Zara’s Nikah Tuesday Update 8 December 2020


Zara’s Nikah Tuesday Update 8 December 2020

Zara comes out of room through window. She opens door and makes Azra wake up. She says we have to save his mother. They take her away from there. Shahbaz calls his goon Rehman. Rehman says everything will happen as you say, Maqbool loves his family a lot, he ends call.

Rehman’s man comes to inspector and gives him a tip. Inspector starts leaving from there. Kabir and Irfan arrive there. Kabir says Zara is missing. Inspector says we will find her but we found that Maqbool is in parking lot of site. Kabir says I will go with you. Shahbaz hides and sees this, he follows them. Salma is praying for Zara, Mina says everything will be fine. Nussu calls Amaan and asks him to pray for Zara, she is missing. He says dont worry, I will pray for them, he ends call. Zeenat tries to stop Amaan but he goes to pray. Zeenat prays that Zara remain kidnapped. Zara puts Maqbool’s mother in car and tells Azra to take her to doctor and tell her to not inform anyone, Maqbool’s boss shouldnt know about this, I am going to save Maqbool.

Scene 2
Rehman meets Maqbool and asks him to do as Shahbaz said and kill himself. He hides in site area. Kabir and police comes to site. Maqbool is there and points gun at his head. He says I will shoot myself. Kabir says please no.. please tell me who is your boss. Maqbool recalls how Shahbaz told him if he wants to save his mother then surrender to police and say as he wants. Maqbool says to Kabir that there is no boss of mine, I was lying to you as I didnt want to go to jail, I saw you coming behind me so I acted like I have a boss.

He is about to shoot himself but Kabir says dont do that, its against God’s will. Maqbool says I shot your wife, destroyed your life and you are saving my life? let me die. Shahbaz thinks why he is wasting time and not killing himself? Kabir says this is a sin, think about your mother. Zara arrives there, she prays to save Maqbool. Zara runs to site but Maqbool has shot himself in head and dies on spot. Zara sees that and faints. Kabir rushes to her and hugs her.

Zara cries and says to Azra that I couldnt save Maqbool, how will we tell him that his mother is safe and what about his boss? Azra says you can tell Kabir. Zara says no, he is already worried. Azra says Maqbool’s mother is in Nagma’s private clinic. Zara says nobody should know that she is alive, I want to go to Kabir, be with him, give him support and live with him. Azra says everything will be fine.

Ayesha says to Kabir that everything is fine now. Maqbool is dead and Rizwan is in jail. She tells Zara to prepare for haldi ceremony. Zara says I just saw death, maybe we should silently hold ceremony and I go back. Kabir says I was thinking same, we should not celebrate much. Ayesha says then its decided, we will take our daughter back tomorrow. Zeenat says I hope ruksati happens tomorrow and no other problem occurs. Kabir looks on.

Kabir is sitting in his room. Kashan comes there and scares him. Shahbaz and Ayesha comes there. Shahbaz says Kabir will have to fight with Zara because of different thoughts. Ayesha says its their love fights and they will be happy together. Shahbaz says lets rest. Ayesha and Kashan leaves. Kabir is worried and says to Shahbaz that I never thought I would be breaking so many hearts, they will never forgive me for what I am going to do, I am going away from Zara forever. Sky is black today like my heart. Shahbaz hugs him. Kabir says I will bear this sin but what about Zara? Shahbaz says I dont know what you are going to do but you are doing this for Zara and for her safety, its not a sin. Kabir nods.

Scene 2
In morning, Azra and family sings around Zara to remain happy in Kabir’s house. All laugh. Mina says to Zara that we will get you breakfast today. Zara says I will miss you all. All hug Zara.

Ceremony starts. Ayesha says to Kabir that we will do turban ceremony only. Shahbaz ties turban on Kabir’s head. Zeenat makes him wear sehra. Ayesha gives charity on his name. Shahbaz nods at Kabir.

Zara gets ready as bride. Irfan comes to her and hugs her. Irfan says sometime back we had to take your sign for divorce, it broke me but things have changed, you are going back to inlaws, please sign on divorce rejection papers. Zara says I will sign these papers when I am back with Kabir, I want to go to head priest with Kabir and tell him that we are not divorcing when I am with him. Irfan nods.

Zara arrives at Kabir’s house. Kabir blushes seeing her. Zara smiles at him. Azra pulls Kabir away and makes him sit on chair. He hears noise and its chips on chair. All laugh. Azra says lets dance. She pulls Kabir to Zara. Zara offers him rose. He takes it. Zara dances around Kabir and laughs with everyone. Kabir thinks that Zara wont ever smile again because of me, I cant do this, give me strength to break her heart.

Zara walks in ceremony with Kabir. Kabir recalls Shahbaz’s words that he is doing everything for Zara only. He sees Zara playing with kids and taking selfies with everyone. She offers him rose. Kabir thinks that nobody knows that her happiness is going to go away because of me, I am going to bring tears in her eyes. Shahbaz comes to him, Kabir says I cant do this, look at her and her happiness. Shahbaz says come with me. Azra comes to him and says let Kabir be with Zara today. She takes him away. Shahbaz thinks what if Kabir actually accepts Zara? Ayesha comes to him and asks why he is worried? Shahbaz says it feels like they are taking my son away. Ayesha says they are just kids and enjoying ceremony, it feels like you are not here, please welcome guests. Shahbaz nods and leaves. Kabir and Zara sit on stage and receive gifts from guests. Ayesha comes to Kabir and says I pray for your happiness, you have made me so happy by reconciling with Zara, its time to take our Zara back home. Kabir sadly looks at Zara.

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