Zara’s Nikah Wednesday Update 23 December 2020


Zara’s Nikah Wednesday Update 23 December 2020

Zara gets ready and tells family she is going for job interview. Azra and Ruksaar are happy but Irfan says this is why I didnt want to tell you, I am still alive, you dont need to do job, he leaves. Azra says he got angry. Zara says there is something else, he never talked to me like this.

Zara comes to Irfan and says I know there is something else, I should have asked your permission. Irfan says if you want to do job for your future, for your life then its fine with me but if you want to do it to earn for this house, its my duty, our religion says that its father’s duty for house. Zara says when parents grow old, they can take help from their kids, I want to help you, trust me, God has asked us to tend to older people, you have done your job, let me do my duty too, please allow me to do this job. Irfan is about to allow her but Salma pulls him away and says no, what will people say? Dont allow her. Zara says dont think about them. Irfan says Zara is right, kids can take of parents too.

Shahbaz sees Kabir going from house. He meets manager who tells him that Kabir is getting job at office where Zara applied too, Shahbaz is shocked.

NGO director is waiting for Zara and wants to hire Zara and Kabir. Shahbaz calls him and asks him to meet.

Zara asks Salma to agree, please. Salma says no. Zara recalls how she used to banter with Kabir and shakes her head.

Shahbaz meets NGO director. Shahbaz says I want to help your NGO but Zara and Kabir shouldnt know. Director says okay and thanks him.

Zara comes for job interview and is shocked to see Kabir there. She asks what are you doing here? Kabir says why are you here? Zara thinks he might be here for the interview. Zara says I am not telling you. Servant mistakenly locks door and leaves. Zara tries to open the door and says I have to meet director. Zara says I am here for job interview, why are you here? Kabir thinks and says dont know why you are here, you can do job here. Kabir knocks on door and says open it. Zara pulls him away and asks him to calm down. Zara thinks how to stop him. Zara says you are scared that I will get the job thats why you dont want to give interview? you are a coward, if not then stay here and give interview. Kabir says I was leaving but now I will show that I will get this job. Zara says he will give me this job. Kabir says lets see.

Its raining outside and Kabir-Zara are locked in a room. Kabir thinks that situation changed so much, your voice used to give me calm and now your silence is making me feel dead inside. Zara sees him eyeing her and goes to him. She says I have caught you staring at me. Kabir says I was thinking.. um.. I will call Shahbaz and ask him to send driver for us. Zara says call Boss Qadir too. They see no network and says Qadir must be stuck in traffic. Kabir knocks on door. Zara says let me study for interview. Kabir laughs and says you have network in your phone? Zara says I saved the file yesterday only. Kabir says I dont need to study, I know what will be asked in an interview, Zara says okay take my interview then. Kabir says you look like you didnt work before. Zara says I worked in sharia board but then I was married and.. she stops. Kabir says nothing should be forced in life otherwise it will break down. Zara sees windows clinking, Kabir and Zara locks it. Zara is about to fall down but Kabir holds her. He says sorry, zara says I dont need support.

Salma is calling Zara but she is not picking up. Irfan says she went for an interview, Salma says I want her to get married, Irfan says she already had to bear a lot, I will marry her with someone who has similar thoughts like her.

Kabir is looking around for food. Zara offers him her lunch box. He says I dont need it. Zara says fine, I will eat alone, she asks him to open her box. Kabir opens it and sees good smell. He tries to control himself. Zara says I am so hungry, she takes it from him and enjoys eating. She teases him and asks if he is hungry? I am sorry if I said anything bad, you can eat. Kabir sits with her and starts eating. They both fight for food. Zara’s book fall out of bag. He sees its title ‘heart break and how to control it in islam’. Zara takes it from him. Qadir comes there and greets them.

Rizwan comes to Shahbaz’s house as an electrician. Guard lets him in. Rizwan sees Shahbaz in lounge and goes to circuit board. He calls his goon and asks him to start. His goons sees golden gloves in porch and calls Shahbaz. Shahbaz says who could throw it there? Let me check mine.
Shahbaz goes to store room and sees his gloves there. He calls his goon and says my gloves are here. He leaves. Rizwan sees it and takes gloves box, he says your destruction is in my hands now. He leaves from there with gloves.

Qadir scolds his staff for locking Kabir and Zara. Kabir says its okay. Qadir says you dont have to give interview, you both are hired. Kabir says both? Qadir says I know you dont want to work together, Zara can work in women department and you can work in men department. Kabir says that is fine, Qadir says just one thing, investors are coming today so you both will have to be there. I will give you information there. Kabir and Zara leave. Qadir gets call and says I did as you said.

Kabir and Zara comes in conference room. Media is there too. Qadir comes there and says its a big project. Qadir says to media that famous couple Zara and Kabir are here. Kabir and Zara study case file and are shocked. Kabir says you want us to say all that infront of them? Qadir says yes. Zara says you want us to say this? He nods.

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