Zara’s Nikah Wednesday Update 6 January 2021


Zara’s Nikah Wednesday Update 6 January 2021

Shahbaz says to Kabir that what are you doing here? you are getting in trap of that girl? What is she to you now? Kabir says she is my good friend and good friends dont give you bad advice. He thanks Zara for giving him confidence, he tells her that he has been selected for 2nd round. Zara gets excited and says I will help you. Shahbaz says take your name back. Kabir says I am requesting you to bless me, I am doing this for a reason. Shahbaz angrily leaves. Kabir thanks Zara and leaves. Zara smiles.

Shahbaz comes home and says Zara have provoked Kabir to work in kitchen, who will accept him as islamic leader now? Kabir comes home and says I am not going against you, following your path is my duty but I have other duties as well, I have a debt to pay, you told me to always pay my debts, I cant even have last rituals if I dont pay my debts in life, I have to pay the money that was spent on Zara’s treatment, she was my wife at that time and its my duty to pay that debt. Shahbaz leaves. Kashan wishes luck to Kabir. Ayesha says you will pass another round, Kabir says I need your help.

Zara tells Salma that Kabir will come here to cook in kitchen, we had a fight as friends but now we are fine, she leaves. Irfan comes to Salma and says I told you friendship is above everything, Salma says what is all this? They fight and patch up. Irfan says friends can fight and comeback together again.

Scene 2
Ayesha tells Shahbaz that Kabir used to follow elders only but now he is following his heart and is happy, he is a grown up now so its good, she leaves.

Kabir comes home and thanks Salma for help. Ayesha is there too. Zara says Kabir will compete against Ayesha to cook in time. Kabir starts working on cooking. Salma and Ayesha taste his dishes and like them. They help Kabir in cooking. Zara notes time and eats food. Salma says you have to give a test.

Kabir and Zara are in cafe. Zara tells him that everything will be good for him. Sabina comes there and says who broke friendship first? Kabir says Zara did it, zara says it was his fault. Sabina says dont break friendship again. Sabina wishes them and thinks that they have to follow their friendship now. Kabir is worried about next round.

Kabir is practicing time management. Salma says we dont have black peppers. She hides it and says you can put some other thing. Kabir is worried and cooks it. Salma and Ayesha taste it but they dont like it, they give him low numbers. Salma says we are your teachers right now, you have to understand mother’s trouble, we have to decide what to cook then we have to find alternatives, she shows black peppers and says you could have used other ingredients but you didnt, you failed in this test. Kabir is shocked. Ayesha says to Salma that atleast Kabir tried, this is wrong, you are unfair. Zara is confused. Salma says I gave him marks as per his performance. Kabir leaves from there.

Ruksaar says to Zeenat that you and your baby will be fine, Ruksaar says I am happy to see you happy. Ayesha and Kabir comes there. Ayesha leaves from there. Ruksaar thinks keep them tensed like this.

Zara says to Salma that you shouldnt have said so harshly, Kabir is not prepared, he wants to work here so let him work. Salma says til when you will keep thinking about others? Start thinking about yourself.

Ayesha says to Kabir that I didnt like Salma’s behavior. Kabir says she is my teacher, you are my mother. Ruksaar comes there and asks what happened? Kabir says nothing, you can leave. She leaves.

Ruksaar comes to her room and says I keep God happy but I cant see Zara getting back with Kabir, I cant just stay silent. I know Shahbaz hates Zara more than his love for Kabir, I will make sure Kabir and Zara dont reunite.

Zara comes to Irfan and says this is my first order so I have to make sure everything is fine. Ruksaar comes there and says let me know if there is any work for me. Zara says I will let you know, please check if workers are packing fine. Ruksaar thinks I will make sure this is her last job.

Zara comes to Kabir’s house. Ayesha comes there. Zara greets her and says I wanted to talk to you. Ayesha looks away. Zara tells her a joke. Ayesha starts laughing. Zara says I dont like it when you are miffed.

Kabir starts practicing cooking again with Salma and Ayesha. Zara gets call from manager who tells her that her packages didnt have clothes. Flashback shows how Ruksaar tempered with them.

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