Zara’s Nikah Tuesday Update 22 September 2020 Ruksaar lands in hospital


Zara’s Nikah Tuesday Update 22 September 2020 Ruksaar lands in hospital

Ruksaar looks at bed, she recalls how Kabir rejected her earlier. She takes off her jewelry, takes off dupatta and comes to Kabir. Kabir looks away, she giggles and says you are first husband to shy away from your wife.. he turns to leave but Ruksaar stops him and says Zara is outside and you will get in morning only, if you dont do it then I swear on God, I will not divorce you, what will happen to Zara then? you are my love, your love is Zara and Zara’s love is Kabir, she will not get her love till I dont get my love.

Zara calls Salma and asks her to clean her room, I am coming to my home.
Salma calls Ayesha and says you people did injustice with my Zara, she is coming here, she has decided to leave your home. Ayesha says what are you saying? I wont her leave my son. Zara comes there with her luggage, Shahbaz says if you leave then our respect will be destroyed. Zara says to Ayesha that my love, my identity, everything has broken. Ayesha says understand Kabir, he killed his honor, his identity to go to Ruksaar’s so he could give you life ahead.
Ruksaar makes Kabir lie on bed and lies on him, he is tensed and worried. He recalls how Zara walked on burning coals for him, he recalls how Zara said she can share him. Ruksaar starts moving closer to him but he gets up from bed and thinks there is Zara whom I started loving from far and there is you.. who is close but all I feel is hate. Kabir starts to drink juice but Ruksaar stops him and says I have made this juice with love, when you have spent night with me then you can drink it. She hugs Kabir tighly and says not now. Kabir pushes her away and says its test of love. He takes coat. Ruksaar asks where are you going? you cant insult me like this. Kabir says only Zara and her love is getting insulted, Ruksaar tries to stop him but he leaves.

Irfan and Salma comes to Kabir’s house, they rush to Zara and hug her. Zara says to Salma that lets go from here. Salma says yes my daughter I will take you from here. They turn to leave but Kabir comes there and stops Zara. Zara asks Kabir with which he is stopping her? Kabir says with right of love. Zara says love that made you go to another woman to spend a night? Kabir stops her and says its love that made me save my honor from filth, this love made me come to you, I am yours only. He hugs Zara.
In room, Ruksaar is hurt and angry that Kabir left her. She looks at poisonous jug.
Ruksaar comes to first floor and sees Kabir smiling at Zara. She shouts at Kabir that you cheated me, you cant do this with me, your night is with me, you promised to be with me only tonight. Ruksaar is dizzy, Shahbaz asks her to stop it. Ruksaar says you all betrayed me, Kabir you cheated me, you had to stay with me tonight.. she laughs and dances around.. she feels dizzy.. all are stunned. Ruksaar tries to balance but falls from first floor, all are shocked. Shahbaz calls for an ambulance. Ruksaar whispers Kabir tonight is mine, come to me.. she reaches to him but faints. Kashan lifts her and takes her to hospital.

Ruksaar is being treated in hospital. Zeenat is crying, Ayesha hugs her and consoles her. Doctor comes there and says she got injury in head, she can take time to wake up, she has slipped into to coma. All are shocked. Zeenat falls down. They all look at Ruksaar lying on bed. Kabir calls Singapore and says I am sending CT scan reports of a patient, please show them to doctors there. Doctor says to Zeenat that she has blood clotting in her head, she can take a lot of time to wake up, we cant do anything but to wait. Zeenat says we will wait her, Doctor says we dont know how much time it will take. Kashan says you all go, I will stay here. Kabir looks at Zara. Ayesha says to Zara that its better you come to your home. Salma says to Zara that situation have changed, its better that you go with them now. Zara nods and goes with Ayesha.

All comeback home and are tired. Shahbaz asks Alina to make tea. Kabir looks at Zara and goes to his room. Zara sees her bag near door and says to Ayesha that I will come, she takes her bag and leaves.

Zara comes to her room with bag. Kabir’s papers are flying everywhere, he is trying to catch them. Zara catches a paper and sees ‘I am sorry Zara’ written on it. She sees many charts and notes on wall saying I am sorry. Kabir has his statue standing there, he makes him hold I am sorry chart. He puts paper on his face and says I am sorry Zara, I hurt your heart, your body, your mind.. your heart was breaking outside and I was dying inside, I didnt do it for myself, I am sorry for the time you were hurt, for the time you were restless, I swear I didnt do that for myself, I did it all for you, dont misunderstand me. Zara sits down and says this is a difficult situation, if this incident didnt happen with Ruksaar then it would have been victory night for me, winning my love and my Kabir from Ruksaar. Kabir says maybe this situation showed us that our heart beats for each other only, I can tell you that our hearts will beat for each other only in future. Alina asks them to come for tea.

All sit in lounge, Ayesha consoles Zeenat. Zeenat says what to do, she is my sister, I cant handle her but I cant leave her. Ayesha says we pray that she comes back and we will make her listen to us. Zeenat says I have been trying to make her understand but she doesnt listen. Shahbaz says she is daughter of our house we will find a way to bring her out of this situation. Zeenat says I am sorry Shahbaz but if you didnt pressurize her to take divorce from Kabir then this all wouldnt have happened. Shahbaz says I am sorry, I accept it was my mistake. Kabir thinks why Ruksaar was dizzy? he thinks to go to her room and check what she ate. He sees inspector coming there, all look on. Shahbaz asks why he is here? Inspector says doctor have complained that Ruksaar was attacked to be murdered and we had to come for proofs here. Kabir says how can you say it was murder? Inspector shows him news of Ruksaar becoming Kabir’s wife and Zara fighting with Ruksaar. Inspector says to Shahbaz that Ruksaa was attempted to murder, Zara is suspicious so she will have to spend tonight in jail, she might have tried to kill Ruksaar to remove her from her way. Kabir says this is crap. Inspector says we have to inspect Ruksaar’s room first. Shahbaz takes him. Zara is tensed.

Kabir shows inspector the balcony from which Ruksaar fell, he says Ruksaar felt dizzy and fell. Inspector says was she drunk? Kabir says we are Muslims so we dont drink. Inspector says then why she was dizzy? there is something fishy.
Zara says to Ayesha that I didnt do anything like that. Ayesha says dont worry, we trust you and we are with you, everything will be fine. Zeenat eyes her suspiciously.
Kabir and inspector comes to Ruksaar’s room. Kabir recalls how Ruksaar stopped him from drinking the juice, he tells about it to inspector. Inspector asks Zara why you gave poison to Ruksaar? you have to come with us to police station, prove there that you are innocent. He starts taking Zara but Zeenat stops inspector and says Zara is innocent. She recalls how she asked Ruksaar to not do anything crazy but Ruksaar brushed her off. Zeenat says Ruksaar tried to do suicide earlier too, she tends to get crazy, there are FIRs against her too, she was extreme and could take drastic actions and this Zara.. she and Kabir saved her from Dubai execution so why would she kill her? I am telling you as her sister, inspector says okay Zara doesnt have to come, he leaves. All smile proudly at Zeenat. Ayesha hugs Zeenat and says you proved that you are this house’s daughter. Shahbaz thanks her for saving their honor.

Kabir stops Zeenat and thanks her for proving that truth always wins. Zeenat says I should thank you both for saving Ruksaar. Kabir says what? Zeenat says if Zara’s love didnt bring Kabir out of Ruksaar’s room then she would have died with Kabir as she has mixes poison in juice but Zara saved her as Kabir came out so Ruksaar drank that poison and came out, we all saw her dizzy and she fell down, we could take her to hospital and your love saved her again so thanks, its my prayer that you both remain together and grow your love.. she thinks that I pray Ruksaar get her rights too, she leaves. Zara smiles at Kabir.

Kabir and Zara comes to their room. Kabir looks at Zara. Bolna plays, Kabir takes off his coat and gives it to Zara.. They imagines tending to each other. They imagine Zara making Kabir drink water and he coming closer to her. Kabir looks at Zara. Zara looks down, she says goodbye and goes to her room. Kabir nods and leaves.

In morning, Zeenat calls Irfan home and says you said one time that all are your daughters so I came here to discuss a matter with my sister. All family members are there. Kabir says Ruksaar is in coma and doctor said that her health is not improving. Zeenat says there is a question, tell me as per religion, a married woman’s responsibility is whose? her family’s or husband’s? my sister doesnt have any family or kids, she has only me and her so called husband Kabir, who should take her responsibility? Irfan says married woman’s responsibility is on husband only. Zeenat asks Kabir did he listen? its decided that Ruksaar’s responsibility is yours for how many days or years it takes, you will take care of her, you will make her eat and drink, give her wet bath, give her medicines, stay with her, fulfill your responsibilities as husband. Ayesha says I am sorry to say but why Kabir have to do all that? we can hire a nurse. Zeenat says we need a nurse when patient is alone but our Ruksaar have her husband. She says to Kabir that I know this is God’s test, Ruksaar is still your wife, she might not have right on your love but she is your duty, so till she is not out of coma, you will take her responsibility as your duty so tell me are you ready to fulfill this duty? Zara is tensed. Kabir says I have fulfilled all my duties so I will fulfill this duty too, I have to. Zara is hurt. Kabir leaves from there.

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