Zara’s Nikah Tuesday Update 3 November 2020


Zara’s Nikah Tuesday Update 3 November 2020

Zara’s Nikah Tuesday Update 3 November 2020: Kabir gets call and says graveyard? I am coming. He leaves. Samir says to Irfan that I lost my love because of you, I got insulted so today I will bury you here and get my revenge. He throws Irfan in a grave and smirks. Kashan is searching for Samir. He comes to graveyard and sees that. He tries to stop Samir but he beats Kashan. Goons take Kashan from there.

Salma and Zara are praying for Irfan. Samir asks a man to pray for Irfan for one last time. Irfan says leave him. Irfan lies in grave and pray. Kabir drives and come to graveyard. He searches for Irfan.
Samir’s goons start digging grave and burying Irfan.
Kabir sees Kashan in blood lying there. Kashan says they are burying Irfan in a grave, save him.
Samir is waiting for Irfan to die of suffocation. Kabir comes near a grave and sees Irfan’s cap near it. He brings spear and starts digging it. Kashan says I have to save Irfan. He starts helping Kabir. Samir and goons run from there. Kabir brings Irfan out of grave and see him unconscious. Kabir shakes up. Irfan wakes up.

Zara hugs Irfan and asks if he is fine? Salma thanks Kabir. Kabir says he is my father too. Kabir looks at Kashan and says if you need to go to hospital then I will go.

Shahbaz says I will take him. Irfan thanks Kashan for saving his life. Zeenat and Shahbaz takes Kashan to hospital. Irfan says that Samir had buried me but Kabir came on time. Kabir says that Samir have crossed all limits. I will kill him. Zara stops him. Irfan says to Kabir that dont do this, Salamat will take revenge on you if you do something with Samir, dont give him importance, you have to work for nation. Irfan says if I was not guilty of lying then I would go to police. Kabir says Samir have to bear for his act. Ayesha says he is right, Samir is dangerous. Salma says he can do anything. Kabir says no. Irfan kisses forehead. Zara says to Kabir that leave it to God. Alina hears door bell. She opens it to find Amir there, he says I have to talk to Kabir. Alina says nobody is home, all have gone to Irfan’s hhouse. Amir says ask me why I am here. Alina says anyone can see us, you leave. Amir says we are not doing anything. All family members come there. Kabir glares at Amir. Zara says you here? Amir says last night they fainted me and messed my house, they were searching for something. Kashan comes there and says they were searching for nikah papers, Samir attacked you. All are stunned. Kashan says he wanted nikah nama, I told him that my parents are hurt, so I wont help him, he went to attack Irfan, I tried to stop him and save Irfan, I am sorry, I did a mistake and I will change myself, you people will trust me one day. He says sorry to Alina and says you wont forgive your elder brother? Ayesha says you broke our heart already. Kabir says we are praying you are saying truth, we doubt your intentions, they tried to kill Irfan, Samir will be punished but I will punish people who took their side even if its my brother.

Kabir calls agent and asks for security for both house. Zara asks him to take rest. Kabir says he was trying to bury him alive, I want to beat him. Zara says you are angry but you did a mistake, you didnt give attention to your wife. Kabir says I had a lot of troubles. Zara says I was joking, she makes him sit and says I want to pull your cheeks, she pulls them. He smiles. Zara says my husband have to take care of each other, poor you. When you are angry then hug me so you feel love. He hugs her and kisses her forehead. Zeenat says to Kashan that why did you put your life in danger for your family? Kashan says I feel guilt, they are my people. Ayesha comes there. Kashan says I am ashamed. Ayesha hugs him and says I am happy you realized your mistake, Kashan says I was on wrong path, I am really sorry. Ayesha sees him in pain and gives him haldi milk. She prays for him and asks him to take rest. She smiles and leaves. Kashan smirks. zeenat says this was acting? wow. Kashan says we have to do it, I cheated Salamat a little to win family’s trust.

Zara asks Alina to not work in kitchen, go and study. Alina says dont worry, also I didnt call Amir here. Alina gets Amir’s message. Zara says I dont have any right on your personal life but as your elder I want to ask if Amir messaged you? She nods and shows him message.

Scene 2
Family sits down for lunch. Amir is there too. Zara puts lunch on floor and says to Kabir that we will all eat on floor. Kabir says parents can eat on dining table. Shahbaz says its no issue. Ayesha makes plate for Kashan. Kabir says there is no need, they are bearing punishment. Zara says wait for sometime. Ayesha says he is ill. Kabir says we cant trust so easily, people are not what they show, he saved Irfan but it doesnt mean he changed. Zeenat hears all that. Shahbaz says he is right. Ayesha sighs and puts plate back.

Kabir comes to office. A man comes to him and says I want to ask something. We found a nice guy for my daughter but she liked someone else, that person is nice too, but my wife says that love marriages dont work.
Zara says to Alina that I see that you like Amir, you will get sucked in all this, Alina says we are friends only. Zara says focus on your studies for now. Its your life and you will take decision.
Kabir says to man that you have experience in life, people can fall in love after marriage, kids these days use mobile and choose wrong person. Parents have right to choose partner for their kids.

Kabir comes home. He says to Zara that people are blinded by technology these days, our kids are away from people because of mobile. Zara says we cant blame technology, time have changed. Kabir says no, we did arrange marriage and it is working fine. A man asked me if love marriage should happen but arranged marriages have been working for ages, these love marriages are useless and temporary, Quran wants us to follow traditions, you tell me God’s way is right or world’s? Zara looks on.

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