Zara’s Nikah Tuesday Update 8 September 2020


Zara’s Nikah Tuesday Update 8 September 2020

Kabir sees Ruksaar’s call, Ruksaar says please save me Kabir, they see Ruksaar in jail. Kabir says what happened? An officer says on call that she was jailed and will be hanged till death, you can save her in 3 days if you want, she ends call. Kabir is stunned and says whats her crime? Zara is tensed.

Mehndi function is going, all are dancing. Kabir and Zara comes there and stops music. All are stunned. Kabir says Zeenat.. Zeenat says we are dancing for your wedding but you both seem tensed? Ayesha asks Zara why she removed her mehndi? Zara says this marriage cant happen right now. Ayesha says why? Zara says because our Ruksaar’s life is in danger. Kabir says Ruksaar will be hanged to death after three days, all are stunned. Zeenat asks what rubbish are you saying? this is a joke right? I dont like it, Ruksaar is fine in Dubai. Kabir says I am not lying. Zara says he is saying truth. Zeenat gets tensed and screams Ruksaar.. she breakdowns, Ayesha asks how this happened? Kabir says she just called us and said that she is jailed and will be hanged. Zeenat says you both are responsible for this, you made her marry and sent her to Dubai and now she will be hanged. Kabir says enough, she is there and we dont know what happened there and we are responsible for that? fine, we will go there and find out, we just got a call, we will go and find out what happened. Shahbaz says Hamdan’s family must know what happened there, we will go and talk to them. Kabir nods.

Hamdan’s parents are distraught and crying. Shahbaz and family comes there. He finds letter there and reads it. He says it says that Hamdan is dead, he was killed. Hamdan’s mother says that Ruksaar killed him, she took our son, she grabs Zeenat and says your sister killed our son, we thought she was nice girl but she killed him. Kabir says why would Ruksaar kill Hamdan? why would a wife kill her husband? maybe she is being framed for this murder? Hamdan’s father says that this letter says that Ruksaar was found guilty of murdering him and will be killed after three days, I cant bring my son back but we will go there to see death of girl who killed him. Shahbaz says we will go there and find out what happened. He says to Zeenat that dont worry, we will go there and bring Ruksaar back fine, Zeenat nods. Zara consoles her.

Shahbaz calls a man and says I sent my wife to Majru Sir, he is a big personality in Dubai who can help Ruksaar. Man says Majru has left Dubai, Shahbaz says I will find someone else. He turns and sees Hamdan’s father. He says Hasib you here? this is true friendship, you are hurt but came here to help your friend. He calls Kabir and Zara. He asks Alina to bring tea. Hasib calls police there. Inspector says Hasib has filed complaint that you are all involved in his son Hamdan’s death. Hasib says this Shahbaz is financer and master mind of my son’s murder, he says to Zeenat that this greedy woman is behind all planning, she is filthy, this Kabir tries to act all scholar and religious but he planned to make Ruksaar kill my son, where is Kashan? arrest him too. Shahbaz says he is US for work. Hasib says he will comeback, arrest them. Kabir says I know you are hurt for your son, we didnt do any planning, we just got Ruksaar married to Hamdan. Hasib says you all forced Ruksaar for this marriage, he asks Shahbaz to answer if Ruksaar agreed to marry? did she say yes to this proposal? Shahbaz is silent. Hasib says they made Ruksaar marry him, they planned his murder through Ruksaar so they could take all his wealth. Zara says no, I know you are hurt but you cant disrespect people like that. Inspector says you can talk in court, there was complaint filed, we will arrest these people. Zara says dont arrest Kabir, you can arrest me, Kabir has to go to Dubai, you cant take him. Hasib says they were making Kabir runaway. Shahbaz says to inspector that you dont know me, inspector says I was transferred this week, you will know me soon. He arrests Shahbaz and Zeenat and takes him. Kabir says to Zara that Hasib is trapping us so I cant reach Dubai, we dont have much time, go to a lawyer you know and solve it. Zara says dont worry, I will solve it. Kabir nods and sits in police jeep, they are taken from there. Alina cries. Zara asks Alina to calm down, Ayesha is not home, I have to arrange a lawyer, go inside, Alina leaves. Zara is trying to call Irfan but his phone is off, she calls Salma and asks where is Irfan? Salma says he went to islamic conference. Zara ends call and says what will I do now? She calls Reema and says your uncle is advocate? I have to meet him, come to his office, I am coming.

Sceme 2
In police station, Shahbaz, Kabir and Zeenat are in jail. Hasib eyes them. Shahbaz says to inspector that you are not letting us talk to anyone, where is inspector Pande? Inspector says he is on leave. Zeenat says this is a lie, you have put in jail without any reason, she throws glass at Zeenat. Inspector asks her to back away. Shahbaz says to inspector that you dont know me, when I come out then I wont spare you. Inspector see Ruksaar video calling Kabir. Kabir says I request to please let us talk, Zeenat says please its my sister. Inspector says sorry we cant let you talk. Kabir says I am requesting, she is in jail, please let me talk. Hasib says let them talk, Ruksaar should see that the one promised her is in jail too. Inspector takes Ruksaar’s video call, Ruksaar says to Kabir that you are in jail? please save me, they will kill me, please. Zeenat says Ruksaar, Kabir will save you, I am with you, Ruksaar cries seeing her. Kabir says I will free you, dont worry Ruksaar, call ends. Hasib says that how will you save Ruksaar? Kabir says Zara wont let me stay here.

Zara meets lawyer, lawyer says you should find out if inspector wrote FIR or not, if he arrested Kabir on the basis of complaint and didnt write FIR then call me and I will free Kabir, Zara and Reema nods and runs from there.

Hasib says to inspector that keep Kabir in jail. Inspector says the amount you paid was just to keep him here for sometime, I didnt even file FIR and I cant do it without any proof and if Zara brought any lawyer then they will be freed. Hasi says you can have more money as much as you want but I cant let Kabir go to save my son’s murderer, I want to see Ruksaar’s death with my eyes, Kabir shouldnt be freed from here. Inspector says I will take double money, when I get it then I will file FIR. Hasib calls for money. Zara and Reema are on their way to police and have to reach before FIR is filed. Hasib is in police station. Kabir is waiting for Zara. Zara arrives there and sees inspector filing FIR. Inspector says to Hasib that FIR is filed. Zara recalls lawyer’s words that if FIR is not filed then they can free Kabir. Zara goes to Kabir and sadly looks at him, they hold hands. Kabir wipes her tears, bolna.. mahi bolna plays. Zara leans in to bars but shies away seeing others there. Kabir comes closer and touches his forehead with hers. Zara stealthily kisses hand and turns away. She takes FIR from inspector and says nothing can separate Kabir and Zara, not this fake FIR, you wrote infront of me. Inspector says one FIR was filed 2 hours back, Zara says you are lying. Kabir says this inspector is with Hasib. Inspector says to Zara that I saw your love for Kabir, free him if you can. Zara says you saw our love? because I promise on that love that I will free Kabir and my family in 2 hours. She goes to Kabir and says dont worry, I will free all as soon as possible. She turns to leave but Kabir stops her and says goodbye. Zara nods and leaves. Shahbaz smiles seeing her confidence.

Zara comes to commissioner. She thanks him for giving appointment on social media post. Commissioner says I wanted to meet you as I saw your opinion on triple divorce. Zara says I am requesting you as a daughter to come with me and see what is happening against law in a police station. Commissioner says time is changing, I can definitely go with you, she thanks him.

Zara brings commissioner to police station. Commissioner says to inspector that Zara said FIR was filed later and time was put in of before. Inspector says she blaming. Zara says I love Kabir most and I swear on him that time was filed wrongly, Kabir was arrested before FIR was filed. Commissioner says we need proofs, not emotions. Zara says I have a proof, she looks at camera and says CCTV footage cant lie, it will show us when he filed FIR, officer says CCTV camera is not working, I can show you complaint report. Zara says this is a trap. Commissioner looks at report and says he is right, CCTV is not working. Shahbaz looks at commissioner and says you are on right time, commissioner says to inspector that why didnt you inform me before arresting him? inspector says he was running from country, Shahbaz says commissioner knows me, he asks commissioner to release him. Commissioner says FIR has been launched so I can do anything before Monday, sorry Zara. Kabir says but.. commissioner leaves. Zara says to Kabir that I promised you to free all before 2 hours and I will do it. Inspector laughs. Zara says you can laugh but you will see power of love soon. Zara looks at lady officer and sees her looking away, she leaves.

Zara comes to Irfan and stops his meeting. She says sorry, she tells Irfan that Kabir has been arrested. Irfan’s friend says you know we studied together, I am a judge and he is a head. She asks Zara why she is worried? Zara says I am worried about my husband.

Kabir tries to open lock of cell but its not opening.

Judge says to Irfan that courts are closed till Monday. Zara says if supreme court can be opened at night for hanging someone then why cant you open court? Judge says its a district court, I cant do it. Zara thinks that I will free Kabir at any cost. Zara remembers something and leaves.

Officer brings Kabir out of cell. Inspector asks if he is going to washroom? Zara comes there and hugs Kabir. She says to Kabir that I found proof, you will be freed. Commissioner comes there and says to inspector that I want to show you something. He shows him video of inspector talking to Hasib and asking for money to write fake FIR. It shows how Hasib bribed him to keep Kabir in jail. Inspector is stunned. Kabir says you should be ashamed. Commissioner suspend inspector and takes all his badges. Inspector is angry and leaves. Commissioner frees Zeenat and Shahbaz. Zara hugs Zeenat. Shahbaz thanks commissioner. Commissioner says thank Zara, she helped me a lot to reach truth. Zara says its women power, your woman constable brought that video to me. Flashback shows how she saw constable was worried and Zara called her to convince her, Zara says constable wanted to be part of truth, she didnt think twice before helping me to find truth, she wants to teach her kids justice. Kabir thanks her. All leave. Kabir claps for Zara and says I have to agree that your power of love saved me after 2hours and 4minutes, she says you are making fun of me? Kabir kisses her forehead and goes out, she is surprised.

Kabir is in house, he offers prayers and prays that God you helped me a lot otherwise I wouldnt be able to go to Dubai, now solve everything there please.

Kabir says to Zara that our mehndi didnt complete and I am leaving. Zara kisses hands and looks away but Kabir pulls her closer and hugs her tightly. Zara says you are not going for life, we have time to celebrate our lives. Zara says to Kabir that Ruksaar is in jail and if she is innocent then you need to go and save her, I would have gone with you but my passport has gone to change to your name. Kabir says I will think about you every moment, I am taking you with me in my heart, pray that I fulfill all my work there and I comeback to you to finish our mehndi, our beautiful wedding. Kabir hugs her and kisses her forehead.

Shahbaz is arranging Visa for Kabir, he says to agent that you have to do it as fast as you can. Kabir says my friend Hamid told me that if I book flight for Bangkok then I can have a stay at Dubai for 4 days and request for extension too. Zara gives Kabir passport of Zeenat and says she is going with you. Kabir says you are right, she is her sister. Kabir calls his agent and asks for another ticket, he looks at Zeenat’s passport and is tensed. He says Zeenat cant go with me, all look on.

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