Zara’s Nikah Thursday Update 17 December 2020


Zara’s Nikah Thursday Update 17 December 2020

Zeenat says you are playing such a good game, I am so happy. Kabir comes inside and claps at them. He says this is your reality Ruksaar. Ruksaar says no this is not true. Kabir says I saw you giving money to guys, you made my Zara cry, if you do this again then I wont spare you. Ruksaar says you said your Zara, you take her as yours still. Kabir shouts at her to leave him and Zara alone. You think you can be Ahmed house’s daughter in law? He tells Zeenat to stop creating issues, he leaves. Ruksaar cries and tells Zeenat to stop all this, I want to repent my mistakes, I want to reunite Kabir and Zara but you made me lose respect in KAbir’s eyes again, please leave from here. Zeenat says you really want them to come together? Ruksaar nods.

Ruksaar tells Zeenat that I want Kabir and Zara to become one, I want to repent my mistakes, please understand me. Zeenat says I wont bad mouth Zara and Kabir and help you in getting them reunited, I will help you, I think you are planning very big, you keep playing, its a good idea to show that you are fighting for Kabir and Zara and is against me.. once Kabir and Zara separate, you will become my sister in law. Ruksaar cries and says I dont need your support, I realized today that my soul had become so bad that even my sister cant see my goodness now, I really want Kabir and Zara to runite. Zeenat says enough, you have right to be part of Ahmed family, you dont understand that Zara destroyed your life, she hugs her. Ruksaar cries and says no.. my sister destroyed my life. Zeenat is shocked and cries. Zara and Azra comes home. Zara says Irfan shouldnt know where we went. They chant for food. Salma says did you find out why Ruksaar is back? Zara says not now, we are hungry. Salma says okay I am bringing food. Irfan gives check to Zara and asks her to send these payments, he leaves. Zara gets call and says okay I will come. Zara tells Azra that I will go to meet Rizwan in jail. Azra says Ruksaar was not enough?

Kabir comes to Ayesha and says your daughter doesnt listen to anything I say, she does what she wants.. Ayesha asks him to calm down and tell her what happened? Kabir says Zeenat was telling Ruksaar that its good she is poisoning my and Zara’s life. Ayesha says Ruksaar and Zeenat wanted Zara to go away from your life and now Zara is not in your life so why worry? Kabir says I am going mad, can you go and ask Zara to stay away from Ruksaar? Ayesha says I am not your servant, go and talk to her, Kabir leaves. Ayesha tells Kashan that Kabir is worried for Zara, its a hope for me.

Azra asks Zara why she is helping Rizwan? He shot you. Zara says no he didnt shoot me, he did hit Kabir but he didnt shoot me, I want to know why he is taking that blame on him too. I have to go to bank. They come out of house. It starts raining. kabir is there too. Azra runs to shade. Zara says you are like Kabir, he used to runaway from rain, Azra says he antique. Zara says he was weird. Kabir hears it and comes to them. Kabir says you think I have horns on my head? I dont stand in rain because I worry for Zara, Zara tell her about the time we used to play in rain. Zara blushes. Zara takes his umbrella and runs away. Kabir runs behind her and takes it back. Zara gets drenched in rain. He gives umbrella to him but Zara pulls him under too. She wipes his face. He hugs her, Zara falls down.. it all turns out to be Zara’s dream. Kabir comes to Zara and Azra. Kabir says I wanted to talk about Ruksaar, you know how she is, I am requesting you to stay away from Ruksaar. Zara says its my decision if I want to stay away from her or not, stop interfering in my life. Kabir says you think too much? I am worried about Ruksaar, when she sees you with me so she gets emotional and hurt, stay away from my Ruksaar, go and irritate someone else and leave my Ruksaar alone. He leaves. Zara is hurt.

Zara is worried and says Kabir was worried about Ruksaar? Azra says you really think so? He was blaming her two days back and now he worries for her? He is lying. Zara says he doesnt show his real emotions but he is happy with Ruksaar then thats fine. They leave.

Kabir comes home. Zeenat and Kashan is there. Kashan says please listen to her once. Zeenat says what you heard in Ruksaar’s house was wrong, Ruksaar really changed, she is not even talking to me, please punish me but forgive Ruksaar otherwise she wont forgive me. Kabir says I heard everything in her house that day so dont tell me anything.

Zara comes to bank. Kabir comes there too. They both fight for their turn on reception. Azra says stop it, come closer and it will solve the trouble. They give their cheques, takes each others phone mistakenly and leave.

Zeenat cries and tells Shahbaz that my sister is angry with me. Shahbaz says your sister is very clever, she is hating you to show Kabir that she has changed, she is pretending to hate you so she can get Kabir, I will end Kabir and Zara’s relation.


Ruksaar calls Kabir and says I am sorry, what you heard from Zeenat was wrong. Zara takes phone and is shocked. She sees its Kabir’s phone and ends call. She tells Azra that Kabir has my phone, inspector’s call for Rizwan’s visit will come on my phone, he cant take it.

Kabir sees that he has Zara’s phone. He gets inspector’s call who says that visit time for Rizwan starts at 3pm. Zara comes there and takes phone. Kabir says why are you going to meet Rizwan? he tried to hurt us. Zara says I dont have to answer you, he is my cousin and we celebrated eid somedays back so I wanted to greet him. She leaves. Kabir says I cant let her meet Rizwan.

Kabir disguises as sardar and punctures Zara’s car and scooty tyres. He hides. Zara and Azra comes there and see both vehicles punctured. Zara says we dont have much time. Zara sees taxi and goes to him. Its Kabir as driver. Zara says take us to jail road. She looks at Kabir and says come out of car. He does. Zara says I know him. Kabir looks on. Zara says why did you puncture our car tyre? Azra says what? Zara says he wanted us to take his cab so he must have punctured my car’s tyres. Kabir says you are wrong. Azra says we dont have much time so lets go with him. They sit in his cab. Kabir starts driving.

Scene 2
Rizwan is doing push-ups in jail. Policeman says Rizwan your relative is here to meet you. Every criminal greets Rizwan. Rizwan comes in meeting room to see its Shahbaz. He looks on.

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