Zara’s Nikah Tuesday Update 16 March 2021


Zara’s Nikah Tuesday Update 16 March 2021

Zara asks Asim what is all this? Shahbaz comes there and says my birthday gift. Shahbaz says this is from my side, I have another gift. Jalali comes there and smirks at Asim. Kabir says Asim is a minor, you can’t do this. Shahbaz says but we don’t follow rules here. Zara says Jalali wants to send Asim inside the jail on his behalf. Kabir says Asim will not pay for Jalali’s crimes. Zara tells the inspector that this Jalali has my brother a junkie, he killed my parents and showed their heads to me when I was just 7 years old. Salma cries for her. Zara says you shouldn’t leave him like that.

The inspector says we don’t have any proof against him. Asim says I was selling that opium and beating those people so I am ready to go to jail. Zara says don’t do it. Asim says I want to cut your tongue, you are bringing troubles in this world. Zara cries and says please don’t go. Jalali brings the cake for Asim. Asim says have this cake Zara. Zara cries and begs to him. Asim forcefully makes her eat the cake. Kabir is angry at him but the inspector stops him. Asim says I am her brother, he asks Zara to remember this day. Asim comes to Jalali and kisses his hand. He tells Kabir that if I meet you again then I won’t spare you. The inspector takes him away. Zara breakdowns and cries. Jalali calls sharia board members there and says we have everyone here so let’s decide who is going to become the head priest. Shahbaz says we all know that all will vote for Jalali. Zara says to Jalali that if you think you have made us silent then you are wrong, I am not scared of you, I know only Kabir will become the head priest. These members are honest and they are scared of God only. I think that voting should be done secretly so they can vote without any fear. Kabir gives her a tissue and stands with her. Irfan says yes, start that. Jalali says there is no need for that. I vote for Kabir. All are shocked. All vote for Kabir. Irfan congratulates Kabir.

Ruksaar brings sweets for Shahbaz. Shahbaz says why did Jalali destroy our plan? Ruksaar says I will take Kabir’s position in two days. Jalali comes there and says to Ruksaar that you have learned my plot. Shahbaz says what is going on? Jalali says just enjoy the game and see how I turn it around. Ruksaar tells him the plan. Shahbaz smirks and says they don’t know what is going to happen with Kabir. Qazi says this turban represents justice. Kabir will not only serve us, he will be the leader of the court. Everyone prays for him. Shahbaz comes in and says wait Irfan Sahab. Jalali is with him as well. He says why are you in a hurry? You love this chair way too much. Now you’re giving it to someone close to you. Shahbaz says I am shocked he doesn’t even know what is going to happen here. Only Hazrat Ilahi can do this. He takes the turban and says Kabir bow down to me for this turban. Kabir says I only bow down to my God. Irfan says what is this? Irfan says he’s the Qazi now. You can’t misbehave with him. Shahbaz says we are only telling him he has won but we didn’t lose. Kabir says what do you want Jalali? He says I only want to make you wear this turban. Shahbaz says look at their scared faces. They thought we changed the game. Jalali says so can I do the ritual? Shahbaz says I am chairman of the Momin court and I allow you to make him wear the turban.

Jalali says to Kabir bow down to me for the turban. Kabir says I won’t bow down. Zara says people who are high themselves can only make others wear a turban. It’s okay. I have a solution. She brings a stool and says you can stand on it. Kabir is the leader of this city and he won’t bow down to a demon. Kabir says with this stool you will be taller for a while. He stands on the stool and ties Kabir’s turban. Irfan takes the vows from him. Kabir says I will do the justice irrespective of caste, creed and status. Jalali says I will fill your path with pricks. Kabir says you could only dream of wearing this turban. Kabir says I vow I will take all decisions as per the religion without my benefit. Jalali says this turban will fall so fast, it’s rather a harness. Kabir makes him fall. He takes off the turban and says you fell along with your harness. He gives the turban to Irfan and says it’s your right. Zara says play the drums, evil has been defeated. Jalali and Irfan leave.

Irfan makes Kabir wear the turban. He hugs her. Salma says I am so happy. God bless you always. She hugs him. Jalali and Shahbaz look at them.

Zeenat says Rukhsar, abbu is using you. Please be careful. Think about it. He’s poison himself. She says my existence is at stake. Don’t scare me. Abbu is very nice to people who are loyal to him. Jalali comes in and says can I talk to Rukhsar alone? Zeenat says yes but I want to ask something as well. He says I know you want to ask about what I said. Your sister is your permission to live in this house. If she is kicked out, you will be kicked out as well. Zeenat says I would die if that happens. Can you change my destiny? He says you have to use your mind for that. Rukshar says we can tell her the plan. Jalali says tomorrow is the first session of Shariah court and we will do our first attack tomorrow.

Scene 3
Kabir hears Zara crying. She recalls what her brother did to her. Kabir looks at her crying. He shuts the door. The kids scream Zara appi save us. They fight with each other over the halwa. Zara says don’t fight like bad kids. Zaid says I ate the halwa. Zara made it for her. We are her family. Zara hugs him and says yes you are. He says your Zaid will always be there for you. He says Firdous say your line. Zara says what? Firdous comes out and says what did I have to say Kabir Chachu? I forgot. Zaid says he didn’t tell us anything. He isn’t hidden behind the door. Zara says why did you have to teach the kids to say all that? Kabir says I didn’t do anything. Even if I did, it’s just to show you we are all your family. Even if Asim isn’t here. He says you were hugging this pillow. They all fight with the pillows. Zara cleans the feather from her hair. Kabir picks her and dances with her. A dupatta falls on them. Zara was imagining the dance. Zara says thank you Kabir. He says in heart God, keep her smiling always.

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