruksaar, she wont be saved, why are you here to die? go back otherwise your father will have difficulty to take your body from here, get lost now. Kabir locks door and says I came here to save Ruksaar but now I feel like I wont spare you, listen to me. He makes him listen to voice recording of Farhan accepting that he did that attack on Kabir. Kabir says I will meet you again, he leaves.

Zeenat is stunned and says Ruksaar cant kill Hamdan. Zara says Ruksaar accepted that she killed Hamdan, Zeenat cries and says what did Ruksaar do? everything is finished. She imagines Ruksaar crying for her when she will be executed. Zeenat says I have to save Ruksaar, what if anything happens to her, she is my sister, she was with me since childhood, I cant let anything happen to her, she takes her bag and starts to leave but faints. Ayesha and Zara rushes to her. Alina brings water, Zara thinks that Ruksaar has to live for this house otherwise this house will be destroyed. Inspector says to Kabir that Saleh Sir called so we will do your work, what you want? Kabir asks inspector to reopen Ruksaar’s case, he makes him listen to Farhan’s voicenote. Inspector is stunned. Kabir says please help me. Inspector says do as I say. Farhan calls his girlfriend and says where are you love? She says I am outside your office but its locked. Farhan comes out of office and hugs her. He is stunned to see Kabir eyeing them.

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