Zara’s Nikah Tuesday Update 28 July 2020 (Zara gathers proofs against Ruksar)


Zara’s Nikah Tuesday Update 28 July 2020 (Zara gathers proofs against Ruksar)

28th July 2020 Tuesday update on Zara’s Nikah Update: Kabir says I dont undertand anything, Ayesha asks Kabir what did Ruksaar say? Zara says no Kabir you dont have to explain anything, the person who can agree to die instead of choosing divorce, that person cant do something like this, I trust you completely, Kabir smiles at her. Zeenat comes there and asks Kabir what happened in his bedroom? Ruksaar was found in a place in condition which she should have not been, if Ruksaar is at mistake then we will punish her but tell me Kabir how Ruksaar went to your room and was in bed with you? Kabir tells her how Miraj told him to talk to Ruksaar about her marriage, how he talked to Ruksaar.

Zara’s Nikah Monday Update 27 July 2020

Zeenat asks how Ruksaar came to his bed? Kabir says I drank water and then I slept. Zeenat says you slept after drinking water? Miraj comes there and says seems like this is a family talk, I will leave. Zeenat says you are a family member, I want to ask that you called Kabir here, what happened after that? Kabir says I couldnt find my phone, he asks Alina to find his phone. Miraj says Ruksaar was worried so I asked Kabir to talk to her, Kabir was finding Zara so I sent my driver to bring her back then when I cameback in house, I didnt find Ruksaar or Kabir, I went to my room, I dont know what happened after that. Kabir looks on.

Scene 2
Alina beings Kabir’s phone and says I found your phone on your bed, Kabir says but I couldnt find it before. Miraj recalls how he gave phone to Ruksaar and she had put it in Kabir’s bed. Zeenat takes Kabir’s phone and asks if she can check it, he nods. Zeenat checks it. Kabir says if phone was in my room then I would have found it. Zeenat says it was found on your bed but you couldnt see it? she checks his phone and says Zara called you many times but you didnt pick up, can you tell me where you were so busy that you couldnt take her call? Kabir says I told you I lost my phone, I didnt do anything. Zeenat says we foudn your phone in your room. Zara says what you want to prove? Zeenat says if Ruksaar is wrong then she should be punished but first her crime should be clear, Kabir doesnt remember anything, Kabir asks Miraj to tell. Miraj says Zeenat is right, why Kabir doesnt remember anything? Kabir says I promise I dont remember anything. Ayesha says what happened was wrong, we will discuss it but right now we all should go and rest. Zeenat says okay we will meet here again and Ruksaar’s fate will be decided today, all look on.


Kabir is sad recalling Zeenat’s claims. Zara says dont worry, Kabir can never be wrong. Kabir says I am a human, I have weaknesses too but I am scared of God, I dont remember anything what happened in that one hour. Zara says even if something happened, you dont remember anything, it was a mistake not a sin. Kabir says its not about that, its about Ruksaar’s life. Zara says what if your dream is true? Kabir says even then I wouldnt let any injustice happen with you or Ruksaar, even if I have to.. Zara gets sad. Kabir says I am going to ask Ruksaar about that one hour.. Zara is hurt. Kabir says would you like to come with me? Zara says after God and Prophet, I trust you the most. Kabir thanks her and leaves.

Ayesha asks Shahbaz why he is silent? Shahbaz says I dont know what is happening in this house. Ayesha says I understand everything, this is all done by Ruksaar. Shahbaz says I know Ruksaar very well but we cant come to conclusion like this, when its proven then we will take decision. Ayesha says my priest son cant do it.

Miraj says to himself that Zeenat destroyed my plan but still I have a plan, Ruksaar should have committed suicide after so much humiliation. He calls someone and says I want to meet you.

Zeenat sees Miraj going to Ruksaar’s room and looks on.
Ruksaar recalls her moments with Kabir, how she touched him, she looks on dream. Miraj comes to her room, he is hiding gun behind him, he says I did everything I could, Ruksaar says what I wanted, I have done it, I have brought a doubt in Kabir’s mind. Miraj says we should increase that doubt. Ruksaar moves away from Miraj, Miraj points gun at her but sees Zeenat coming there, he hides gun. Zeenat says what are you doing here? nobody should see you in Ruksaar’s room right now. Kabir knocks on her door. Ruksaar asks Miraj and Zeenat to hide behind curtain, they do. Kabir comes in her room, Kabir looks away and says you didnt change your clothes? Behind curtain, Miraj smirks and comes closer to Zeenat, she is stunned. Kabir drapes shawl over Ruksaar and says I was not conscious but you were conscious so tell me what happened in that one hour. Ruksaar says it happened what shouldnt have happened, Kabir says its true? she says yes. Kabir says if its true then I accept my punishment but if.. this is a lie then nobody would be able to save you from Kabir’s anger, not even me, he leaves. Zeenat and Miraj comes out, Ruksaar says I made Zara lose, I won, she laughs evilly.

Zara is tensed in her room and waits for Kabir. She recalls how when she entered in her room, she says Ruksaar might have changed her nightie here. Zara looks around in her room. She finds some clothes. She looks in her cupboard and sees Ruksaar’s burqa. Alina comes there and asks her to come for dinner. Zara tells her some instructions.

Scene 2
All are sitting for sehri. Zeenat asks servant to take food for Ruksaar. Ayesha says all should come here for food. Zeenat calls Ruksaar. Ruksaar comes there. Zeenat says what should we do next? should we tell everything to Hamdan? we have to take decision about their wedding too. Zara says whats the hurry? we have to ask about her hour with Kabir. She says ruksaar when you went in my and Kabir’s room, you were wearing that night dress? Ruksaar says yes and panics. Zara gives her water and says you were wearing clothes in evening, when did you change those? Ruksaar says I changed those before Kabir came home. Kabir says she is lying, when I came home, she was not in night dress, she was wearing her evening dress, Miraj you were there. Miraj says I dont remember what she was wearing but she was not wearing night dress. Zara says Ruksaar you must have changed your evening dress in your room right? after eating sehri, show us that dress. Ruksaar panics.

Zara and Kabir offers namaz. Zara prays that God you know Kabir is innocent, give me strength to prove it. Kabir prays to bring truth out. Ruksaar prays to make Kabir hers.

All are waiting for Ruksaar. Ruksaar brings a pink dress to Zara. Zara slaps Ruksaar hard. All are stunned. Zara says what do you think before doing all this? you were not wearing this dress before wearing night dress, we have a CCTV camera on entrance of house so we can see which dress you were wearing. Alina brings Ruksaar’s black dress, Zara says you all must have seen her wearing this dress in evening, Kabir nods. Ruksaar looks on.

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