Zara’s Nikah Tuesday Update 30 March 2021


Zara’s Nikah Tuesday Update 30 March 2021

Salma says Zara has accepted a nikah. Kabir gets excited and hugs her. Salma says you start preparing for it. I heard Zara saying that her most favorite memories were with you. Kabir says I knew and trusted my love. Salma says look there. He turns to see Zara staring at him. Zara shyly moves towards him. They both recall their moments together. Kabir thanks Zara for moving towards him. Zara says if you thank me then I am not yours. Kabir says I am sorry and smiles at her. He tries to go to her but Salma pulls him back and says you have to stay away from her till nikah. Kabir says I can’t live without Zara and I feel like she can’t without me too. Irfan calls Salma so she leaves. Zara smiles at Kabir and puts a dupatta in front of her. Kabir tries to touch her but she throws her dupatta at him and runs away. Kabir smiles.

Salma comes to Zara and says you have made me totally fine. She leaves her room and sees Kabir outside. He requests her to open the door but she shakes her head and leaves. Zara is in her room and smiles. She hears someone and sees Kabir jumping from the window. He gives her dupatta back. Zara says what are you doing here? Kabir says Imran helped me jump the window. Zara laughs and says why are you here? He says look at this mehndi. He writes his ‘Z <3 K’ on her hand with mehndi. Zara smiles at him. Kabir thanks Imran for making him meet Zara. He says I had to apply mehndi on her hand. Imran says I love your love. You can talk to her on call. Kabir says we can talk from our eyes. Imran says what about Zara’s music? Kabir says I am pretty sure that teacher Zahida was trapping my Zara and had put her in this evil deed. One we are married, I will win Zara over and make her leave music. When I bring her closer to God then I will get reward from God too. I pray to never separate from Zara. Irfan and Salma bring gifts for Zara. Irfan says we have formally brought Zara’s proposal to you. Kabir says I will accept it 1000 times, I know you both are worried that we have different thought process but our love won it over before too. I am pretty sure that our love will conquer everything. Irfan says but we should sit and talk about these issues. Kabir says I am pretty sure nothing can come in between my and Zara’s proposal. Salma okay, we will wait for you to come to our house and marry Zara.

Zara gets ready as a bride. Salma hugs her and says let’s promise to not cry at the time of your bidai. Zara says will you be able to stop crying? Zahida comes there and plays dhol. Zara smiles seeing her but Salma glares at her. Zahida says we should play some dhol as this is a happy occasion. Salma puts some money on Zahida’s dhol and leaves. Zahida ignores the insult and hugs Zara. Zara says I can’t believe that everything became fine. Zahida says when you have guts then God is with you.

Scene 2
Zara comes to the wedding venue dressed as a bride. Kabir can’t stop looking at her. Imran whispers to not stare too much. Kabir gets embarrassed and Zara smiles. Irfan starts the nikah and asks about the haq mehr (dower which husband pays to wife). Kabir says my everything is for Zara, I will accept anything she wants. Zara says I don’t want money, I want to ask for something that will benefit people, which will make humanity alive again, I want an approval to open clinic as a mehr for music healing treatment so that we are happy as a married couple. Our religion has allowed the bride to get something from her husband and husband has to fulfill it, I want to hear yes. Kabir is shocked and says mehr is for woman’s safety.. this teacher is using you to get this mehr. You are asking for permission to do something evil? Zara says I love you a lot, you are my honor and respect. Irfan said that you will marry me at any cost, I got everything in this wedding so I am asking for others’ lives in this mehr. Irfan said he will talk to you, you did right dad? Kabir looks on and says I told you that I love you a lot but this evil music is your or my problem? It’s the problem against our religion and my religion is above my love. Zara says religion’s base is love, love means prayer. Kabir says no you are trapped by this evil woman Zahida. These conditions will take you away from me. Zara says I want to marry you but you are putting conditions that if I want to marry you then I should stay away from music. Kabir says because I can’t accept you with this evil music. Kabir asks Irfan that you wanted to talk about this evil music? I thought you would make her understand that evil music is not allowed in our religion. I feel like you agree with Zara? How can you when you are a priest. The flashback shows Zara talking to Irfan. Irfan said to Zara that I worry for my daughter but I worry about my religion as a priest but what if we join both these? Zara says so it means I can continue music healing after the wedding? Irfan says your music healing is giving life to people who might do suicide, our religion says giving life to someone is giving life to this world, the flashback ends. Kabir asks Irfan to answer. Irfan says yes I agree with Zara. Kabir is shocked and says as a father you should teach her that she is on the wrong path and bring her to the right one. This is all wrong. You are standing with her on the wrong path. Irfan says I have never done anything using my emotions. I have tested Zara’s emotions, my daughter is saving lives, she is not doing any sin but doing God’s work. Kabir says no.. He glares at Zahida and says you have trapped Zara and now Irfan too? You should get lost from here. Zara glares at him and says she is my guest so don’t you dare insult.. She sighs and says I love you a lot, we have got another chance so please do this marriage and I pray that God will solve every problem. Kabir looks on.

Kabir tells Zara that you know what I asked for in these two years? You only. That’s why I trust my love that you will be free from this evil woman’s trap one day and will come running to your Kabir. But I am the head priest and can’t allow a center to open to preach sins, that is against our religion. He tears nikah papers in front of her and throws it in the air. All look on. Zara glares at him.

Kabir comes to the washroom and tries to control his emotions. He punches the mirror in anger. Imran runs to him and says she is asking for the cost for this wedding, she is wrong. Ruksaar comes there and sees Kabir’s condition. She brings the first aid box. Kabir says I will die without her. Ruksaar asks what’s wrong with him?

Zara takes off her jewelry and recalls Kabir’s words that she is trapped in an evil woman’s trap. Zahida helps her take off jewelry sadly. Zara wipes her tears and says I can’t see you weak. Zahida says I don’t want to see you away from Kabir, it pains me so much to see you take off this bridal dress. Zara says I love Kabir and it won’t change if I am away from him. Zahida says if we love someone then we have to accept their thoughts too. Kabir loves you a lot and I am sure that he will accept you soon with your thoughts. I trust you and Kabir.Kabir tells Imran that I trust God to get Zara back. Ruksaar and Zeenat hear it. Zeenat says he was about to marry her. Ruksaar says Kabir is weak in pain, I will make him hate Zara. Kabir promised me that he will pretend to be my husband until I give birth. I will use that.

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