Zara’s Nikah Tuesday Update 5 January 2021


Zara’s Nikah Tuesday Update 5 January 2021

Zara says to Kabir that I filled that form as your friend, this is a good competition. Kabir says I dont want to go there, you should have asked me before filling that form, its my hobby to cook but I dont want to become a joke there. Zara says you are scared to lose, Kabir says what are you saying? Zara says then take part in competition. Kabir says never.

Zara says I couldnt say it as a wife but I will as a friend, you are strong but your thought process is weak and stop you from being successful. Kabir is shocked and says you can say anything but I am not taking part in this competition. Zara says if you dont respect my words then our friendship ends today. Kabir leaves from there.

Kabir comes home and tells Shahbaz that he took his name back from competition. Shahbaz says good work, we dont need that defamation in our house.

Zara meets some women. Zara says they are here for work. Woman says you didnt celebrate your victory with us. Zara says I will give sweets to you people. Woman says with your friend Kabir? Zara says he is not my friend.

Imran comes to Kabir’s house and goes to meet him.

Salma says to Irfan that its good Zara broke her friendship with Kabir. Irfan says we make friends ourselves so its closest and we should celebrate it.

Imran says to Kabir that how could to break your friendship with her? Kabir says she didnt listen to me, she took decision for me, why would I cook? Imran says to pay that debt, you wanted to anything to get that money, this is your chance, you cant pay that loan with some odd job, if you take part in this competition that you will do your duty, I wont force you, you decide.

Women are stitching clothes in Zara’s house. Zara recalls how Sabina asked her to call Kabir before sleeping.
Kabir recalls Imran’s words that you should take part in competition. He gets Zara’s call. She doesnt talk, he is about to cut call but stops. They both are silent and in pain. Dost ban ke plays. Zara ends call. Kabir comes in mosque. A man is talking on speaker and says you have to send that order. Zara tells him that she cant send order as her worker is ill. Kabir looks on. Other woman on speaker says that you have to send order on time or we will cancel it. Zara says let me try. Kabir offers namaz and thinks that my duty is to help Zara and pay for her treatment money, thank you for showing me right path. Kabir comes to food competition and says to manager that I want to talk to manager. He comes to manager and says I just want to make a call, please give me time. Manager says we dont have time, you have start working. Judges start talking and says we want to find a talent here that will win 20 lacs and also a restaurant investment from us. Manager says to Kabir that you have to start working. Kabir is worried.

Priest says to Shahbaz that I cant wait anymore. Shahbaz says you can take Imran with you, he asks Imran to talk to Kabir and tell him this conference is important. Imran leaves. Kashan says I am calling him but dont know where he is. Shahbaz says this is all that girl Zara’s fault. They see news of cooking show on TV.

Zara is working on dresses when an alter image appears and says you think Kabir is taking part in that competition? Zara says he can be there. Image says dont you remember Kabir tearing that form? Zara says yes but we shouldnt lose hope, he was not picking up call so there is hope. Zara tells Salma that she has some work and leaves.

Zara comes to competition site. Guard stops her and says contest is going on. Zara goes to check list but Shahbaz comes there and tears it. He tells guards to bring his son Kabir out of there. Manager says Kabir came here himself, we didnt force him to take part in competition. Zara smiles and thinks Thank God he decided to do it, he was with me in fashion show, he is alone inside so be with him God.

Kabir is cooking with other contestants and is worried about what to make. He recalls how Ayesha taught him a dish. He starts working on it. Time is up, all present their dishes to judges. Judges taste Kabir’s dish.

Shahbaz says to Zara that you have destroyed our image, lets go from here. Zara says I wont go from here without meeting Kabir. Shahbaz says you wont listen to me? Zara says I am not your daughter in law anymore, I am not leaving without meeting Kabir.

Judge tells Kabir that contestants have made special dishes, you think you can win with this dish? Host announces all winners, 1st prizes goes to some other contestant. Judge says we have another winner, his presentation was not good but taste was so amazing, another contestant going ahead is.. Kabir Ahmed. Kabir smiles. Judge says Kabir’s dish was mother’s love, we miss that taste in this life, we need to find taste like that, its our culture, Kabir has brought that taste back, he is in second round now.

Shahbaz tells Zara that you are stubborn but lets see who is close to Kabir’s heart. Kabir comes out of venue and looks at them.

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