Zara’s Nikah Wednesday Update 24 February 2021


Zara’s Nikah Wednesday Update 24 February 2021

Shahbaz calls his lawyer and says you can’t lose this case. The lawyer says we will prepare everything. They hear a police siren. Kabir and Zara come there. Kabir glares at Shahbaz. Shahbaz says this police is for my safety. Kabir says they can protect you today but I will see a dream and ask God if I should kill you myself or use law. He leaves from there. Ruksaar grabs Zara and says you are a servant here so don’t try to act over-smart. Zara tells Ruksaar that Kabir knows the truth a nd you can’t stop him now. She leaves.

Scene 2
Kabir comes to his room and recalls his moments with Zara. He offers namaz and prays to show him the way for Zara’s killer. Ruksaar hides and hears it.

Zeenat slaps Ruksaar and says you were part of Zara’s murder? You should be ashamed. Ruksaar says she took my Kabir away that’s why I was with Shahbaz to kill her. Zeenat cries and says why did you have to enter that mess? What if Kabir sends you to jail? Ruksaar says Kabir will kill me, please save me.

Zara brings food for Kabir but he is praying. She sits in front of him and says eat something, I won’t leave till you eat. Should I stay here or not? Ruksaar has threatened me but I am worried about the kids. Kabir says it’s your choice, you can stay or leave. I thought you were tough and will stay here, maybe I was wrong. Zara smiles. Kabir says you can leave. Zara offers him food and says please. Kabir eats from her hand. Shahbaz recalls Kabir’s words and says I won power and now my son is against me. I did so much so I will have to sacrifice today.

Azra comes to Irfan and says Salma is not in her room. Irfan checks and doesn’t find her. He calls her but she doesn’t pick up. He leaves.

Salma is walking on the road and recalls her moments with her daughter Zara. She has a knife with her.

Shahbaz comes to Kabir’s room and sees him sleeping. He puts a noose around him.

Irfan finds Salma on the road, she runs away. He asks her to stop and falls down. Salma comes to him and asks if he is fine? Irfan says go and kill him, leave me too. I have earned this respect but id you want to end it then fine.

Shahbaz pulls the noose and hangs Kabir. Kabir is shocked. Shahbaz says I loved you so much but you didn’t listen to me because of that girl, I can’t let you live now, you have to die, you loved Zara a lot so I will send you to her. He pulls his noose more… it all turns out to be Zara’s dream. She comes to Kabir’s room. He comes out of the washroom, she runs and hugs him. Kabir moves away. Zara says I am sorry, I thought something happened to you. Kabir says I am fine, I know what I am going to do.

Scene 2
In the morning, Kabir comes in the living area and tells the family that I won’t kill Shahbaz, I will use the law to punish Zara’s killer. Kashan tells Kabir that our respect is at stake, you will file an FIR for him? Zara died because of her deeds. We will give money to Irfan but you won’t file a complaint. Kabir says right, I am not your brother right now, I am a husband whose wife was killed and I will get justice for her. Ruksaar is tensed. Amaan comes there and shows a tattoo that Zeenat wrote. It says my grandfather is a killer. Zeenat says if you go out and complain then I will write this on his head, if you care about his future then you won’t go out. You both don’t think about others, if you file an FIR then my son’s future will be destroyed, I won’t let you do it. Go but first kill us. I can’t live a life like that. Kabir wipes the tattoo from Amaan’s hand. Zeenat says I knew that you won’t let this happen with your father. Kabir says respect is in God’s hand Amaan, don’t worry, he leaves. Kabir tells Zeenat that you can’t make me silent so stop trying. I will take my justice.

Kabir sits in the car and someone puts a knife at him. It’s the kids. He asks them to get down from the car. Zara says the kids are coming with us, it’s not safe here.
Ruksaar runs to Shahbaz and says Kabir and Zara are missing. Shahbaz grabs her and says you couldn’t do simple work.

Kabir and Zara are in the car with the kids. Zara tells Kabir that the kids were missing in the morning. Zaid says that Shahbaz told us that he will send us away. Zara says they were locked in the storeroom.

Shahbaz tells Ruksaar that you couldn’t stop the kids, I wanted to hold them hostage so I could stop Kabir but you couldn’t do that. Zeenat pleads to leave her, she says I promise that Kabir will not go to the police.

Zara tells the kids that they will stay at Irfan’s house for somedays. The kids promise Kabir to come and see them soon. Kabir says I have no one except you people so I promise to meet you daily.

Zeenat tells a plan to Shahbaz. Ruksaar says Shahbaz won’t be able to do it to his son. Zeenat says but he has to do it. Ruksaar says he can’t hurt Kabir for his life. Zeenat says Shahbaz’s decision is in his hands. Shahbaz looks on.

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