Zara’s Nikah Update 5 August 2020 Zara makes a shocking revelation to Kabir


Zara’s Nikah Update 5 August 2020 Zara makes a shocking revelation to Kabir

5th August 2020 Wednesday Update on Zara’s Nikah Update: Zara brings sweetdish to Kabir and asks him to taste it, why you are doing this? so much anger? please be pacified atleast for family. Kabir says stop this drama, I am what I am. Ayesha comes there. Zara acts like smiling at Kabir. Kabir says to Zara that stop this drama, Zara sadly looks at Kabir. Kabir says you will never back away, its useless.

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He leaves. Zara is sad. Zeenat and Ruksaar comes to Zara, Zeenat says you have tear in your eyes? this is wrong. Ruksaar says to Zeenat that the woman who hurts her husband.. God doesnt spare her. Zara shows her police number and glares at her. Ruksaar looks on. Zeenat says leave it Ruksaar, the woman who can fight with her husband, can send you to jail too, I thought to console her but I am wrong, she leaves with Ruksaar. Zara is tensed and thinks to pacify Kabir somehow.

Salma is packing gifts for Zara. Irfan says you are packing gifts like its her dowry. Salma says I dont want people to think Zara doesnt have things, she is head priest’s daughter so she has an honor to maintain. Irfan says I am thinking to make Kabir head priest on this eid but then I wonder if he is ready. Salma says yes, dont take this decision in haste, dont come under pressure of Kabir’s family.

Kabier is calling people and asking for money, he says I need some money but I will return it, nobody answers his calls. Kabir is frustrated.

Zara serves food to Kabir but he doesnt eat, Zara says you are miffed with me but why anger on food? Kabir starts eating. Shahbaz comes and gives eidi to Zara, he blesses her for a good life. Shahbaz gives eidi to Ruksaar too. Ayesha says Zara have made biryani. They all sit to eat. Miraj says wow.. Zara have cooked such nice food, she have taste in her hands. Zara thanks him. Kabir looks on. In evening function, Kabir makes Miraj meet a priest. Zara comes there after ready. Kabir eyes her and cant look away. Zara greets everyone. Kabir keeps taking a look at her. Zara goes to Kabir. Miraj wishes her eid and keeps talking to her. Zara feels weird, Kabir leaves from there. Zara goes behind him.

Amaan comes to Zara and says eidi have come from your house. Kabir makes servants put eidi on table. Nilofar comes to Zara and says guests are calling you, Zara leaves. Nilofar smirks.

Jeet Gayi Toh hero Varun and heroine Devika comes to function. They greet everyone and goes to dance floor. They romantically dances on khuda jane, Zara enjoys their dance and keeps glancing at Kabir. He smiles at her a little. Varun and Devika dances happily.
Kabir calls someone and says have you done all preparations? okay come from behind so nobody can see you, there should be nothing less. Zara comes there and asks whom he is talking to? Kabir says no one, he asks her to enjoy and leaves.

Priest tells Miraj that Zara’s wedding mahar was on 1 crore.. he tells him some information which is muted, Miraj says are you sure? Priest says yes I know it.

Kabir follows Zara. Zara says whom you are following? He says I am Kabir Ahmed. She asks who Kabir Ahmed? He says who wants to see you always happy, bring happiness to you and who wants to say sorry to his wife.. I am sorry. Zara says no, my name looks good on your lips, not sorry, I thought after going to mosque.. you.. Kabir stops him and says forget what happened, I shouldnt have pressurized my thoughts on you, God has asked us to forget fights and enjoy eid and I want to celebrate this eid with you and.. he pulls her closer and says eid mubarak my darling, she says eid murabak darling. Zara says whom called you? Kabir says leave all that, I have planned three surprises for you. She sys that is a surprise for me. He says why I cant prepare a surprise for my wife? she says you can, I have prepared a surprise for you too. He pulls her closer, and leans in but she runs away. He smiles.

Scene 4
All family members start dancing. Shahbaz, Ayesha, Zara and Ruksaar enjoy.

Irfan and Salma comes to Shahbaz’s house. Salma asks Irfan to not be angry on eid, they greet everyone. Zara and Kabir meets them. Salma says Zara you look very happy, Irfan asks if she liked their gifts? Zara says I couldnt get time.

Ayesha asks Zara if her and Kabir sorted out their differences or she is pretending to make their parents happy? zara says no we really sorted out things, he even planned three surprises for me.

Kabir says to guests that islam doesnt allow dance and music but it asks husbands to take care of their wives. He comes to Zara and says my wife I want to tell you that I love you, I will make you happy. He smiles at her.

Ayesha says to Shahbaz that I am happy Kabir and Zara are fine. Zeenat is opening Zara’s gifts but Ayesha says Zara will open them. Zeenat opens a gift box and sees plain clothes, she says I am sorry but Zara’s family have sent this on eid? even servants dont wear these. Ruksaar says fruits are stale. Shahbaz says what is this? are they trying to show us our worth? this is a joke. Ayesha says they cant do this. Zeenat says they have sent these clothes for us, she opens Zara’s gift box and says they have sent her good clothes but servants clothes to us. Shahbaz says I will talk to him. Ayesha says dont do it now, its eid, Shahbaz says but Irfan didnt do right, he leaves. Ayesha says to Zeenat that Salma and Irfan shouldnt know that Shahbaz did not like the gifts and serve them nicely. She leaves. Nilofar, Zeenat and Ruksaar smirks.

Irfan says to Salma that no one is tending to us here. Salma says they all must be busy. Salma tries to stop a waiter but no one is stopping. She goes to bring a juice.
Miraj is mixing a medicine in juice. Nilofar sees it. Miraj sends juice to Kabir. Nilofar thinks if anything happens to Kabir then Ruksaar wont spare me. She runs waiter. Amaan takes spiked juice from waiter and runs away. Nilofar runs behind him to stop him. She grabs glass from him before he can drink. Nilofar comes to Miraj and says brother what are you trying to do? dont play games.

Imran and Kashan starts dancing on sajda. Zeenat and Reema joins them. They all dance together and enjoy.

Kabir comes to his room with a bag. He hides it in cupboard. Zara comes there and says why you are here? Kabir says nothing. Zara says I want to put my earrings in cupboard, give me the key. Kabir says dont remove them, they mesmerize me when they make a noise, they captivate me and look so beautiful on you, dont remove them for your husband. Zara hugs him and says I can do anything for you. Kabir says I have another surprise for you, I will show you that soon. Ayesha calls Zara and asks her to come down, she nods. Kabir asks if she will come at 9PM for her surprise? she says sure, I will come, she lovingly looks at him and leaves. Cupboard’s key have fallen from his pocket on bed.

Zara comes to her room and finds a dress on bed, she says so this is Kabir’s next gift? I like it, I should wear matching jewelry. She finds cupboard key on bed and opens it. Kabir calls her and asks her to come down and meet him. She says Kabir is planning a surprise for me and I am opening it before him, I should go to him, she leaves.

Irfan says to Salma that they are insulting us with waiters, I cant stay here anymore. Salma says we cant leave like this, this is our daughter’s inlaws house.

Kabir brings Zara in porch, he has arranged food ad a date. Kabir says you always complained that I didnt take you on dates so this is a small date for you, there is only me and my love here. Kabir holds her hand. They sit down and hug each other. Miraj sees this from far. Kabir offers food to Zara. Kabir hugs her from behind and asks how much she liked his surprise? Zara says I cant tell you in words, Kabir says I will meet you later. He leaves. Miraj calls Zara and says you look so pretty in this dress, I knew it. Zara says come infront of me and I will show you color of my sandal. Miraj says I can see you angry and you look pretty, I sent you this dress. Zara says you can see me right? she burns dupatta and says I will burn this dress too and will burn you too if you come infront of me, Zara is only of Kabir. Miraj ends call.

Khalid says to Shahbaz that you wanted to make your son as head priest, what happened then? Irfan hides and hears it. Munir says Kabir has the right to become head priest, he is head priest’s son in law. Shahbaz says the person who cant give good eidi to his daughter’s inlaws, he cant give position to others. Irfan hears it and is hurt. Nilofar says to Ruksaar that you have started a good fire.

Amaan is using his phone, he has mistakenly recorded Miraj and Kabir’s conversation. Zara plays game with him but mistakenly opens videos. She is stunned to see a video of Kabir and Miraj. In video, Miraj says to Kabir that I am ready to give you the money but you have to keep something as debt.

Zeenat says to Ruksaar that nobody has even asked for water to Irfan and Salma, they must be pissed.

Zara talks to Irfan and Salma. Irfan tells her how nobody tended to them and Shahbaz insulted them. Irfan says I was even thinking to reject bill against Kabir’s position and make him head priest.
Nilofar says to Kabir that Zara is calling you upstairs, he goes.
Zara says to Irfan that Kabir will be happy to become head priest but I dont think this is the right time, I mean Kabir is not totally mature, he gets angry on small things, he gets pissed off easily, takes rash decisions. Kabir comes there and hears it. Zara says I dont think Kabir can be head priest right now, I am hurt that Shahbaz treated you both like this. Irfan and Salma leaves. Zara comes out of room and sees Kabir there, he glares at her. Nilofar and Ruksaar sees it and says we have started the fire.

Kabir comes to his room and looks around for his bag. Zara comes there and shows him briefcase, she says you were searching for this? why do you need this much money? was this for me? Kabir says what is for me? when your parents were insulting my parents, you were silent and now you are trying to insult my parents, Zara says your parents are my parents too. Kabir says you have brought a gap between this. Zara says I will answer that later, first tell me why you needed this much money? what have you put as a debt? Kabir is tensed. Zara says what debt have you paid? Kabir says you are too innocent. Zara says I know what you have put as a debt. She shows him a video. Kabir plays, in video Kabir says to Miraj that I dont have anything to keep as a debt for money you are paying so I am giving myself as a debt, till I dont payback, Kabir will your slave. Miraj smirks and shakes hands with him. Kabir says to Zara that this is not the full truth. Zara brigs Quran and puts Kabir’s hand on it, she asks him to swear on it about the truth. Kabir looks on.

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