Zara’s Nikah Thursday Update 23 July 2020


Zara’s Nikah Thursday Update 23 July 2020

23rd July 2020 Thursday Update on Zara’s Nikah Update:

Kabir meets Miraj, Miraj says I want to give 50% of my investment to Ruksaar, she can represent me best. Kabir says you trust Ruksaar so much? you know her well? Miraj says I dont know her but you know her well so handle her. Kabir says okay, sign this draft and then we will have deal. Miraj says we are business partners so we shouldnt be talking formally, lets go. Zara is going back to house but her auto has tyre puncture.
Kabir ends his meeting and leaves Miraj. Zara is standing on road and think there is so much work at house and now I am stuck here. Miraj stops his car infront of her.

Miraj comes at a bus stop where Zara is waiting. He asks what happened? she says I am waiting for rickshaw. He says I will drop you, sit in my car, she says no thank you. Miraj comes out of car and says Kabir is not only partner but friend too, dont be stubborn, there is no auto in sight here, come and sit. He opens passenger door for her but Zara sits in back seat. Miraj is miffed but starts driving. Miraj asks if I can ask one thing? she says yes. He says why you are miffed with me always? Zara says we dont know each other well to be miffed. Miraj says you are not happy that I am working with Kabir on this project, you are not happy with his project? Zara says I am his wife, I am really happy for his project, this project is his dream, I would even die to get his project running.
Miraj says wow your thoughts are as great as I heard, Zara says what you heard? Miraj says I heard when you become headline of news, I have been your fan since then. Zara asks if she can ask a favor? He says just ask about it and I will do everything to make it happen. Zara tells him something which is muted, he says dont worry, your work will be done. Zara thanks him and smiles.

All family members are welcoming people in iftar party. Miraj comes in party. Ruksaar smiles seeing him. Zara comes to Miraj and greets him warmly, she asks how is he? he says great, this party looks great. They chatter. ruksaar is confused seeing them so cordial. Kabir greets Miraj and says you are late. Miraj says I am sorry, I got late. Imran says no worries you are at right place. Reema whispers to Zara what is this twist? Zara says there are many twists coming. Ruksaar is about to go to them but ayesha asks her to come with her and see arrangements. Ruksaar nods and thinks how this can happen? no Miraj is on my side.

Irfan comes to party, Zara and everyone greets him. One guest says Zara is such a nice daughter in law, she handles house and duties so well. Ayesha kisses her forehead and says I am proud of her, guest says yes you are lucky. Zeenat and Ruksaar are jealous.

Ruksaar messages Miraj in party if they are going as per plan. He looks at her and messages back that yes everything is on track. Zara comes to her and says its difficult. Ruksaar says what? Zara says your destination. She asks what you mean? Zara says destination is agreement here which is difficult.

all sit down, Ayesha asks Zara to start prayers. Ruksaar says this is Zeenat’s right as she is elder daughter in law. Ayesha says those who have higher rights have higher duties and if they cant fulfill them then their punishment is bigger too. Zara prays for their fast. They all break fast on time.

Kabir says to people in party that me and Miraj are starting a project, its very close to my heart thats why I want this deal to happen infront of all elders. Ruksaar smirks at Zara who snickers. Kabir asks Miraj to start it. Miraj says to Kabir that I met your wife today on road as her auto broke down so I requested her a lot and then she sat in my car, we talked, I heard her thoughts about betterment of women, she has good thoughts about this project so I want like you your wife work in this project too with you. Kabir is not happy to hear it. Miraj says thats why I have done two changed in agreement without asking, I have doubled my investment and I have added your wife’s name in this agreement. Ruksaar fumes in anger. Zara smirks at her. Miraj shows agreement to Kabir and asks if he has problem with it? Kabir looks on. Miraj says I think I joined this project for a reason and your wife should be in project for that reason thats why I have doubled the investment too, I said what I thought is right, you are smart too. Kabir says you should have asked me before drafting agreement. Miraj says I thought she is your wife, you know her guts and skills more than me, she is your shadow afterall but if you felt bad then.. he tears agreement and throws it away, all look on. Miraj says see whatever changes I did in agreement, all are taken back, now I ask you will you make your wife part of this project for betterment of this nation’s women? Kabir says I need some time for it. Miraj says okay take your time as its not about you or me, its about our nation, goodbye, he leaves. Ruksaar leaves too.

Ruksaar stops Miraj and asks what is all this? you didnt ask me before doing all this, you know Zara and I are against each other. Zara comes there. Ruksaar looks on. Miraj says I will talk to you later, he leaves. Zara asks Ruskaar what happened to you? Zara asks Ruksaar what did you say? that if I can stop this agreement signing then stop it? I stopped it, now I challenge you if you can stop this new agreement signing then stop it. Ruksaar says Kabir will never agree to it. Zara says Kabir is my husband so you worry for Miraj only, she leaves. Ruksaar tries to call but he is not picking up.


Zara comes to Kabir, Kabir asks did you go to Miraj with this proposal or he thought about it? Zara says what do you think? I just talked about your project and how we can make it bigger because I know how big your dream is and he liked my thoughts, this project is not normal, its going to change our nation’s future, your investor gave you a suggestion and decision is yours, you have the final say. Kabir says you know what will be my decision. Zara stands beside him and says I am always standing in your every decision. She takes his tea cup, drinks from it and makes him drink it again. Kabir stares at her. Zara smiles.

Ruksaar thinks what did Zara do that Miraj changed the plan? Zara comes there and says were you missing me? ruksaar says we miss people who we forget and I cant forget you till you are with my Kabir. Zara says then you will have to remember me for life. Zara asks if Miraj is not taking your call then I can call him? Ruksaar says smile as much as you want but when agreement is not signed tomorrow then you will cry.

Scene 1
Shahbaz asks Kabir what he has thought about agreement? Kabir says not now. Shahbaz says I just want to say that if Zara can work with you in sharia board then she can with you on project too. Kabir thinks Zara cannot work on this project because its my project and her father is not head of it but her husband is. all look on.

Kabir is leaving for office. Zara runs to him and asks if he will take her or she has to take auto today too? Kabir stares at her and motions to sit in car. He sees car tyre punctured. He asks servants where are other cars? he says some are out with Shahbaz and Kashan and some gone for repairing. Zara says what about auto now? Kabir asks servant to call for an auto, he will go with her. Zara teases that they should buy a small car, he says now? she says no later.
Zara and Kabir are in auto. Kabir is uncomfortable, Zara tries to hold his bag but he takes it. They both reach sharia board, Kabir fixes her dupatta. Zara says with God’s blessing, I will buy a scooty and will take you with me. Kabir says yes God can do anything.

Zara and Kabir comes to sharia board. They see a woman crying with infant in her hands. Officer says that her husband did suicide, he was helpless with poverty and couldnt feed his kids. Woman cries and ask them to help her, she has kids, Kabir asks if she has any skill for job? woman says I got married in early age so I never worked. Kabir says we will arrange something for you, he gives her money for time being, woman thanks him and leaves. Zara says to Kabir that think if she had education then she wouldnt have to beg to raise her kids, like kids from madaras, we can also teach skills to women of this nation so they are dont depend on anyone. She leaves. Kabir recalls how Miraj said that he heard his wife’s thoughts and liked them.

Miraj gets a call from Kabir. Kabir tells him something which is muted.
Miraj comes to Kabir’s house. Ruksaar asks where have you been? you didnt take my single call, what are you doing here right now? Miraj says I came to meet Kabir. Ruksaar says if you let this agreement happen with Zara included then I will tell your truth to Kabir. He glares at her. Kabir comes there and calls him inside.

Miraj greets everyone in house. Kabir says to family that for betterment of this nation, kids and people I have decided to make Zara part of my project. All smile. Zara is proud. Kabir asks Miraj to give him contract. He gives it. Ruksaar fumes in anger. Kabir signs the project with Zara, all are happy. Kabir gives it to Ruksaar and asks her to sign it. Miraj asks what she is thinking? sign it. Ruksaar doesnt sign it and leaves from there. Miraj asks what was that? Kabir says she might be worried about her would be husband, she didnt want to work on this project, I will go and talk to her. Ayesha is tensed, Zara motions for her to relax.

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