Zara’s Nikah Tuesday Update 23 February 2021


Zara’s Nikah Tuesday Update 23 February 2021

Shahbaz grabs Ruksaar and says you lied to me, you told me that Kabir has all proofs but then how did Kabir get that file? Ruksaar cries and says I don’t know how he got it, I didn’t give it to him.

Irfan tells Salma that I saw our Zara in my dream, she asked me to be happy. I felt that she is uneasy, she didn’t look calm. Kabir comes there and sees Irfan saying that she was not in peace

Kabir says she is in pain. Salma says what? Kabir says my life has ended, I was wrong about Zara’s death, it was not an accident, she was killed. All are shocked. Salma says what are you saying? who killed her? Who? Tell me. Kabir cries and says, my father. Irfan is shocked and says what? Kabir says my father has killed my Zara. Salma grabs him and says why did he kill her? What did my daughter do to him? Shahbaz killed her but her mother is alive, I won’t spare him. Kabir stops her and shows her the gun. She is shocked. Salma says Kabir… Kabir says you can’t go from here. He points the gun at her. Irfan tries to take the gun from him but it fires and Salma screams.

Scene 2
Shahbaz tells Ruksaar, Zeenat and Kashan that he killed Zara but I am not here to listen to anything, tell me who is with me? Ruksaar says Kabir is my husband but I am still with you. Kashan thinks that I have to be with him. He smiles and says I am with your father. Zeenat says I am with you to Shahbaz.

Zara sees that Kabir has shot the wall and not Salma. Kabir takes the gun and points gun at Salma. Irfan says nothing should happen to Salma, tell me what you want? Kabir says you have to take revenge from Shahbaz, my father killed your daughter so you will kill his son. He shot Zara for me so you will shoot me for Zara. I can’t do suicide, it’s not allowed in our religion so you have to kill me. Think about your pain, pain of losing your daughter so just shoot me. He tries to give him the gun. Zara says Kabir you can’t do this, he doesn’t have the right to take your life. Irfan says Zara is right, he hugs him and says you have to control yourself. God has taught us to forgive so who am I to kill you? You can’t be a coward, he hugs him and says we have to get justice for our daughter, we have to get Shahbaz punished. Salma leaves from there.

Salma looks at Zara’s photo and cries. All knock at her door. She comes out. Kabir hugs her and says I am sorry. Salma pushes him away and says stop this drama. You did all this so we can forgive your father but it won’t happen, Shahbaz will get punished for his deeds. Salma tells Kabir that our Zara’s soul is not in peace, go and bring peace to her and then show your face, get lost from here. Kabir cries and leaves. Zara goes behind him. Irfan tells Salma that I will go with him. He starts to leave but Kabir stops him and says you can’t go. Irfan says don’t think that I am weak, I will kill your father, I will go and get justice for my Zara. Kabir says my relation with Zara was pure so I will get justice for her, give me a chance. Irfan says this is not a game, you want to save your father. Kabir says istikhara. I want to see a dream to see if I should use law or shoot my father myself. I promise on Zara’s behalf that I will get justice for your daughter, I just have to ask God to get it. He kisses his hands and leaves.

Shahbaz calls his lawyer and says you can’t lose this case. The lawyer says we will prepare everything. They hear a police siren. Kabir and Zara come there. Kabir glares at Shahbaz. Shahbaz says this police is for my safety. Kabir says they can protect you today but I will see a dream and ask God if I should kill you myself or use law. He leaves from there. Ruksaar grabs Zara and says you are a servant here so don’t try to act over-smart. Zara tells Ruksaar that Kabir knows the truth and you can’t stop him now. She leaves.

Scene 2
Kabir comes to his room and recalls his moments with Zara. He offers namaz and prays to show him the way for Zara’s killer. Ruksaar hides and hears it.

Zeenat slaps Ruksaar and says you were part of Zara’s murder? You should be ashamed. Ruksaar says she took my Kabir away that’s why I was with Shahbaz to kill her. Zeenat cries and says why did you have to enter that mess? What if Kabir sends you to jail? Ruksaar says Kabir will kill me, please save me.

Zara brings food for Kabir but he is praying. She sits in front of him and says eat something, I won’t leave till you eat. Should I stay here or not? Ruksaar has threatened me but I am worried about the kids. Kabir says it’s your choice, you can stay or leave. I thought you were tough and will stay here, maybe I was wrong. Zara smiles. Kabir says you can leave. Zara offers him food and says please. Kabir eats from her hand.

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