Zara’s Nikah Wednesday Update 24 March 2021


Zara’s Nikah Wednesday Update 24 March 2021

Kabir is shocked to see Zara on the stage. Zara looks at him but then looks away. All welcome Kabir inside. Kabir sees Zara gone and goes behind her. The head priest of Faizabad welcomes Kabir and says let’s go inside. Kabir tries to locate Zara but she is gone.

Kabir and Imran are in the car. Kabir tells him that I saw my Zara, it was her voice, her face and my Zara. Imran doesn’t believe him and says if she was your Zara then why didn’t she stop after seeing you? Kabir says I am not going back before meeting her. Imran says let’s go back home and then think about it. Kabir thinks only one man can tell me the truth.

Kabir comes to Shahbaz. Shahbaz is in the wheelchair and paralyzed. Kabir says I want to ask something when you attacked Zara that day, did she die? Or was she alive? Shahbaz tries to say something. Kabir asks him to answer me. Kashan comes there and says don’t stress him too much, he can go in coma. Kabir sighs and moves away. Kabir thinks I will find out if my Zara is alive or not. Ruksaar can tell me that. Kabir comes to Ruksaar’s room and sees her playing with a doll. Kabir says Ruksaar? Ruksaar says be silent, I am making a baby sleep. She says soon we will have a baby together so you should start talking in a low tone, I am pregnant for 3 months now. I am going to the doctor tomorrow, you are coming, right? Kabir says can you tell me truth? When Zara was attacked that night, did she survive or not? Ruksaar is shocked and says survive? What do you mean? Zara has been dead for a year. Kabir says answer me. Ruksaar says Zara is never coming back in your life. Kabir throws a ball near her and says answer my question. Ruksaar says I don’t know anything. Kabir says my Zara is alive, she was talking and walking in front of me. Ruksaar says how can this be possible? Shahbaz told me that he killed her. Kabir says you are a liar, I can’t trust you. Ruksaar says I promise on this baby that Zara is dead.

Nargis is watching Kabir’s video against music. She sees Kabir telling people that music is a poison to us. She says he is a head priest and a big person but with such a narrow mindset? I understand that some music can be bad but some rhythm can bring peace to a man. Music can light up the world of someone, we pray to God via music but this Kabir doesn’t want to see the other side of the truth. I should stay away from him.

Kabir looks at Zara’s diary in which she wrote poetry. He reads it and imagines Zara around him. Zara says I love you.. he moves to her but it turns out to be his imagination. Bol na plays, he tries to hug her but she is gone. He thinks that I won’t let Zara’s memories go away from me.
Nargis can’t sleep and calls her teacher. She says I know what to do.

Nargis comes to the hospital board member and says are you against me? He says never. She says then why did you call two people from different schools of thought? You called Lucknow’s head priest here yesterday when you know he doesn’t understand the difference between good and bad music? You should have stopped him but you insulted me. And now you want me to share the greatness of music? The manager says are you talking about Kabir? We didn’t know about his thoughts on music, we called him to inaugurate the new ward. Do you have some old beef against him? Nargis says no. Kabir calls the manager. The manager says we were talking about you Kabir only. Kabir says I wanted to ask something, when I came to your function, there was a woman giving a speech? What was her name? The manager says her name is Nargis. Nargis hears it and thinks he might have got the news that I am opening a music therapy center in Faizabad so he will come charging against me to close it. Kabir asks the manager if I can meet that Nargis? He says yes, she is sitting here. He turns and sees her gone. The manager says she is gone now but you come here, I will arrange your meeting with her. Kabir thinks why did she leave? Is she running away from me?

Zeenat is trying to make Ruksaar eat something but Ruksaar says I am not hungry. I am scared. Zeenat says what happened? Ruksaar says Kabir found a girl resembling Zara but I am sure she is not Zara as she is dead. Zeenat says yes. Ruksaar says maybe that girl looks like Zaraa but she can’t be Zara. What if she comes to Kabir’s life? Kabir will throw me out of his life, I have to find that lookalike. She smirks evilly.

Nargis is leaving the hospital. She sees Kabir arriving there and covers her face. Kabir tries to see her face but she puts a phone in front of herso Kabir doesn’t see her. Kabir comes to the hospital but Zara leaves from there. The manager tells Kabir that Nargis (Zara) just left from here. Kabir thinks why Zara is running from me?

Zahida brings Zara to the dargah and says you got a new life 2 years back here only. Go and pray to him. Zara nods.

Kabir is in the car and gets a call from his manager. He says that she is registered under the name Nargis Fatima. Kabir asks him to find all the information and her contact number. He thinks she is not Nargis but my Zara.

Zara comes to the priest, he asks for her name. She says Nargis Fatima. He mistakenly drops the sacred sheet and says this never happened before, you are lying, tell me your true name. Zara is tensed. Zahida asks her to tell the true name. Zara says I am Zara Siddiqui. She asks the priest to pray for me, God has shown me a path, I have left a path and that I never go back to that path, to my family. The priest prays for her.

Ruksaar calls someone and says we have to find that girl like Zara.

Kabir tells Irfan that new Zara destroyed our Zara’s memories, I will remove her shadow from here because your real daughter is alive. Irfan says what?

Zara tells Zahida that to promise me to never tell about my real identity. I will never go back to life which gave me death and God separated me from there. Zahida says fate planned all this, you had to go to that dargah on the day you got a new life.

Kabir tells Irfan that soon our Zara will be back. I have seen her. Irfan cries and says if it happens then I will be forever grateful but why didn’t Zara come to you?

Zahida shows a sheet to Zara and says on the day of your attack, a man Rajab was there and this sheet fell in the river and he found you in this sheet. He saved you and I got my daughter Nargis. Zara says you know why I am running away from Kabir and my family. Kabir might have found me but I can’t go back to that life again. Ruksaar comes to the paralyzed Shahbaz and laughs at his condition. She says you were a villain and an idiot, I poisoned many lives with you but then you wanted to repent and went to your son but I couldn’t let that happen as you new my reality so I did so many bad things with you that you couldn’t talk or walk. Now you are in this condition.

Zara is playing her therapy music. The girl smiles at her. Her mother says she has started reacting. Zara offers namaz. She girl watches her and takes her instruments. Zara smiles and tells Zahida that this is my first success, I want to treat people with music. Zahida says I pray for you. She thinks that Kabir is away from her but they still have silent love which shows it’s magic.

Kabir is driving the car with Ruksaar. He recalls about Zara. Ruksaar says don’t worry about me and drive fast. Kabir gets a call and says you got the address? It’s Nargis’ address? Thanks. Ruksaar thinks so her name is Nargis? A kid comes there and says my father has lost his job. Kabir asks him to come to the sharia board for his father’s job and gives him some money. Kabir gets Nargis’ address on the message. Ruksaar sees it.

The doctor checks Ruksaar and tells Kabir that she is totally fine and you are a responsible husband. Ruksaar says he will take care of me always. Kabir gets a call and leaves the room. The doctor goes to check a patient. Ruksaar meets a man in the burqa and gives him some money. She tells him the address of Nargis. Kabir comes there so Ruksaar acts like she is talking to a random woman about the baby. The man in the burqa leaves. Kabir sniffs and thinks this is man’s perfume?

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