Zara’s Nikah Thursday Update 24 December 2020


Zara’s Nikah Thursday Update 24 December 2020

Zara’s Nikah Thursday Update 24 December 2020: Kabir says we have to read all this? Zara reads note which says that my brother shot me but my husband didnt take my side, I struggled alone but Wasim’s NGO has helped me a lot so I want you all to give funds to him. Kabir reads his note which says that my wife left me because I tell people how women should live within islam, I am working for Islam with Wasim so give funds to NGO. Zara sees Kabir getting angry and starts talking.

Zara says to media that I want to tell about Wasim’s project, you will know why you should invest in his project, there is a village and Wasim wants to open a school with his money so kids can get education there, all clap for Wasim. Wasim says to Kabir that I didnt write all that. Kabir says to investors that villagers dont have money to even run houses so Wasim and Qadir, owner of NGO have decided to even arrange food for them. Zara says these kids dont get to enjoy their childhood so Wasim will make playground too. Wasim is tensed and ask Kabir to stop it. Kabir says Wasim will use his personal funds to give pocket money to kids monthly. All clap for Kabir. Kabir says let me discuss how much we will give to kids. Wasim says to Kabir and Zara that dont do this, I cant do all that, I just want money. Zara says you should be thrown on streets, now you will have to do all that. Zara says to investors that support us. Kabir says we are working with Wasim but you all should invest in this. Zara says it can change future of kids and all money will be used on kids only. All agree to give funds. Kabir says to Wasim that dont try to do this again or else I wont spare you. Zara says work for nation and dont try to steal. Wasim is scared.

Kabir and Zara come out of conference and laugh at Wasim’s situation. Rain starts so they both go under shade. Kabir says you are working with me to get fame? Zara says I dont need it, you did good by helping NGO, Kabir says working for nation is my duty. Zara throws rain water at him and orders tea from tea seller. Kabir gives him money and tip. Kabir says people buy tea in rain? Seller says couple like you like to romance and drink tea, he leaves. Kabir and Zara look away. Kabir comes near Zara.. tera ban jaonga plays. Wasim comes out and sees them together, the takes their picture and leaves. Kabir says to Zara that I will drop you home. Zara recalls him insulting her and says you dont have to bother, I will leave. She leaves from there. Wasim says to Shahbaz that you said they are enemies but they were tag teaming. Shahbaz thinks that I cant let them become one again. Shahbaz says to Wasim that you wanted money and you got it. Wasim shows him their photo and says they understand each other and there is love, he leaves. Shahbaz thinks that I have to insult Irfan more to keep Zara away from Kabir. Shahbaz calls media person and says I have a news.

Irfan is in line to get money from ATM. Kabir is in line too. There is a nail in wall. Zara comes there too. Irfan is about to hurt himself with nail but Kabir puts hand there and gets stabbed by a nail. Irfan doesnt see it and goes inside. Zara rushes to Kabir and takes him from there.

Zara brings Kabir to doctor. He bandages his wound and ask him to take care. Zara brings his medicine and makes him eat food. Zara says you got hurt because of my father. Kabir says you would do it for my father too.

Irfan comes home. Salma asks what happened? Irfan says I met Kabir today, he was looking different today.

Zara thanks Kabir. He smiles. Zara says you hurt yourself for my father, why didnt you stop him? Kabir recalls how he insulted Irfan infront of all. He turns to leave but Zara says you didnt have guts to talk to him?

Salma says to Irfan that Kabir should remain away from us. Irfan says you used to take him as your son, we liked him and he worked for nation like a good man. Shahbaz comes there and says your daughter doesnt leave my son’s side, Salma says what are you saying? Irfan shows him news.

Kabir says to Zara that when I look in Irfan’s eyes, I see pain and I cant bear it, dont tell him this. Zara says you repent what you did on wedding? Kabir says dont ask me today, I will answer when dawn is here. Zara says I dont understand why you are doing all this, you make feel you are near me, you ask me to not go near Rizwan or Ruksaar. Kabir says they are dangerous for you. Zara says you separated me from your life, what is this drama? Kabir says this is my humanity. Zara says why did you insult us there like this? You could talk to me alone. Kabir says why did you do it? I wanted to divorce you but you wanted to find love in my eyes? I wanted to be away from you.. I am doing all this because of humanity, he leaves from there.

Shahbaz says to Irfan that I will ask my son to stay away but ask your daughter to stay away and protect your respect, he turns to leave but Irfan stops him and says you are our guest, dont worry about my respect, whoever printed this fake news doesnt know that our respect is too big for him to tarnish, your son can roam around my son but my daughter is over him so ask him to leave her alone. Shahbaz leaves from there.

Kabir is waiting for taxi. Zara says I will drop you for humanity, you know I was thinking how could my Kabir insult me like that but today you made me realize that my Kabir left me when I was shot that day, you do everything for humanity so I can drop you too. Kabir goes to sit on her scooty.

Zara drops Kabir home. Shahbaz sees them on scooty. Zara leaves. Shahbaz shows newspaper to Kabir and says you are responsible to tarnish Zara’s honor.

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