Zara’s Nikah Thursday Update 7 January 2021


Zara’s Nikah Thursday Update 7 January 2021

Kabir says to Zara that this all happened because you were focusing on my competition, you should focus on your work, think about your work now. Zara says I dont know how clothes were tempered. Kabir asks her to call manager and say sorry. Zara calls her and says I am sorry for mistakes, you can tell me what needs to be done on dresses and I will do it. Manager says I will let you know.

Kabir is practicing cooking with Salma. Zara is working with tailor and guiding him on video call. She tastes Kabir’s dish and hints its amazing. Zara thanks tailor. She calls manager and says your work is done. Manager thanks her and says you will get your cheque soon. Zara hugs everyone. She calls Ruksaar and hugs her, she says manager said that I will get another order. Kabir is happy and is about to hug her but stops. Ruksaar leaves. Zara goes too. Salma gives a recipe book to Kabir and asks him to read when he gets time.

Scene 2
Kabir comes home. Zeenat says you are working nicely in competition, soon you will be a big chef. Kabir laughs and says I am going for second round, Zeenat says dont worry about Shahbaz, I will handle him. Kabir is leaving but hears Shahbaz coughing. He asks how is he? Shahbaz says you have time for me? You have new friends so dont waste time, I have to go to garage to get my work. Kabir says I will get it, I have time. Shahbaz gives him a card and asks him to bring it. Kabir leaves.

Kabir comes to garage and meets mechanic. He gets Zara’s call and says Ia m coming soon. Mechanic gives him tea and steals his phone while Kabir is checking car. Kabir sits in car but mechanic locks him and leaves. He calls Shahbaz and says I have locked him up. He ends call. Shahbaz says I wont let him reach competition.

Zara comes to competition and calls Kabir but phone is switched off. In garage, Kabir sees his phone missing and knocks on door. He tries to open it but its locked.

Zara is waiting for Kabir and says where is he? Otherside Kabir is locked. Manager tells chefs to line up. Judges come and brief chefs. Zara says Kabir is coming. Judge says we dont have much time left. Manager says to Zara that call Kabir otherwise he is out of here. Zara calls Ayesha and asks about Kabir. Ayesha says Shahbaz sent him to garage, she asks Shahbaz but he says that Kabir went there but I dont know where left to, he might have gone to some society for work. Zara is tensed.

Manager is on call and says Khanna sir is arriving on airport, pick him up. Zara hears it.

Zara is in car and prays to find Kabir. She looks at garages in town.

Ruksaar calls her goon and says find which garage did Shahbaz lock Kabir in?

Zara calls a judge and says I know you are a good person, Kabir is stuck somewhere, I just want you to reach an hour late at venue, just give me that time, he asks if she is sure? Zara says yes, I will find him.

Kabir is trying to break the door of garage but cant. Zara is looking around town for him.

Ruksaar’s goon tells her name of garage, she thanks him and says I will reward you, she ends call and says today Shahbaz’s defeat will be my victory.

Ruksaar messages garage’s name to Zara and calls her, she says I got to know about this garage from Shahbaz, go there.

Scene 2
Zara comes outside garage and calls for Kabir. Kabir says I am inside, do something. Zara tries to break door but cant. Kabir says try again. Zara sees a truck standing outside and sees its manual. She recalls how Kabir taught her to drive. She asks Kabir to move away from door. She starts truck and prays to God. She bumps into door and breaks it.

Zara and Kabir arrives at venue, he goes inside. Zara thanks judge for coming late.

Competition starts, Judge comes and asks how they are feeling? One contestant says that you chose 6 people in second round when it was just 5 people to be chosen, this is not fair and he is not a professional chef. Judge says anyone can cook well, he has good taste in hands. I know he didnt present well, to justify Kabir will have to earn 5 points more than you all, Kabir is shocked. All are happy. Other judge tells Kabir to perform well, Kabir says I will try my best.

Judge says in second round, you have a theme which is limited food, you have to prepare a dish with limited ingredients. Kabir is stunned to see very few ingredients on shelf. He recalls Salma’s teaching to utilize everything available to make a good food. Kabir thinks I practiced for indian food, what if I dont succeed?