Zara’s Nikah Thursday Update 1st October 2020


Zara’s Nikah Thursday Update 1st October 2020

Kabir lifts Zara in rain and twirls her around. He hugs her and smiles.
Kabir and Zara comes to their room. They are dressed for bed. Zara is feeling cold so he covers her with blanket and rubs her hands. He moves closer and looks at her, she leans into him. Kabir stares at her.

Zara caresses his face and is about to kiss him but recalls how Ruksaar said that Kabir didnt divorce her. She moves away. Kabir looks on and goes away. Zara comes to him. Kabir says I know Ruksaar is between us, this is not fair. Zara hugs him from behind and says I trust you, your promises and your thoughts most. He turns him to her and kisses his cheek. Zara puts his hands on her waist and sways with him, Zara kisses his nose, in lamhon k daman mein plays. They both lean and lie on floor. In morning, Kabir has decorated room with his and Zara’s funny pictures. Zara wakes up and smiles seeing him give her tea. He gives her roses too. Zara says for me? Kabir says yes. Zara looks at their memes like photos and laughs. Zara reads quote that we will not fight as we understand the matter now. Zara sees more quotes like we look stale in anger so smile now.. its new morning and new start, lets move ahead together. Kabir says lets have a tea. Zara puts tea in saucer and says drink like this, he says no, she makes him drink from saucer and makes noises too. Zara coughs. Kabir says I want to drink tea with you like this forever but we have to pray. Zara says we cant forget our first namaz with love in our lives. They share saucer to drink tea from one.

Kabir and Zara offers namaz. Zara prays that Kabir and I have promised to live together and work, we will not bring our work in house, fulfill our wish. Kabir says Ameen. Zara says Kabir will take me on a bike ride today. Kabir looks on. Zara prays that we are completely of each other now, make Ruksaar go on her path now. Ruksaar is in bed, Ayesha says doctor gave her medicine. Zeenat says Ruksaar will be fine soon, she went to school where she studied in childhood, she remembered her school and way to there. Ayesha is elated. Kashan says she remembers her childhood. Zeenat says soon she will remember everything and then everything will be fine. Kabir and Zara are enjoying bike ride. They enjoy beach, walk and balloons. Zara says we should a gift for Ruksaar, it should be something special for her. Zeenat shows pictures to Ruksaar and asks if she remembers anything? Ayesha says do you remember the school you went to? Ruksaar looks away. She sees Kabir and Zara’s picture in newspaper. Zeenat says she took newspaper, she is remembering Kabir.

Zara and Kabir sits in restaurants, he asks if she has any other dream? Zara says I want to see girls school here, I want to see their syllabus, how they are incorporating modern education. Kabir rolls his eyes, Zara says leave it. Kabir says no I promised to fulfill your dreams so I will take you there. Kabir and Zara comes to school. Principle says we make sure that girls are happy to come to school, we are glad that you paid visit, she gets a call and leaves. Kabir says I am heading 58 schools and you are only heading 12 schools but see modern society is that its your photo in newspaper, he leaves. Kabir and Zara are in car, Zara says we are going home today, be happy, we promised to keep work separate. Kabir says its difficult. Zara says you are a lover so you have to go through all this, we promised to not bring work to home, we will live like lovers in house, dont feel bad about that news. Kabir says I didnt feel bad about that, I felt bad about you, you have made a place in my heart. Zara smiles. Zeenat says to Ruksaar that you will become completely fine seeing Kabir. Kashan brings new dress for Ruksaar and says I am sad that she cant speak. Zeenat says she will speak when she sees Kabir.

Kabir and Zara comes home. They look around and suddenly rose petals fall on them. All family members greet them. Kabir asks about Ruksaar. Zeenat calls Ruksaar. Kabir and Zara are surprised to see Ruksaar there. Zara gifts gramophone to Zeenat. Zeenat plays tum aa gye ho. Ruksaar sits infront of it and smiles. Kabir looks at Zara and calls out to Ruksaar. Ruksaar thanks Kabir. Zeenat and otehrs are surprised. Ruksaar thanks Kabir and Zara. Zeenat says I was sure Ruksaar will speak when she sees Kabir. Kabir and Zara are confused. Zeenat asks Ruksaar if she remembers her? Ruksaar shakes her head asking who she is? Ayesha says I am your mom, Ruksaar glares at them and hides behind Kabir. She says I dont know.

Zeenat asks Ruksaar if she recognizes her? you know who I am? Ruksaar asks who is she? Ayesha asks if she knows her? mom? Ruksaar runs and hides behind Kabir. She says I dont know. All are stunned. Ruksaar says this is Kabir and Zara, Zara and Kabir. She sees a gift and goes to it, she runs from there. Kabir asks what is all this? Ayesha says actually.. she has mental illness of forgetting. Kabir says amnesia? Zeenat says yes. Kabir and Zara sigh. Zeenat says she is remembering her childhood, I thought she would remember you but.. Kabir says but how come she recognizes me and Zara? Zara says we should ask her. Zara brings food for Ruksaar. Ruksaar asks if she will become her friend? Zara nods and sits with her, she says you have to eat something, she makes her eat with her hands. Zara says let me tell you a secret, this is not Kabir but Kashan. Ruksaar says no, Kabir says I am Kashan. Ruksaar says he is Kabir, she brings newspaper and shows headlines that says Zara and Kabir. Kabir sighs and leaves. Kabir asks doctor if there is a way to treat Ruksaar? she is behaving like a child. Doctor says to family that they have to patient, it will take time. Kabir leaves. Kabir is sad and recalls how he promised to divorce Ruksaar. Zara comes there, they are about to talk but Ruksaar comes there and asks Zara to play with her, she drags her away from Kabir. Kabir is hurt.

Zara, Kabir, Imran and Reema are in restaurant. Kabir says I am angry that family lied to us about Ruksaar’s condition. Zara says they wanted us to be happy in Mumbai. Kabir says I promised you to divorce her. Zara says I trust you, I will make you happy now with my magic.. she asks him to smile, he does.

Ruksaar laughs and asks Zeenat to not cry. Zeenat says I hope you remain smiling but become fine soon. Ruksaar plays song on player. Zeenat thinks Kabir and Zara are happy in their lives but my sister..

Zara looks at her and Kabir’s photo and smiles. She starts unpacking. Ruksaar comes there and says tell me what you are doing? you are my friend? Zara recalls her evil deeds and says I am taking Kabir’s stuff to my room, we will live together. Ruksaar says thats great, I will live you both, we will enjoy. Zara says you cant. Ruksaar says the woman that lives in my room keeps crying, I will live with you. Zara says our room is small so you can live with us when its bigger. Ruksaar says no I want to live with us. Zeenat comes there and asks her to come with her. Ruksaar says you keep crying, I am going to live with Kabir and Zara. Zeenat says Zara? Zara says Kabir and I have decided to live together. Zeenat drags Ruksaar from there. Ayesha says to Alina that I am so happy that Kabir and Zara are ready to live together.

Kabir comes to his room but finds note that Kabir has shifted back to his old room. He comes to his old room and sees note that dream room of Kabir and Zara. Kabir comes inside and sees his and Zara’s photos playing on screen. Zara shows him their marriage photos and says we got separated from this moment but now we will start living together from this moment. Zara shows him a mirror and says we will do a mirror ritual, you saw me in mirror at marriage so I will see you today. She positions him near window so mirror shows Kabir, Zara and moon. Kabir is surprised and says wow, its Zara magic. He pulls her closer. Zara says you were scared that we will separate again because of Ruksaar’s condition? but this moon is a witness that no one can come inbetween our love. They hug each other. Zara says you know we spent how many nights alone? Kabir says 116 nights, I remembered each second, I promise to not make you wait anymore, we will not separate anymore. Zara says never. Kabir is about to kiss her cheek but she says he is watching? Kabir asks who? Zara says moon. Kabir hugs her and says wish you new life. Zara says you too. They hear noise and come out.

Ruksaar is walking out of her window from first floor, Zeenat shouts to stop her but she doesnt listen. All come there. Ruksaar hangs to wall plank and is about to fall down.

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