Zara’s Nikah Wednesday Update 31 March 2021


Zara’s Nikah Wednesday Update 31 March 2021

Salma is throwing Zahida out of the house. Irfan shouts at her but she doesn’t stop. Zara comes there and tells Salma that she has given me a reason to live again. You are my Amma and she is my Ammi. Zahida tells Salma that I was hurt too to see her take off her bridal dress. I will leave soon. Salma says then go. Irfan says enough, Zara’s music center will open in this house. Zara says no, this house is of a priest and I don’t want to put you in trouble. Irfan says you are my daughter and this is your house. You will open music center here and I have messaged this to Kabir.

Kabir comes there and says the music center won’t open here. Salma asks him to come inside. Kabir says can’t. Irfan says we can sit and talk. Kabir says no, you asked me to leave this house so I won’t come till this evil music is gone from this house. Zara looks at his hand and says how did you get hurt? Kabir says it’s nothing in front of the pain you gave me. He gives her a notification and says it’s my duty to stop things happening against our religion in this city. Our head priest is coming to sharia board where I will prove that opening a music center is wrong and I stop it at any cost.

Kabir tells Zara that if someone is doing something against Islam then it’s my duty to stop it and Zara as a daughter of the priest, it’s your duty to not open this music center, he glares at her and leaves. Zara is hurt and runs from there.
Zara comes to her room.. Jag sona lage plays as she cries.
Salma asks Irfan what we will do now? Irfan says I will stand with my daughter’s decision but also as the priest of sharia board, we will see what happens. They hear Zara playing music. Salma tries to go but Irfan says let her calm down then I will talk to her.

Zara is playing music. She recalls every argument with him since their first meeting then their marriage and love. She plays fast music and thinks God I started following a new path that you showed me but are you testing my patience or my love for Kabir? I wanted to treat ill people but live my life with Kabir.. she cries and recalls Kabir’s harsh words.

Kabir writes a letter to Zara and reads that Zara leaves evil music’s side and doesn’t let people laugh at her our love. Imran cleans his wound and says you need rest, you should cancel that meeting tomorrow. Kabir says you are trying to ask why I am burning my heart? You should ask Zara why she is following that evil woman’s path, go to her and tell her that she is wrong. Ask her to not come to sharia board tomorrow, people will make fun of her and her loss is my loss. Imran calls Zara and asks him to try for his love. Kabir looks on and takes the call. Zara doesn’t hear her phone ringing. Irfan comes to Zara and says it’s my fault, I should have talked to Kabir beforehand so you wouldn’t lose hope like this. Zara says it’s not your fault, you showed me a path which I couldn’t see before. I can never be mad with Kabir, our love will never lessen with these fights over our thought process.
Kabir tells Imran that she didn’t take my call. Imran says there must be a reason, she loves you as much as you love her. Kabir says then she wouldn’t put conditions before our wedding. Let’s meet tomorrow at the sharia board.

Scene 2
In the morning, Kabir comes to the sharia board and meets the president of the board. The president says I wanted to meet Zara so I am here, where are they?

Irfan is having breakfast. Kabir calls him and says all are waiting for you, you are never late to the meetings. Irfan says I am coming there. Kabir says if you don’t come today then it will be an insult to the board and I will have to ask you to resign even if I don’t want to. Zara takes the call and says don’t show off your power like this, we got a little late but we will be there. She ends the call and tells Irfan that Kabir’s respect is my respect and I didn’t want to argue with him in front of all, I love him but I am helpless. Irfan says if you don’t want to go to the sharia board then don’t go, you don’t have to worry about Kabir threatening me, I am standing with you. Zara says I want to prove to Kabir that my condition in the mehr is not a sin and you are not wrong to stand with me.

Irfan and Zara arrive at the sharia board. Zara takes off her veil. Kabir is mesmerized to see her. He controls himself. Zara greets the president. The president says we are happy to see you. Zara says with due respect, I am not here to talk against my religion, I am here to talk about music healing people. She tells Kabir that tell me where it’s written in the Quran that music is illegal? Kabir says where it’s written that it’s legal? Zara says you are a priest so you must know the Quran has written 5 illegal things which don’t include music, it’s also illegal to call something illegal on your own which you are doing right now. You are doing an illegal thing and all of you are taking his side, you gave me a notice without investigation. Kabir glares at her.

Kabir tells Zara that you are alleging me that I am doing illegal work? Zara says then tell me where it’s written in the Quran that music is illegal? Kabir says there are three ways to read Quran. One way to just read it, other way is to understand it and then 3rd is interpreting it by some important scholars. These scholars have done their research and we never question them, not even you. I will tell you where it’s written in the Quran. Kabir says Quran says to not do shameful work. I will tell you how music is shameful. He shows CCTV of sharia board’s library and whispers to Zara that we used to go there to read together. Kabir says there are students there to learn without disturbance. I have done some setup. He calls someone to open the window there and start playing music. The students start hearing music Kala Chashma. They try to concentrate but the music draws them away and they start swaying to the music. Kabir ends the video and says this evil music distracts them from their religion, this is illegal and shameless. You are calling this legal? You are doing illegal work. Zara says you showed the distraction through music and I agree with him. Kabir is surprised and says you accepted your defeat so soon? Zara smiles and says you got happy with one agreement? Kabir is speechless. Zara says I accept that today’s music can be shameless but my music is soulful. Kabir says music is evil. Can alcohol be legal and soulful? Don’t fool us and tell us where it’s written that music is legal in the Quran? Zara says our religion allows us to play daff (music instrument). Zara gives some references about Prophet allowing kids to play daff. Kabir says don’t bring Prophet’s saying in this to prove your argument. He punches the wall in anger. Zara rushes to hold his hand and says your hand is bleeding. The president asks Imran to bring first aid. Kabir says I want one minute. He glares at Zara and leaves. Zara goes behind him.

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