Zara’s Nikah Tuesday Update 14 July 2020


Zara’s Nikah Tuesday Update 14 July 2020

14th July 2020 Tuesday Update on Zara’s Nikah Update: Zara says to Ruksaar that you thought I am a fool and wont understand this small thing? who is the one who can make such real fake profile of mine, can put such real photos on mine there? tell Siraj about everything from living room to bedroom, who can do it other than you Ruksaar? you thought you can play this game and I wont know about it?

Zara’s Nikah Monday Update 13 July 2020

Ruksaar smirks and says who will believe on your words? Zara says to make people believe truth, I wont have to lie.. when I show Kabir IP address of this house used to access that fake profile then Kabir will believe it, sins leave their paths behind even when they are wiped, dont try think that you deactivated account so everything finished, police have reactivated that account. Ruksaar is tensed but says this house’s IP address doesnt have

my name and other people live in this house too, lets play this game, make Kabir believe that this profile is fake and mine and I will make Kabir believe that this profile was real and you made it. Zara glares at her and says tell you one thing, those who are eyeing other’s husband have to play games, I am Kabir’s legitimate wife, I dont have to play games, I will do something that will make Kabir insult you infront of everyone and throw you out of this house and.. if you dont want that to happen then make this night your last night in this house. Ruksaar is stunned and looks on. Zara says as daughter in law of this house, I order you that you have to leave this house and Kabir till tomorrow morning forever. Zara glares at her and leaves. Ruksaar fumes in anger and says no Zara, I would this world but wont leave this house and Kabir.
Reema says to Alina did Zara to sleep after honeymoon? Zara comes there and serves them gulab jaman. Reema comes to her and asks why she giving sweets to everyone? whats the happy news? Zara whispers her to shut up. Imran asks Kabir if there any happy news? Kabir rolls her eyes. Zara looks on. Reema takes Zara’s phone and says we will see all photos of Kashmir. Zara says let me show you, she takes phone from her and shows her photos. Ruksaar comes there. Zara eyes her and drops her phone mistakenly. ,,

Zara says dont think its love because its pity and its like pitying a beggar and giving him money and this is pity is remaining till Kabir doesnt know your truth and if you dont leave house tomorrow then Kabir will not have pity on you and wont even feel bad for you. Ruksaar says you know Kabir from 6 months? I know Kabir since he was 6 years old, you can do anything but he will never throw me out of house because he doesnt break his rules. Zara says its not about rules, its about relations, positions, sometimes relations are made in 6 months too and our relationship is already made.. he will break it.. Kabir will break his rules for Zara. Zara says pack your bags, you will leave this house tomorrow or Kabir will throw you out, ,,

Zara says to Ruksaar that dont sit here. Ruksaar says why? all look on. Zara says this chair is empty but not for you. Ruksaar says who is going to sit here? Zara gets shy and says he will sit here (woh bethy gen). Zara says Ruksaar what time is it? Ruksaar says 9:30, Zara says eat and sleep, you have to wake up early tomorrow. Zeenat says what is going to happen tomorrow? Zara says Ruksaar have to go somewhere tomorrow, all look on. ,,

Ruksaar asks Kabir if he left Sunnat of sitting on floor and eating? Kabir says never, leaving sunnat is against real muslim, right priest? Irfan says yes, ,,

Zara smiles at him. Ruksaar fumes in anger and recalls how Zara said that Kabir will break his rules for Zara, she starts to leave but Zeenat stops her. Salma sees it. Zara serves juice to Kabir. Ruksaar cant see it but Zeenat hints her to stay. Salma notices this and looks on.

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