Zara’s Nikah Update 4 August 2020 Ruksaar is back


Zara’s Nikah Update 4 August 2020 Ruksaar is back

4th August 2020 Tuesday Update on Zara’s Nikah Update: Ayesha comes to Kabir and says you have to bring Zara back on eid. KAbir says she left from here. Ayesha says I wont let you destroy eid because of your fight. Shahbaz comes there. Ayesha says Zara and her family should be here on eid. Shahbaz says Zara is fine but why call Irfan? Ayesha says what? if Zara is not here then I will go back to my mother’s house too. Kabir says what? she says yes if you dont bring Zara then I am leaving too.

Salma says to Zara that you dont want to go to your inlaws house? Zara says I told you I will go there but till Kabir doesnt come to take me, I wont go there. Door bell rings. Zara goes to open the door. She opens it and rubs her eyes due to spice. She says my eyes have spice in it, its itchy and I cant open them, who is it? Kabir looks on. Kabir blows on her eyes. Zara touches his face, they stare at each other. Zara moves away. Ayesha comes there and asks Zara if she is fine? Zara says yes, come inside. Ayesha and Kabir enters Zara’s house. Ayesha says to Zara that come to your room, we will celebrate eid together. Zara says someone doesnt want me to come so I wont come. Ayesha says dont say like that, this is your first eid and if daughter in law is not at home then relatives can ask weird questions but I want you to come home, home looks empty without you, dont say no. Zara looks at Kabir and thinks I want to spend eid with him, just say once that you want me to come with you.

 Kabir says to Irfan that you should come to our eid celebrations, its going to be big. Irfan says thanks for the invitation but elders should invite elders, Shahbaz not coming here can mean that he doesnt want us to join you people on eid. Ayesha says no no, he wanted to come but had some work. Ayesha says to Zara that I really want you on eid but you cant then atleast come for iftar, God bless you. Se hugs Salma. Kabir greets Irfan and Salman. He looks at Zara but doesnt say anything, he leaves with Ayesha.

At night, Ayesha is waiting for Zara at iftar. Kabir says you are waiting for my wife? she is not going to come, she is stubborn. Nilofar says we cant delay iftar. Ayesha says no, Zara can never disappoint me, she will come for sure. Kabir says okay lets bet that if she comes then I will do as you say but I am telling you she is not coming. Ayesha looks at door but there is no Zara. She turns away but Zara enters house and greets Ayesha. Ayesha is elated to see her and hugs her. Zara greets everyone. Ayesha makes her sit with Zara. Ayesha says to Kabir that you said you will do anything if Zara comes then break her fast. Kabir says I am not doing it, I cant do it. Ayesha says I heard priests dont go back on their words so open her fast. Shahbaz asks him do it. Kabir offers a date to Zara but she doesnt take it, he moves it closer to her mouth, she takes a bite. Ayesha asks Zara too. Zara takes a date and offers it to Kabir but he doesnt eat. All look on. He takes a bite. Zara smiles a little. Shahbaz says lets eat.

Zeenat sees dresses and says to Ayesha that you are getting all this? Ayesha says my time has passed, this is for you both. She gives dresses and jewelry to Zara and says they will look really nice on you. Zeenat says keep them, you are lucky to get jewelry and dresses like these, I didnt get something like this on my first eid. Ayesha says I have got gifts for you too, gifts I gave you on your first eid followed the fashion of that time, these are new styles. Zeenat says maybe you are right but Zara’s jewelry’ seems very luxury, seems like you bought it with heart. Zara says you are a family, you can keep my jewelry, Zeenat says I dont want things in charity, Ayesha gives Zeenat’s gifts to her and says you both are same for me, Zeenat thanks and angrily leaves. Ayesha asks Zara if she felt bad about Zeenat’s words? Zara says no no. Ayesha says this is your first eid in this house, I want you to end all this matter with Kabir so you start a new start with Kabir to have a good future. Zara says now I know Kabir and his anger, I know how to cool it down, there will be no space between us now. Ayesha says Kabir is lucky to get a wife like you, Zara says I am lucky to get a husband like him and mother in law like you. She hugs her.

Amaan calls everyone on terrace and shows them the moon of eid. They all congratulate each other. Amaan says I will take a photo of moon, he strikes with Zara, she is about to fall but Kabir holds her, they stare at each other. Nilofar whispers to Miraj that some people are falling i love and some are getting burnt with jealousy. Ayesha snickers. Kabir moves away from Zara. Zara stops Kabir and says tomorrow is eid, please forget all the matters and enjoy eid with us. Kabir says I dont want to talk about this. Zara says please. Kabir says okay.. Ruksaar comes there and greets everyone. Zeenat says you? Ruksaar says dont worry, I didnt runaway from my inlaws house, Hamdan left me here, he will come here tomorrow after his work is done. Ruksaar hugs Zeenat, Zeenat says I was missing you so much, now my eid will be a happy one. Zara glares at at them and is about to message. Zeenat thinks what if Zara messages police because case is still active against Zara. Ayesha shakes her head at Zara, Zara stops.

Scene 2
Eid celebrations start at Kabir’s house. Zara meets with Reema and Imra. Cast Piya albela dances in function, leads dance on Wallah and create a joyous environment.

Zara sees Ruksaar going to a room, she follows her but Ruksaar hides. Zara leaves.
Kabir comes to Miraj and says I need your help. Miraj says what is it that you have come to ask me and that too at this time? Kabir looks on. Miraj brings him to his room.
Zara sees Ruksaar and tries to go behind her but misses her.
Ruksaar comes to Nilofar and says what we couldnt do, you did it in some days? Nilofar smirks. Ruksaar says I am happy to see a wedge between Zara and Kabir. Nilofar says thats why I took 50 lacs from you, you see what I do with their relation, today Zara will be insulted and I have prepared for it.
Zara is looking around in house and says there is no one here.
Kabir says to Miraj that I want one crore from you. Miraj says are you giving one crore eidi to Zara or something else? tell me the reason. Kabir says I cant tell you the reason.

Nilofar says to Ruksaar that tomorrow, Kabir and Zara’s relation will break and Kabir wont be hurt, Ruksaar says what are you doing tomorrow? Nilofar says just wait.
Kabir asks Miraj if he will help him? Miraj says I can but amount is big so you can tell me the reason, are you in some trouble? Kabir says I cant tell you, thanks anyway, he leaves. Miraj thinks why Kabir needs such a big amount? if I get to know the reason behind it then Kabir and Zara will have more gap between them and I will get more closer to Zara.

Scene 3
Eid celebrations start, all hug each other. Alina asks Kashan to give her blessing and prayers, he nods and smiles.
Kabir and Zara are getting ready in their room. Zara is tensed and tries to talk to him but he ignores her. He puts a towel on ed, she glares at him, he gives towel to her. Kabir moves to take his cape but Zara takes it and says if you want to go for namaz then I dare you take take this cape from me. He glares at her and moves to grab her but Zara runs away. He goes behind her but Zara hugs him and says till you dont request, I wont give it to you and you have to say eid mubarak. Kabir says you can keep the cape, there are caps in mosque, he leaves. Zara looks on.

Salma calls Zara and congratulates her on her first eid after wedding. Zara thanks her and asks if she is coming? Salma says we have to come to meet our daughter. She asks if her and Kabir’s relation is fine now? Zara lies that we have become more closer because of eid, Salma says we want you both happy and together.

Kabir congratulates Alina on eid. Amaan asks for eidi. Kabir says first we have to go for prayers. Alina says we want it now. Kabir says you have to wait. Alina says I wont talk to you, Kabir says then you will not get double eidi. Alina says great. Zara comes there and greets everyone. Alina says you are looking very pretty. Zara thanks her. Alina says this is your first eid here, we will make it memorable and you will never forget it. They suddenly hear women chanting in favor of Zara. Some women enter house. Zara stops them and says you all here? what happened? One woman says we have got you, our campaign have reached other countries, she shows a reporter and says Meera Jones have come from London meet you. Zara greets her. Meera says I am a journalist and I have come to write a story on you for the fight for women to pray in mosques. One woman says to Zara that we want to give you an award for being a representative of islamic women. Kabir is angry. They give a trophy to Zara. All look on, Nilofar says wow Zara you are more famous than Kabir, talk have reached till London. zara says I didnt do anything. Nilofar says there are a lot of people do it for you. One reporter asks Kabir to move away, he wants to take Zara’s picture. Kabir says sure take her picture. Kabir says look you are getting famous, take her pictures, you wanted this Zara? to become a leader for islamic women, what will you do then? write an islamic book which rules as per your thoughts? Woman says you have took our right to pray in mosques, one woman says you are Kabir? how do you live in this age with such old thoughts? Zara says how dare you people insult my husband? One woman says why are you not on your wife’s side? Kabir shouts that I will not be with her on this. Shahbaz asks him to control his anger. Zara says to women that you people should have asked me before coming here. Woman says you have fought for us, we are happy to get you so we brought this reporter to meet you, today is eid, lets go and pray in mosque. Zara is tensed. Ayesha says they are right, I will go with you to pray. Zara says I dont think we should go to mosque, I dont want a fight on the occasion of eid, lets pray in house today, she asks women to leave. Ayesha says I am with you on whatever you decide, I think you should go with these women but you decide your fight. Zara says you are right, when I have started fight for women then how can I move back and I have so many women with me. Kabir angrily leaves. Zara leaves with women. Ruksaar says Zara didnt do right by insulting Kabir, I thought she is good for Kabir but I saw how much she loves him, what she wants to show doing all this? Ayesha glares at her and leaves. Ruksaar says to Nilofar that you made Zara’s campaign against her, great. Nilofar says just want and watch.



Zara brings sweetdish for Kabir, he looks away but takes it. Zara offers it to Ruksaar. Hamdan comes there and greets them. Ruksaar says to Hamdan that you were coming in evening? he says Zara called me to come here. Zara says Hamdan should be here, I called him, Shahbaz says great. Zara gives sweetdish to Hamdan. He offers it to Ruksaar and makes her eat it, she wishes him eid.
Zara brings sweetdish to Kabir and asks him to taste it, why you are doing this? so much anger? please be pacified atleast for family. Kabir says stop this drama, I am what I am. Ayesha comes there. Zara acts like smiling at Kabir. Kabir says to Zara that stop this drama, Zara sadly looks at Kabir. Kabir says you will never back away, its useless. He leaves. Zara is sad. Zeenat and Ruksaar comes to Zara, Zeenat says you have tear in your eyes? this is wrong. Ruksaar says to Zeenat that the woman who hurts her husband.. God doesnt spare her. Zara shows her police number and glares at her. Ruksaar looks on. Zeenat says leave it Ruksaar, the woman who can fight with her husband, can send you to jail too, I thought to console her but I am wrong, she leaves with Ruksaar. Zara is tensed and thinks to pacify Kabir somehow.

Salma is packing gifts for Zara. Irfan says you are packing gifts like its her dowry. Salma says I dont want people to think Zara doesnt have things, she is head priest’s daughter so she has an honor to maintain. Irfan says I am thinking to make Kabir head priest on this eid but then I wonder if he is ready. Salma says yes, dont take this decision in haste, dont come under pressure of Kabir’s family.

Kabier is calling people and asking for money, he says I need some money but I will return it, nobody answers his calls. Kabir is frustrated.

Zara serves food to Kabir but he doesnt eat, Zara says you are miffed with me but why anger on food? Kabir starts eating. Shahbaz comes and gives eidi to Zara, he blesses her for a good life. Shahbaz gives eidi to Ruksaar too. Ayesha says Zara have made biryani. They all sit to eat. Miraj says wow.. Zara have cooked such nice food, she have taste in her hands. Zara thanks him. Kabir looks on.

In evening function, Kabir makes Miraj meet a priest. Zara comes there after ready. Kabir eyes her and cant look away. Zara greets everyone. Kabir keeps taking a look at her. Zara goes to Kabir. Miraj wishes her eid and keeps talking to her. Zara feels weird, Kabir leaves from there. Zara goes behind him.

Amaan comes to Zara and says eidi have come from your house. Kabir makes servants put eidi on table. Nilofar comes to Zara and says guests are calling you, Zara leaves. Nilofar smirks.

Jeet Gayi Toh hero Varun and heroine Devika comes to function. They greet everyone and goes to dance floor. They romantically dances on khuda jane, Zara enjoys their dance and keeps glancing at Kabir. He smiles at her a little. Varun and Devika dances happily.
Kabir calls someone and says have you done all preparations? okay come from behind so nobody can see you, there should be nothing less. Zara comes there and asks whom he is talking to? Kabir says no one, he asks her to enjoy and leaves.

Priest tells Miraj that Zara’s wedding mahar was on 1 crore.. he tells him some information which is muted, Miraj says are you sure? Priest says yes I know it.

Kabir follows Zara. Zara says whom you are following? He says I am Kabir Ahmed. She asks who Kabir Ahmed? He says who wants to see you always happy, bring happiness to you and who wants to say sorry to his wife.. I am sorry. Zara says no, my name looks good on your lips, not sorry, I thought after going to mosque.. you.. Kabir stops him and says forget what happened, I shouldnt have pressurized my thoughts on you, God has asked us to forget fights and enjoy eid and I want to celebrate this eid with you and.. he pulls her closer and says eid mubarak my darling, she says eid murabak darling. Zara says whom called you? Kabir says leave all that, I have planned three surprises for you. She sys that is a surprise for me. He says why I cant prepare a surprise for my wife? she says you can, I have prepared a surprise for you too. He pulls her closer, and leans in but she runs away. He smiles.

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